Bizarre Casino Rules in Europe and the UK

Online casinos are rising in popularity every passing day. People go there for a variety of reasons. Some to ease tension, and others to rack huge wins. The gambling laws tend to differ depending on the country you are playing. However, some of the rules are just strange.

Many strange mobile casino rules could get you on the wrong side of the law. You must know all of them to stay ahead if you ever play in any of these countries.

What’s more, it important to follow all these rules if you don’t want to get into trouble. This is the case, regardless of how strange these rules may seem.

Knowing these, let us look at a few of these strange live casino rules in Europe and the UK below.

Bizarre Casino Rules in Germany

In Germany, it is legal to play slots in slot saloons and land-based casinos. However, it is illegal to play it in bitcoin casinos.

Besides, you can't find slot machines in all German states as some don't provide or allow it. If you want to play, you need to go to specified states and must have a bet limit set.

Bizarre Casino Rules in the UK

There are many rules regulating gambling in the UK. However, there are some strange ones. For instance, you can’t gamble in a library. This is a strange law because who goes to the library to gamble anyway?

The law dates to the Library Offences Act of 1988 and is still in existence to date.

Bizarre Casino Rules in the USA

The USA is home to many strange casino rules. They differ by states, and below are a few of them:

  • Kentucky: if you lose a bet playing casino games, you can sue the winner to win your money back
  • North Carolina: It is not legal to host over two bingo tournaments in a single week.
  • Texas: it is illegal to operate a poker room
  • Oklahoma: Women can't gamble while wearing only a towel, lingerie, or nude.
  • Louisiana: Gamble is illegal, but it is legal if you do it on a riverboat
  • Arizona: It is not legal to play cards with a Native American
  • Alabama: It is not legal to play dominos on Sundays

These are only a few of the strange gambling laws in the USA. There are still tons of other strange gambling laws to familiarize yourself with.

Wrap up

There are numerous strange casino rules today. This means you must note the laws of the country before you head to an online casino. Try to do your research as regards the kind of casinos you can play in any country.

This way, you stay away from trouble with the law while having fun. Nonetheless, the countries on this list still provide a decent gambling experience, so long as you don’t break any rules.

Lukas Mollberg

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