All you need to know about 3 Hand Casino Hold ‘Em

Play'N GO has a new live casino game available for you to play and that game is called 3 Hand Casino Hold ‘Em! It is all of the fun and excitement that comes along with playing Casino Poker except instead of playing one hand at a time, you get to play three all at once! Can you keep up with all three of your hands and walk away with the winning pot? Or will you lose it all?


How it all works: At the start, you are dealt three different hands of cards, you will then decide if you want to place an ante bet, on one hand, two hands, or all three of your hands. If you are feeling extra confident in your card hands you will have the chance to also place an AA bonus bet alongside the ante bet that you have already made.

After all of the bets are placed the game will begin. It starts with two cards being dealt face-up on the table. If these two cards can combine with any of your hands to make a pair of aces or better then the dealer will immediately give you the reward for your AA bonus bet that you placed.

The rest of the table will play their cards and get their rewards and then from there, it is just like a regular game of poker that you know and loves. You can decide whether you feel confident in your cards, you can call or fold, or you can up the bet. It's just poker beyond that.

Though when it is time for the end, the dealer will pick the best hand that you have. So whichever hand is best out of the three will be the one that sees the spotlight. The other hands will be pushed to the side as they were not good enough to beat your third hand.

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