Baccarat Squeeze From Evolution Gaming: Key Features

Evolution Gaming, a renowned developer of gaming software was the pioneer of live dealer baccarat online. Evolution Gaming didn’t stop at bringing the game to life, they have since gone ahead to release several variants of the casino game.

Baccarat Squeeze is one of such variants, it involves fifteen HD cameras that are focused on the squeeze once the cards are displayed.

This article is a review of Baccarat Squeeze, we provide insight and information on the cons and pros of playing the game, how the game works, and much more.

Key Features of Baccarat Squeeze

  • There are multiple Baccarat side bets available for players to give them additional winning opportunities (more information on side bets below).
  • The game has fifteen High Definition cameras, giving players different angles of every part of the game. It also has special angles that focus on the squeeze to give players even more excitement.
  • The game features high betting limit stakes up to ten thousand Euros per hand. High stake players find this offer appealing. However, the game has higher minimum bets, they will be explained in due course in this article.

How Baccarat Squeeze Works

Players who are used to the standard Baccarat game will have no difficulty playing this variant. Players who are new to the game might find it tricky at first but they will also later find it easy because the game is intuitive.

Here is a play-by-play guide on what will happen when you play Baccarat Squeeze.

Playing Baccarat Squeeze

  • When a player sits at the gold baccarat table, the professional live dealer will welcome him to the game studio dedicated for such. Then a digital game board will be displayed on the screen.
  • Players will place their wagers using the digital game board before the betting windows go off. Players can bet on Tie, Banker or Player and other optional side bets.
  • After placing the wagers, the camera angle will switch to a closer view of the dealer dealing the cards. The dealer will deal four cards facing down – 2 to the banker and the other 2 to the player.
  • The camera angle will change again to show a close-up view of the cards while the dealer displays them. The dealer will hesitate and turn over the final card slowly to add more suspense to the game.
  • Lastly, winners will get their payouts while losers will surrender their marks to the casino. Afterward, a new betting round will commence while all the processes stated above will be repeated. 

Extra Features of Baccarat Squeeze

There are few additional interesting features in Baccarat Squeeze that makes Evolution Gaming stand out.

  • Chat Feature: players can communicate with the dealer by writing messages on the screen using the live chat feature. The game becomes more social this way.
  • Bet Percentages: the interactive digital game board will display to each player how other players are wagering. For instance, a player might get to know that eighty percent of players are staking on the banker. This helps players to decide what bet to place.
  • Historical Results: players get to see the results of up to hundreds of past bets and also a record of their own bets. Players can view these results in multiple views to help them make batter Baccarat Squeeze bets.

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