Ben Affleck and His Love for Poker

Celebrities are no strangers to the world of casinos.

A lot of them have a high level of passion towards the industry as a whole, and as seen in many movies, Poker is depicted as one of the best games you can play at any casino, as its not only reliant on your luck, but your ability to analyze people and have a solid “poker face”.

You can find a lot of celebrities in plenty of the biggest casinos in the world, and some people have even become celebrities by themselves by promoting and embracing their love for the casino such as Dan Bilzerian which you might have heard of or have seen on different Instagram posts and stories where he flashed his luxury life with guns, vehicles and women all around.

Ben Affleck is one of the people who has a true passion for the game of Poker.

While Ben Affleck does indeed have a history of alcohol addiction, in this article we will be discussing the poker section of his life.

Alcoholism and Poker might be in the media a lot, but they are not always connected.

Just about anyone, even people who do not drink alcohol can enjoy a game of Poker with no issues what so ever and immerse themselves in the world of their favorite movie heroes such as James Bond in Dr. No or Casino Royale.

Ben Affleck poker with friend

How did Ben Affleck’s Poker Journey Begin

He can be commonly seen at a casino, wagering as much as $20.000 and walking out with usually more.

Back in 2004, in Los Angeles, Affleck won the $10.000 entry California State Poker Championship where he pocketed $356.400 in winnings, beating players such as John Esposito and Ty Nguyen at the final round.

What is Ben Affleck Doing Now

You can find him organizing and competing in a Poker Tournament in 2020 raising money for good causes, helping all of the people affected by the coronavirus.

He made a generous donation and urged other people to support the most vulnerable people in this world such as children losing access to meals that they rely on to live, or friends and family who are facing job disruptions, the elderly, and even low-income families who will be severely affected by the way in which the world has change and jobs have shifted due to the coronavirus.

As such, this implies that he is no stranger to the game of Poker and is confident that he will gather a lot of funds that will go towards helping potentially millions of people worldwide deal with this virus.

We are sure that Ben Affleck’s love for the game of Poker will remain strong for years to come.


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