Betting Systems You Should Know

Betting systems are critical if you are one who plays in online casinos. However, many of them work in land-based casinos too. The right betting system can help you get that win you desire.

There are tons of betting systems out there today, but we will be looking into some of them. Any of these betting systems work primarily for roulette games where players enjoy using systems.

The Fibonacci System

This betting system has to do with a sequence of bets where your next bet is the addition of the previous two bets. For instance, if your first bet is $30, your next bet would be $30. However, your next bet would be $60, followed by a $90 bet and so on.

This progression can be negative or positive. However, so long as you use the Fibonacci sequence, it remains the Fibonacci System.

Bluejay’s Halfies System

This is a betting system that was put together by the brilliant gambling writer, Michael Bluejay. The betting system begins with you understanding that the best bet to win an even-money negative expectation bet, is placing one bet on your whole bankroll. You will have a decent possibility of making double your money and quitting.

This does not mean you should bet your entire bankroll when you start playing in the bitcoin casino. Instead, you gamble the way you usually do. However, when your session ends, you bet your entire bankroll on a single last best to double up.

There are variations to this too, like making two large bets, which make up half of your bankroll. You can determine beforehand that you will quit after an initial win or loss. You can also decide to place the two bets, not minding the outcome.

Card Counting Systems

This system of counting cards tends to work in the long run. To use this system, you continue keeping track of the number of low cards and high cards that have been played. Then you lower and raise your bet size using this information.

Presuming the deck has many aces and 10s left in it, your probability of hitting a blackjack and its 3 to 3 payout goes up. This means you need to increase your bet size.

There are tons of information on the internet surrounding this betting system. It is not difficult to master, but you will need a high level of dedication.

Dice Control Systems

The concept behind this betting system is a little strange. It involves the belief that an experienced shooter can control a dice roll. Many gambling writers really believe in this betting system.


Many betting systems are great for roulette players, but that is not the case for them all. However, remember that regardless, the casino will always be a winner.


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