Dual Play brings online and land based casino play together

The emergence of online casinos have made a great positive impact on people who enjoy gambling and visiting an online casino website for entertainment. No one would have imagined that there could ever be a convergence between online casinos and brick and mortar casinos, but the developers at Evolution Gaming has proved that this could be a reality. Evolution Dual Play is the provider of world-class live casino convergence solutions that bring online casino and land-based casino play together at the same time, and at the same on-premise table of both casinos.


The installation of the indicated Dual Play enables live game action and experience at Roulette and Baccarat tables in land-based casinos to be engaged by players seated at tables on the premises, and by an unlimited number of gamblers who choose to play online. The flexibility and quality of Evolution Dual Play solutions is the convergence solution chosen by many of the land-based casinos throughout the world. The uniqueness of the Dual Play installation is to meet the needs of different casino environments, brands, and player types. The solutions are totally customized allow for a number of cameras and angles, shot sequencing, and rig choice.

The Evolution Dual Play Roulette is a live casino convergence solution that maximizes online and land-based casinos on-premise potential for the game at any table on the floor. Dual Play Roulette received an award from the British Gaming Awards for being voted as Best United Kingdom Table Gaming Product. Players from all around the world can play Dual Play Roulette from virtually anywhere on the same on-premise table at the same time. Players who can not visit their favorite land-based casino can have all of the sounds and thrilling action of the brick and mortar at the online casino where ever they choose to be. This will also encourage new players who may not have visited an online casino before.

Evolution Dual Play Baccarat is another world-class meeting of online and land-based casino action simultaneously. It also brings players from both venues together at the same on-premise table. This adds the capability of dual play to Baccarat tables at the land-based casinos. These games can also be enjoyed by players on tablets, and smartphones as well as desktops. Whether in a restaurant or at the bar, crowds can be drawn by the attention the Dual Play games will receive.

The Evolution Dual Play convergence solutions are paving the way for a more technology-enriched online gaming experience. This could become the next phase in the online casino gaming industry. This giant step in innovation may become the new normal for online gaming play. Gamblers will be enticed to play the Dual Play Roulette and Baccarat games for that real casino feel and excitement.

The Evolution Dual Play games have sparked a newness in online gambling that players will be looking forward to at all of their favorite casino websites. Keeping up with progress is what all online casinos are striving to do. They want to bring all of the latest innovations to the forefront of the industry for the players. Every die-hard table game enthusiast should try the Dual Play games, and spread the word. This exciting new way of playing at a favorite casino is one experience that can not be matched. The challenge awaits, and the enjoyment and gameplay is real. So, get ready, bet, and go.

Lukas Mollberg

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