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Best eSports betting sites in NZ

We all have the chance to witness the major changes happening in the iGaming industry these days. The online betting market grows bigger and bigger, therefore offering numerous betting options to players.

Among such options, betting on virtual sports and eSports has greatly contributed to the mentioned changes. What once seemed impossible is now inevitable – betting on eSports has already surpassed sports betting on many levels.

The online betting market in NZ also lived up to these changes as we see more and more players deciding to place eSports bets. So, our team of Casinoble experts has made sufficient efforts to bring eSports betting closer to local players.

Also, players will find all the relevant answers here along with tips on odds, betting options, and choosing the right game to stake on.

Make sure to stay tuned to get to know about the eSports betting in NZ as well as the updates in the field waiting for players in 2021!

Best eSports betting sites in NZ

To ensure the maximum playing convenience for novice eSports bettors, Casinoble experts have done all the work. Here’s a list of the best eSports betting casinos in NZ for 2021:

Review methods for eSports casinos

Our team focuses on assembling reliable data regarding eSports casinos for NZ players. Therefore, to provide the best possible experience for players, Casinoble experts are dedicated to thoroughly check multiple review aspects.

When it comes to the latest 2021 eSports betting sites, we base our research on several crucial focus points.

So, here are the main guidelines we base our research of 2021 eSports casinos in NZ on:

  • Site layout: One of the things that can drastically affect the decision on the best eSports sites in NZ is the site layout. The casino offering eSports betting must come with an appropriate layout and theme. We live in a modern age so it’s only logical that sites offering such innovative betting solutions come with modern layouts. Moreover, it gets much easier for NZ players to navigate through the site and the betting options in general.
  • Casino software: Casino software is another factor that affects the choice of the best eSports betting sites in NZ. Latest eSports casinos should be frequently updated with the latest software options. This way, players can experience the genuine eSports betting experience. Still, eSports make a sophisticated option to bet on so the casino software should be accordant.
  • Betting excitement: This aspect is the one that our experts look at from the player’s perspective. An online casino site offering eSports betting should be filled with interesting features for players. Casinos have their way of making the playing experience pleasant for players, either through promotions or exciting site aspects.
  • Diversity of betting options: Of course, NZ players will benefit the most from learning the eSports betting options. Different casinos offer different terms and conditions to players. Furthermore, the odds can widely differ from site to site, so this aspect is crucial for picking the right eSports casino. Luckily, several aspects help in making the decision, such as the diversity of games and betting options.
  • Casino bonus offers: NZ players are probably familiar with the casino bonuses available on live casinos and slot sites. However, some may be surprised to learn that even eSports betting comes with special bonuses. From free bets to tournaments and promotions, players can browse through different types of bonuses. Choosing the most convenient bonuses can greatly affect the final decision on the casino site.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal options: To ensure the maximum satisfaction of NZ players while making the choice, our experts review the payment services of eSports casinos. This way, players can understand the right terms that the eSports casinos offer. It’s also important to understand the wagering requirements of bonuses offered. It greatly affects the final decision since most players rely on e-wallets to make deposits and withdrawals.
  • Customer support: If players encounter any unwanted difficulties on NZ eSports casinos, they’ll know exactly where to turn to. The Casinoble experts make sure to check the customer service sections of all eSports casinos that come under review.

New eSports casinos in NZ

It’s no secret that new online casinos and betting sites appear rapidly these days. As a result, NZ eSports bettors need to know which sites to avoid. On the other hand, they should also know to recognize the quality casino site among the new ones.

Not each one of the mentioned new casinos offers acceptable terms for NZ players. So, the new casino must be licensed by NZ Gambling Commission.

This way, players can know for sure if the site is even eligible for accepting bets on eSports. Also, if the site holds the corresponding licenses, players can proceed and check out the game offers.

Likewise to the licensing, not all new casinos offer the matching eSports betting choice. Games diversity is crucial for players if they wish to accomplish the best results. Betting on eSports also requires skill and information about the game a wager is placed on.

So, players should be informed of all these aspects before even considering any new casinos for eSports betting. If, however, the site proves as reliable for the NZ market, players can go on and make their first real money bets on eSports.

Betting on eSports for Real Money

Betting on eSports requires skill, knowledge, and at least some basic betting background. So, before deciding to bet for real money, NZ players should make sure to understand the entire concept.

Namely, the market for eSports betting has grown rapidly over the past few years. It all began with the development of real eSports tournaments and teams.

These days, players will easily find the NZ casinos that offer plenty of bets that can be placed on their favorite eSport teams. Depending on the game, players should note that they’re different kinds of bets available.

So, the bets that are applicable on League of Legends tournaments may not be the same as the CS: Go bets. Even so, players should always choose the sites with the biggest betting variety to bet on eSports.

Ultimately, using the accordant eSports betting bonuses may benefit players in the creation of initial bankroll and getting started.

eSports Betting Bonuses for NZ players

Much like the bonuses available in regular online casinos in NZ, the eSports betting bonuses could further enhance the thrill. Novice players can get started easier in comparison to betting personal money from the beginning.

These bonuses also offer players the chance to get to know about the game and the betting options. However, players should also note that eSports betting bonuses are not the same as regular online casino bonuses.

Some conditions may differ, so players should pay maximum attention to details that describe the bonus offer. Another reason why these bonuses are big deal for NZ players is that most players are still unfamiliar with eSports betting.

So, beginners can learn a lot about this field of iGaming by making use of these bonuses. Generally, among the bonus offers secured for players by online casinos, eSports bettors can encounter deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses.

When it comes to deposit bonus offers, players can greatly benefit from these by earning a deposit match. A deposit match represents the percentage of the initial players’ deposit that’s awarded as a bonus.

All sorts of deposit match bonuses are offered by the NZ eSports casinos, including 100% deposit match. This bonus awards players with an additional full stake amount that can be used as betting credits.

On the other hand, players can also face 50% deposit match and 200% deposit match bonuses, depending on the casino.

No deposit bonus offers, however, are completely another side to the eSports betting bonuses. These bonuses have gained popularity in the previous period because of their investigative purpose.

Namely, plenty of players make use of the no deposit bonus offers to explore eSports betting. Players can learn a lot about eSports betting itself this way and all that without even losing any real money.

Besides these bonuses, players can also run into welcome bonus packages and free bets.

About the Free Bet Bonuses

As much as the deposit bonus offers and no deposit bonuses can level up the game, free bet bonuses are most attractive to players. These bonuses can’t be immediately withdrawn from the accounts of registered players.

Furthermore, the amount that players get via free bet bonuses requires players to place it on eSports wagers. There’s no wagering requirement on most occasions, but players need to place the entire given amount on betting options.

Still, it’s a great bonus offer to take advantage of while preparing to bet on eSports. Moreover, it provides players with multiple betting opportunities as players can spread the amount on multiple wagers.

In an ideal scenario, the free bet bonus can drastically improve the eSports betting experience for NZ players. By using this bonus, players can place bets concerning entire eSports tournaments.

Free bet bonuses are also great for uncovering the main eSports betting aspects for novice players.

Betting on eSports and the Odds offered

NZ players that are new to betting on eSports should get to know the general odds and betting options. Although it may seem similar to sports betting, eSports betting is a field that’s still in growth.

So, players can’t currently enjoy all the necessary eSports betting options and odds. However, the choice on NZ casino sites is still satisfactory for most players.

Those that follow the tournaments in games like League of Legends, Counter Strike GO, or FIFA can encounter multiple leagues.

Before making the bet, players should examine the betting opportunities provided for the specific leagues and matches. Tournaments are quite frequent as well, so players will always find the available eSports betting options.

Currently, players can easily find the options to bet on the winner of a match or the tournament winner. Players can wager on specific teams and the results of specific points during tournaments.

Besides these options, players can also expect more betting choices shortly as the field continues to develop.

The beginning of online betting on eSports

The arrival of eSports on the online betting scene is a perfect fit for players that enjoy playing eSports and betting at the same time. For a long time, there were rumors of the rise of such a field in the iGaming industry but only recently has it fully developed.

Now, NZ eSports enthusiasts can browse through so many different tournaments and betting sites. This also makes the choice of odds easier, since numerous online casinos allow players to bet on eSports.

We could see the tournaments in eSports even before the betting sites secured the rights to offer the games of chance on them. So, it’s a perfect opportunity for those that are into these games to finally be able to bet on the outcome for real.

On the other hand, those that just enjoy betting can also benefit from this option. The tournaments in eSports are quite frequent so players will always have some choice to bet on.

On the other hand, players can also benefit from betting on these games if there’re no current sports tournaments.

Either way, it’s a whole other side to online betting and it’s worth a try.

Most popular eSports to bet on

To honor the great success that’s ongoing in the eSports betting sphere, Casinoble experts made a list of the most popular eSports games to bet on.

With the great rise of the entire betting section, the number of games available to bet on also raised. So, players can nowadays place bets on some of the most prominent eSports tournaments in the world.

Certainly, there are numerous other eSports tournaments and betting options than the ones listed below. However, these are some of the most popular and most important options for NZ bettors in 2021:

Betting on Fortnite

Among the available eSports, betting on Fortnite is among the most popular options. Fortnite is still very popular among players worldwide and new tournaments are being organized by the day.

The famous battle royale game was first popular only for PC variants. Shortly after that, the game became popular worldwide because of its amazing features. For players to completely understand betting on Fortnite, they must get to know some game terms.

So, knowing the game lines such as co-op and sandbox is crucial for players. The first term represents a common term for a joint round of Fortnite with players forming teams.

On the other hand, the sandbox option allows players to browse through the world of Fortnite freely. Some other crucial information involves knowing about different maps, weather conditions in-game, and survival mode.

The easiest bet to make while betting on Fortnite is the bet on the winner or a winning team. However, players can also bet on the top 3 players to finish or solo and duo betting options.

Players can further enhance their chances of winning Fortnite bets if they follow the streams of players that they put money on.

League of Legends eSports betting

Another exciting option to bet on while browsing the eSports betting selection is League of Legends. No words can describe the stellar popularity of this game among players all around the world.

Some considered it to be somewhat of an updated version of World of Warcraft, but the game carried on its legacy. The storyline and the maps along with their visual appeal make the game as splendid as it is.

Still, betting on it works slightly differently than playing it. There are numerous online leagues and tournaments concerning the League of Legends game.

Therefore, players can quickly get lost in the offer, trying to navigate through the leagues. For these reasons, any previous knowledge of the game is welcome for every eSports bettor.

To make the best decision on which option to bet on, players can also follow the leagues online.

Among the betting options on League of Legends, NZ players can encounter bets on the winning teams. This bet relates both to the winning team of the match and the entire league.

Besides, players can place bets with handicaps placed on a certain team. The handicap value is determined and set as a certain limit. The limit is calculated before the match even takes place, as one team starts with seemingly more points than the other.

It’s quite similar to sports betting with the handicap option so players can easily get familiar with it.

Dota 2 betting

Dota 2 is one of the most popular eSports as it enjoys massive support of professional players. The principle of the game seems simple as two teams of multiple players combat each other to destroy the Ancient building of the opponent.

Players also choose their avatars or heroes through a selection process determined by the properties of opponents. There are many other in-game objectives that players should pay attention to as well.

Either way, NZ bettors can choose from several betting options concerning the Dota 2 tournaments. As each match requires players to win two rounds, bettors can place bets on the winner of the match or winner of the series.

An exciting option is added to Dota 2 betting choice since players can bet on the number of matches played in a series.

On the other hand, NZ players can also bet on options with handicap and other spread bets.

Counter Strike GO

Counter Strike is among the most popular virtual games of all time. The game operates on numerous servers as the in-person shooter game proceeds.

Players in the Counter Strike Global Offensive game are also put into teams consisted of multiple players. There are numerous customization options in the game, but bettors should only focus on the game itself.

Among the available betting options, the Counter Strike GO offers interesting choices for NZ players.

Namely, players can bet on the future outcome of the whole series as the most exciting option. Besides, there are options to bet on map winners, map spreads, overtime results, and many others.

Of course, the bets involving guessing the total number of games in the series or straight-up winner bets are present as well.

FIFA eSports betting

There’s no doubt that FIFA is among the most popular eSports to bet on in 2021. The game’s popularity and lifelong rivalry with PES made it a superb virtual sports game.

The game offers countless chances for bettors to place their bets on with all its betting options. Moreover, soccer enthusiasts will love it for the thrill of the game it comes with.

It’s a perfect substitution when there’re no live matches as well and we all know how popular the sport is worldwide.

So, the online casinos in NZ offering FIFA eSports betting come with a variety of betting options. Players can bet on the winner of the match as the easiest bet to place on FIFA games.

On the other hand, bets like both teams to score and bets on several goals are quite convenient.

For instance, players can bet that the game will finish with more than 6 goals. For this to be a winning bet, both teams need to score the required amount of goals in total. The betting options like Asian Handicap can also be quite satisfactory.

Namely, these bets involve a certain team to start with a handicap value like 1.5. So, for the bet to be a winning one, players need the team with the handicap to win with over 1.5 goals.

If the team wins with at least 2-0, the bet is a winning one, making FIFA one of the most exciting eSports to bet on.

Call of Duty betting

The recent confirmation of Call of Duty Warzone becoming an official eSport rocked the market. Players that love the famous shooter game will now have the chance to place real bets on it.

Moreover, the Call of Duty League 2021 will officially be considered an eSports tournament. All this leads up to the official offering of Call of Duty on online betting sites.

When it comes to the betting options of the game, players can benefit from several interesting wagers.

As many as 12 professional Call of Duty teams will participate in the league and offer exciting bets to players.

Among the mentioned wagers, players can bet on the match outcome, map winners, first blood, and other options.

Also, live betting on this eSport is quite popular as well, giving an additional advantage for players.

Betting on Overwatch

Another popular option for eSports betting is the Overwatch and official Overwatch league competition. Players can enjoy betting on this league with more options than ever, thanks to the 20 professional teams.

Although it may require some basic knowledge of the game, players can easily place Overwatch bets.

For instance, players can bet on the result of the match or the game series. Furthermore, players can enjoy many more specialized betting options when it comes to Overwatch.

Some of the options include spread bets, prop bets, and futures bets that we mentioned before.

Correct map score, correct game score, and map round picks are just some of the options offered.

Starcraft II as an option

Before League of Legends came into play, Starcraft II was the most popular game of its kind. Luckily for NZ bettors, it’s still a very popular game up to date and there are many tournaments included.

Professional players compete against each other in teams, so players will have the option to bet on the team to win.

Moreover, the finals are always followed by broad masses of players and fans so the best option for bettors is to bet on the league winner.

PUBG game

The famous survival battle game takes place on an island with single players or teams competing. The goal of the game is to remain the last man standing on the island and the betting options are very straightforward as well.

Namely, the PUBG offers one of the largest choices of betting options to players that decide to bet on it.

Among the betting options currently available, players can place bets on match-winner or map winner. The first blood bet is also exciting as it’s more difficult to predict. This option involves betting on the team to make the first kill.

There’s also the option to bet on the team to make the most kills, making the game very exciting to bet on.

Blizzard’s Hearthstone

Among the interesting eSports to bet on, players will love the thrill of placing real bets on Hearthstone. The famous card game based on the Magic the Gathering series managed to secure an outstanding fan base.

Now, there’re several options to bet on the game, making it even more difficult. This game is different from the other eSports that players can bet on.

The reason for this is that it’s played single-player versus single player. Popular bets on this game range from bets on a single player to win to the outcome of certain game segments.

How to pick the best eSports to bet on in 2021?

The eSports listed above are just some of the many options that NZ players will have when it comes to betting on eSports. So, each player should know exactly how to pick the best option among the games.

Players with previous knowledge about the game or event certainly have better chances. However, even inexperienced players can burst through the eSports betting market with some wins.

So, here are some of the main tips on how to pick the best eSports game to bet on:

  • Know your game: Although it’s not crucial to bet on eSports, knowing the game details can greatly benefit the players. Such players can enjoy several benefits while betting on a game. First off, they can easily navigate and understand all the betting options offered. On the other hand, these players can rely on their experience and knowledge of the game to place winning bets. As in sports betting, players that do their homework first will have bigger chances of winning.
  • Follow the tournaments and leagues: By following the complete durations of tournaments and leagues, players can gain a crucial advantage while betting. Of course, betting on eSports is much like sports betting, so players with reliable information can win. Moreover, by being informed of the leagues, players can also navigate through the odds easily.
  • Split the best to lower the risk: Another very impressive method of finding the right eSports league to bet on is to place low-risk bets on familiar tournaments. This way, players can win less in the short run, but in the long run, it can be more than worth it.
  • Browse through the betting options: The best way to determine a perfect eSport to bet on is to scroll through the betting options. Players can find out a lot about specific eSports leagues this way. On the other hand, NZ players can use this method to confirm that their desired tournament supports all the necessary bets.

Make yourself a professional in eSports betting

Of course, it can be tough to enter the world of eSports betting for the first time. However, why should you satisfy with breadcrumbs when you can become the master of eSports betting instead?

It takes a lot of time and strategic thinking to become a real pro in the world of eSports betting. However, it’s easy to accomplish once a player puts his heart into it.

Namely, some points could drastically enhance the chances of becoming an expert. So, the Casinoble NZ team provided the players with the following simple steps:

Take your time with big bets: One of the best ways to accomplish superb results would be to hit a large bet. However, if you are new to the eSports world, it can get rather tough to catch this unique opportunity. Instead, players should focus on placing lower separate bets with moderate stakes.

This way, players can over time accomplish impressive results. It also adds up that eSports betting can be observed with logic and the same goes for the best.

Make use of live betting: Betting live can sometimes be more beneficial than betting before the event takes place. There are some simple reasons for this, but the most important one is the observance of the event.

Namely, if players thoroughly follow the event they wish to make a bet on, they could make use of live bets. Once the moment feels right, players can place bets depending on how the specific tournament factors.

Learn all about the eSport you are betting on: It doesn’t hurt to know everything about something, does it? Well, in this case, it’s even more important to know what you are betting on. If you accumulate experience in following the tournaments and leagues, that gives you the upper hand in winning bets.

It gets easier to place such bets once you get to know about the teams, leagues, and potential winners.

Bet responsibly on eSports

One of the most important things to remember while gambling and betting are to do it with style and responsibly. Although there are instances of people getting rich on gambling, it’s a mere coincidence and luck for the most part.

It’s almost impossible to foresee a winning bet, so players should take eSports betting seriously. Moreover, this field of the iGaming industry provides a vast number of events to bet on, so precaution is necessary.

All in all, people who truly bet for fun have the biggest chances of hitting some lucky wins on the road.

How to bet on eSports in NZ?

With the development of the iGaming industry in NZ, online bettors now have the chance to place bets on eSports. Our experts provided a list containing the best eSports casinos to bet on, so players can easily find the best solutions right here!

Where to bet on eSports?

The best place to put a wager on eSports even would be any of the licensed NZ casinos that offer eSports betting. However, players should note that only the casinos with NZ Gambling Commission licenses can offer eSports betting in NZ.

Is there a bonus to claim for eSports betting?

Players that decide to give eSports betting a try can make use of multiple bonus offers on NZ casinos including free bets, deposit, and no deposit bonuses.

What is the best way to bet on eSports?

NZ players should choose a game that they have previous knowledge about before making any bets. As eSports betting is much like sports betting, those with the best info can win big.

What eSports are the most popular currently?

There are various options for eSports betting currently available to players. The most popular games, however, are League of Legends, CS Go, Dota 2, FIFA, and Call of Duty.

Will there be new eSports games in 2021?

Chances are that we will see some new titles for eSports betting in 2021. The virtual sports market grows steadily when it comes to online betting so eSports enthusiasts could gain more betting options.