Helpful tips that will bring better odds at Sic Bo

Fans of live table fare always expect the usual subjects when playing in an online casino. They expect to see Baccarat,Three Card Poker, and Roulette. They also expect to find Sic Bo. Sic Bo is a Chinese dice game that has almost been around as long as gambling. It is played with three dice and is a hybrid of Roulette and Craps. Players wager on the outcome of a role with a complex board full of betting areas to choose from. The logistics are simple. The players place their bets on a wagering area and then the croupier rolls the dice. What sets Sic Bo apart is the variety of wagering options. Players can bet on a single specific number, a combination of numbers, the sum total of the dice, as well as a general range of value. For players new to Sic Bo, here are five helpful tips that will bring better odds.


Go for the Long Game

Sic Bo does not have a basic strategy but it does have wagering choices with a reduced house edge. It also has a profit table that shows the odds of each wagering area. Players can look at that table and determine what the safest bets are. They can also generate some nice bankroll by betting those safe bets and shying away from the wagers that bleed house edge. So go for the long game and play it safe. Avoid foolish bets and play the better odds. Areas with big payouts and less player advantage are best left for side bets.

Do Not Over-Utilize Side Bets

Online Sic Bo allows players to bet in as many areas as they want. Unfortunately, this increases the wager amount along with the odds. Sure, the more areas the higher chance of winning, but if they win does not pay back the bet there is no profit. Side bets are a great option to choose some of the time. So stick to one wagering area and side bet on occasion.

Bet the Small and Big

In Sic Bo the small and big wagers are like Roulette's black and red. They offer many chances to win as the player is not betting on one number but a range of numbers. In this case, the small bet covers numbers 4 through 10, while the large bet pays out on numbers 11 through 17. Small and big bets bear a 50/50 chance of being right or wrong. This reduces house advantage and grants the player better odds. Small and big are the safest bets to make and the smartest way to play.

Only Bet on a Triple as a Side Bet

A triple marks the rare occasion all three dice stop on one number and that number happens to be the exact one a player wagered on. This bet has a very high house edge. The player is almost giving money to the casino with a bow wrapped around it. However, the playout is so high one win is all that you need. This is why professionals treat a triple bet like the lottery. They bet on the side every once in a while. A triple bet should never be the primary bet. It is too unreliable.

Play Singles

A single is a wager on a specific number coming up after a roll. The number only has to appear on one die for there to be a win. This makes a single bet a little safer as a player ultimately has three chances to land one. House edge is lowered in conjunction with player odds increasing. Singles are also great best to make as they increase the value if the number lands more than once. So players have a better opportunity of winning and winning big.

Lukas Mollberg

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