How to Bet on Tennis: Betting Guides and Tips

Tennis is probably the most popular sport in the betting world after football. Its dynamics and its presence on the agenda on an almost daily basis undoubtedly add up to it being one of the favorite activities of bettors, especially when it comes to live betting.

In this article from Casinoble, we will take a look at how to bet on tennis, from some essential issues to the many alternatives available and some tips. Yet, if you want to learn more about betting, check out our Online CasinosBonuses, and much more! 

Undoubtedly, the first step, as with any sport, is to be on the subject. In this case, we are not dealing with a team discipline (except for doubles) but with an individual game, so certain tactics, strategies, and modalities may change. In any case, information for the bettor is not only a right; it is nothing more and nothing less than power. And when it comes to betting on tennis, the list of factors is truly extensive.

Preliminary Analysis

As a first step, to bet live on a tennis match you need to be watching the event in real-time. This point should be non-negotiable. From there, once the event is chosen, it is essential to make a thorough study of the protagonists.

In this sense, it is worth investigating in relation to the last results, titles won, physical (recent injuries, fatigue) and mental state, performance on the surface where the game will take place, “head-to-head” between both players and even the meteorological aspect (rain, humidity, temperature), often influential in the course of the game and in the performance of some players.

For the most complete statistics in the lead-up to a match, the ATP website is the place to go, as Casinoble is for your bets! Sometimes it can be influenced by the time of the season. At the beginning of the season, some players are still in the process of fine-tuning. So they may not be at their best for the first matches.

It is also important to note that when a player returns to a tournament in which he or she had a very good performance in the previous year, he or she will need to repeat or improve that work in order not to drop in the ranking.

As for the form of the athletes, a good idea to follow their current situation is to keep an eye on Twitter, where many of them give first-hand accounts of their news and eventually even give a glimpse of their emotional state.

Strategies and Tips

One of the most common tactics for beginner bettors is to base their plays on the “head-to-head” between the protagonists, as long as there is a difference of at least three games for one of the two. With respect to the favorites, it is not always the best decision to bet on them; they may have a bad day or face a lesser opponent on an inspirational day.

At the end of the day, the odds are often very low, and the risk is far greater than the potential returns. The best choice to profit from a favorite's victory may be to bet on the favorite losing the first set.

To implement this strategy, the tournament must be a major tournament (Masters 1000 or Grand Slam, preferably) and the odds must be less than 1.40. This can be due to overconfidence or lack of rhythm and does not necessarily mean that the candidate is going to lose the match. Then, if he finally falls in that first set, we can bet on his victory in live betting, already with a much more attractive odds.


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