How to Play the Live Casino Craps

A Comprehensive Guide to Live Craps: The Exciting Casino Game

 Welcome to, your trusted source for expert insights into online casino games. In this article, we will explore the thrilling world of live craps, one of the most engaging casino games. Discover how live craps works and get ready to experience the excitement from the comfort of your own home.


 The Basics of Live Craps

Understanding Live Craps Live craps allows you to play the game online, replicating the experience of a physical casino. The main difference is that a dealer rolls the dice on your behalf. However, the key aspects of the game revolve around betting, making it a seamless transition to the online version.

Getting Started The game begins with players placing their bets. The “Stickman” dealer, recognizable by the curved stick used to move betting chips, facilitates this process. It's crucial to place your bet before the roll begins and ensure that your chips are in the desired position.

The Stages of Live Craps

Come Out Roll Phase The first stage of the game is the Come Out Roll phase. Players place their bets on either the Pass Line or Don't Pass side. The shooter, responsible for throwing the dice or representing the shooter as a dealer, aims to roll a 7 or 11. If the total is 11 or 12, Pass Line bets win. If the total is 2, 3, or 12, the round ends, and a new shooter takes over. Any other number becomes the “Point” for the round.

 Point Phase The second stage is the Point phase. The shooter must roll the Point number before rolling a 7 for Pass Line bets to win again. If a 7 is rolled, Pass Line bets lose, while Don't Pass bets win. For example, if the shooter rolled a 9 during the Come Out Roll, they must roll a 9 again before rolling a 7 to secure a win.

 Additional Considerations

The Big 6 or Big 8 Option The Big 6 or Big 8 bet pays even money if the number 6 or 8 is rolled. For instance, a $10 bet results in a $10 win. However, this bet only wins if the number is rolled during the come-out roll before a 7 appears. Otherwise, it's a loss.

 Strategy and Excitement Craps offers various betting strategies, contributing to its widespread popularity. The game's potential for exciting winning streaks creates a vibrant atmosphere. Live dealer craps captures the same exhilarating feeling, allowing players to experience the thrill without physically being in a casino.


Live craps is an electrifying casino game that engages players with its dynamic gameplay and strategic betting options. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, the online version offers an immersive experience. Enjoy the adrenaline rush of live craps and the convenience of playing from home.


  • Can beginners play live craps? 

Yes, live craps is suitable for beginners. While it has strategic elements, the game is easy to learn and offers an exciting experience. We recommend starting with lower betting tables and familiarizing yourself with the rules before advancing to higher levels.

  • Are there any specific strategies for success in live craps?

Live craps involves various strategies, including understanding odds, reading opponents, managing your bankroll effectively, and adapting to the game flow. Constant practice and observing experienced players can help you develop your own strategic approach.

  •  Where can I play live craps online in New Zealand? 

In New Zealand, there are several reputable online casinos that offer live craps tables.


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