How to Play the Live Casino Craps

Craps is easily one of the most engaging live casino games in all of the casino play. Part of the reason for this is because it engages the crowd so much since they can get in on the action too without being the main actor. Here's some information about how it all works.


Live Craps

The Live version of the game means that you can play online. There isn't any major difference between the physical and Live versions, fortunately. The only real difference is that another dealer has to actually roll the dice for you since you aren't there! However, the real important parts of this game of chance involve the betting anyway, so this should be no problem, generally.

Getting Started

The game starts when everyone makes their bets. This is usually done by the “Stickman” dealer or the one who wields the big stick with the curve on the end so he can push the betting chips around to where everyone wants them. The important thing is to place a bet before the roll starts and to make sure that the chips go where you want them.

Then, the two dice are rolled. People win or lose based on the total from the two dice.


The first stage of the game is called the Come Out Roll phase. This is where the player puts the bet on the table on either the Pass or Don't Pass side. The shooter, or the one who throws the dice, or stands in for the shooter as a dealer, is trying to get either 7 or 11. In cases where the total comes up 11 or 12, then the people who put the “Pass Line” bets win. In the case where there's a 2, 3 or 12, then the round is over. A new shooter comes in. If there's a different number than this, then this number is known as the “Point” for the round.

This leads to the second stage of the game, which is called the “Point” phase. During this phase, the shooter has to roll the Point first, then they can roll the 7 for Pass Line bets to win again. If they roll a 7, then the Pass Line bets lose. Those who had Don't Pass bets win. So, this means that if the shooter rolled a 9 in the Come Out Roll, then they have to roll a 9 again before they can roll a 7 to win.

The basic rules of the game are that easy. There's obviously a lot more to it on top of that, but that's the essential beginning idea.

Other Considerations

The Big 6 or Big 8 option on the Craps table means that you win even money if the number comes up as a 6 or an 8. So, if a player bets $10, then they win $10 with this bet. This only works if someone rolls this on the come-out roll before they roll a 7, however. Otherwise, it's a loss. Craps has a lot of strategy involved in it, which is why people love it so much. Going on a “run” gets everyone in the room excited. Anyone who's been near a Craps table in real life can attest to the screams of “7” whenever a win is declared and the game keeps going. A live dealer game captures that same feeling without the need for anyone to actually be in the room, which is definitely an advantage for those who want the excitement but can't get to the casino.

Lukas Mollberg

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