Is it Possible to Count Cards on Online Blackjack?

When it comes to playing online casino games one of the most popular choices is in-fact Blackjack. It has been said that even with the online version of Blackjack that players can count cards, but has anyone really thought about how true that could be? There are many stories and legends about card counters who have experienced enormous success when it comes to blackjack in land-based casinos. With this being the case, some of your online players wonder if this would be an option for them because after all, if you can sit at your house and make thousands by playing a game it should be worth a try, and to add to it there are no casino staff to throw you out if you are successful. With this in mind, lets see if counting cards on online blackjack is possible.


With your land-based casinos, a lot of card counting focuses on knowing how the deck is penetrated, or how far in the shoe the dealer winds up being before the decks will end up being re-shuffled. This information is really important to card counters and that is because they need to know exactly how many decks there are before they spread their bets. Since you are able to watch the dealer in these casinos it is actually possible to count cards and be accurate.

While that works in land-based casinos, online blackjack does all the shuffling so you do not get to see it happen in person. To make things even worse the virtual deck gets shuffled every single time. That means you do not get the opportunity to get deck penetration. That being said, it is completely impossible to accurately count cards on online blackjack. No matter what your confidence level is.

Now since it is impossible to count card in internet blackjack profitably, some players wonder if there is even any way to beat the cyber game. The answer lies in how many bonuses you receive from the online game where you play. Some online casinos are way more generous than others can be. Some give you a better shot to overcome the game with all the extra money. So before you play you need to make sure you check the VIP program of the online casino you are using.

The online casino bonuses do not mean you get a great deal if you do not know the proper blackjack strategy in the beginning. Since you will be on the internet already it will pay off to look up the strategy to blackjack when you start playing in order to avoid making any critical mistakes. You might want to also consider practicing in some free blackjack on the internet since they have training games that let you know both incorrect and correct moves.

Lukas Mollberg

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