Learn the Basics of Video Poker in NZ Online Casinos 2021

Casino games offer players different options. They can choose between games where they can't influence the results or games that depend on their strategy. For example, you can't use a strategy when you play a slot. However, there is a wide range of games where you can use skills. 

Every poker game requires a good strategy in the best online casinos in New Zealand. When we have modern technology at our disposal, the favorite game comes in video format. Video poker is the highest rated among players. So, if you want to get started, read our ultimate guide on Casinoble!

The Basics of Video Poker

Many beginners would confuse video poker with slot machines. However, you should not make this mistake as there is a considerable difference between them. Slots consist of three spinning reels with different symbols. When they match, you get paid out. The game does not require any skills or strategy. One cannot influence the course of the game or losses in any way.

In comparison, video poker games are very different. Most games come with a five-card draw. You can replace some or all of the cards with new ones. If the cards have a high rank, then you get paid out. The payout table directly determines the house edge. What is the house edge? It is the percentage of money that the casino keeps as winnings. 

Available Options

Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild are the most popular options, even in Macau’s famous casino from the late Stanley Ho. They are preferred because of the low house edge. You start with a 52-card deck and the five cards draw. There are no wild cards in the first game. If you want to start, you must have at least a pair of Jacks. To keep the house advantage as low as possible, you should play with all five coins. This approach can also bring additional bonuses.

The Strategy

The style of play will influence the house advantage. Every hand plays a crucial role. The best plays will help to take advantage of the house advantage. Experienced poker players always use strategy tables to help them. Complex algorithms and computer programs work to calculate precise moves. But it must not be too complicated. Of course, a strategy chart is perfect to improve the odds. The charts are easy to read, so you have to start from the top.

When it comes to strategy, Jacks or Better is simpler. Many find the Deuces Wild strategy more complex, so you have to stick with the strategy that matches your skills. A suitable strategy table always makes video poker easier to ensure consistent wins and results in every game. 


Video poker is a simple and easy online game for online and mobile casinos. Anyone can learn it within just minutes. Before you start, you need to know a few things about the game. It is important to choose the one with the lowest possible house advantage. Then a strategy comes into play because this way you can reduce the house advantage to a minimum. Once you have that under control you just have to enjoy the game because it really offers many advantages compared to other casino games.

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Lukas Mollberg

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