Live Betting Strategy – How Many Live Bets Should You Make in A Day

Live betting is a bet placed while the game is on. It is so popular that most online casinos and sportsbooks now offer it. Online betting is the easiest way to place bets during a game. This is because of the internet's speed and the beautiful interface that makes navigating through games easy for bettors.

Apart from the entertainment that comes with placing live bets, you can also get the chance to win money very quickly. Another thing that makes live betting attractive is using random points in bets when a game is on. You will find live betting exciting as it offers high-end betting options with great entertainment to go with it.

How to Know Daily Limit on Live Bet?

There's a limit on the live bets you can place per day. Here are some factors that determine where your odds lie.

  • Bankroll size: The funds available in your account can determine how many bets you can place for a certain number of days. For instance, if you have $30 available, you can only place limited bets for as long as the funds can go. This is different from a situation where you have up to $300 in the account. With that amount of money, you can place as many bets as you want for days.
  • The number of events: There's always a time for sporting events, and this time varies. This is an exception of months when all sporting events are off. During this time, you can't find any games to bet on because no event will take place. Most of the time when there are events for a particular sport, the games take place on any day of the week. This makes it hard to keep track of the games.
  • Experience: This all depends on you, how much you can harness your knowledge of the game to place the bets. If you have been placing bets before, you can use your previous prediction to solve the problem at hand. However, as a newbie, it's always advisable to place small bets at first. Also, pay attention to the game before you decide.

What Number of Live Bets can you place in a Day?

You can place hundreds of bets in a single day, but before you go about doing that, you should check your bank balance. If you have a good financial background, then you are good to go. However, it is always advisable to use only about 30% of your money to place bets.

In case things don’t go as planned, you will have something to fall back on. It's possible to fix your eyes on hundreds of bets at a time, but you can't bet on all as you will have to select them closely. This way, you won't have to spend on bets that are not worth it. You can save lots of money just by doing this. On average, you can end up placing about 20 to 30 bets daily.


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