Baccarat Trends

What is Trending in Online and Live Baccarat?

Regular Baccarat players understand the feeling of excitement that one gets as they approach a live Baccarat table, and how they subtly strategize on how they will win the game within the shortest time possible.

While it is true that not all strategies that players bet on will be successful, it is important to try and look for strategies which have proved to be at least effective in the past and improve on them for possible success in the game.

The one thing that experts will tell you about winning at Baccarat is that it all boils down to one thing; the ability of the player to harmonize their betting decision with the shoe trend developing in the particular game.

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There are four major shoe trends, and anyone who wants to be successful at Baccarat needs to acquaint themselves with these four trends. When a player fully understands the four shoe trends, they can walk onto any table, assess the potential benefits of winning on any of the four trends, and pick the best one.

When the player has understood the game, they are allowed to start betting as early as possible. However, a lot of skill is needed for a player to identify a shoe trend early on in the game.

Contrary to what many players believe, it is actually quite easy to predict the shoe trend which will dominate a particular game. It is essential to understand that you have to use past experience with shoe trends when trying to determine how the current one will work.

Below are some of the most common shoe trend types presented the way that they are normally seen on the main or big road scoreboards.

  • The zigzagy zone trend: In this trend, the zigzags are the changes or chops which exist between the players and the bankers. The zone comprises of a first and a second line of players.
  • The streaky bankers and players: The second trend which is common in baccarat is the streaks of bankers and players which generally start from the third line going onwards. While the trend might create a subtle zigzag pattern similar to the first trend, you should ignore the blips because the streaky bankers and players are more pronounced.
  • Trend switch treatment: Normally, this can be viewed as an attack on the conclusion you have made from observing the game. It is important to note that you might think that this is the trend only to have the situation turn out a little differently, but that is the essence of the game, taking in the rough with the smooth.
  • The hovering state: The only way that you can conclude that this is the dominant trend is through the absence of the other shoe patterns, leading to the conclusion that you cannot see a trend breakout.

Those are the four main trends that you are likely to come across when you are playing. However, knowing the trends and how to identify them is only the first part of the process. The second part, and one which is more essential is implementing your findings.

The implementation

Good players understand that of the four shoe trends, it is the first two which are the most important to identify early on in the game.

You cannot start betting on a game before you are completely sure that there is a trend that has started. When you are totally sure that there is a trend in place, you can start betting and make sure you follow the rules of the trend you have singled out.

For example, if you have watched the game and realized that the trend is a zigzag, you will place your bets against the last outcome. Look at the outcome of the trend to figure out if you are right but when you place a bet twice and lose, stop and reassess the trend.

On the other hand, if you have looked at the trend and you have realized that it is a streaky banker, your bet should be the same as that of the last outcome. So, if the last outcome was a player, bet on a player.

If you make such a bet twice and realize that you have lost both times, stop and reassess the trend before you end up with bigger losses.

The only way that you will be able to identify the four trends in baccarat and apply them in your gaming is if you practice constantly.

Other tips which will be useful as you get into the betting process include the fact that when you are starting to bet, you should use the least possible amount as a bet. When you gain skill and experience in identifying the trends, you can increase the amount.

There are also certain types of bets which you should avoid making at all times and the first is the tie bet. The problem with this bet is that the banker wins more often than the player, which means that when you win the banker bet, you will still owe the 5 percent banker commission.

The good thing about baccarat is that it is one of the easiest games to play and also one of the logical and one of the few where the odds of winning against the house are high enough to make the process worth it.

If the strategy of identifying the shoe trends proves a little difficult, there are a few other strategies which work just as well. However, it is important to take time and try each one out before tossing them.

For instance, you could start betting at the end of a baccarat shoe and when the outcome goes against you, try and stand your ground. The most essential rule in the game is never to allow yourself to lose more than 3 times.

With these few rules and pointers at hand, you will find it very easy and enjoyable to play baccarat and use the betting logic to make huge wins.