Martingale Strategy

Increase Your Bankroll with the Martingale Roulette Strategy

The Martingale Roulette Strategy is a popular way to increase your odds of growing your bankroll playing the popular casino game.

So what is the Martingale strategy? The answer is simple: If you lose a bet, you will double the size of your wager until you win. This strategy will allow you to win in most of your sessions. However, if you hit a bad streak, you can quickly lose your bankroll.

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How much do I need to bet the Martingale System?

You need enough to lose about six bets in a row, doubling each bet. Let’s say you start off with a $1,000 bank roll and use $10 betting units. You can lose up to 6 bets before you are unable to continue with the system.

  • First bet $10 – Bankroll $990
  • Second bet $20 – Bankroll $970
  • Third bet $40 – Bankroll $930
  • Fourth bet $80 – Bankroll $850
  • Fifth bet $160 – Bankroll $690
  • Sixth bet $320 – Bankroll $330

What are the chances of losing 6 bets in a row?

In roulette, there are literally hundreds of different ways to bet. However, the best way to use the Martingale system is to bet the 50/50 wagers. That include betting red or black colours, even or odd numbers, and low numbers (1 -18) or high numbers (19-36). The odds of getting a bet wrong six times is a row is low but still possible.

To illustrate your odds of six losses in a row, we will simulate a bet on “Black” on a common roulette wheel with a “0” and “00” slot. Thus given you a 48.60% chance of winning. Remember the green “0” and “00” slots count against you.

  • Odds of one loss in a row – 52.40%
  • Odds of two losses in a row – 26.20%
  • Odds of three losses in a row – 13.10%
  • Odds of four losses in a row – 6.55%
  • Odds of five losses in a row – 3.27%
  • Odds of six losses in a row – 1.635%

That means you will win over 98% of the series you play. However, one of approximately every 100 series, your bankroll will get blown up. Let’s imagine you play for 1 hour at the roulette table with an average time of 2 minutes per spin. With 30 spins, there is an about a 10% chance you will lose over 70% of your bankroll.

Is the Martingale Strategy worth it?

There is no betting strategy that can beat roulette’s built-in house edge However, the Martingale strategy is a great option for short sessions at the table. In the long term, all betting systems will lose because of the house edge.

Are there other ways to increase my chance of having a winning session

Yes. You can increase your chance of having a winning session by covering more of the roulette board. Instead of using a 50/50 bet, you can bet two of the three rows that will increase your chance of winning to over 64%.

How to use the “Two Row” Martingale System

You will need to make two bets. These bets can either be made by betting 2 of the 3 sets of 12 numbers located right above the 50/50 bets or the “street” rows located at the extreme right of the roulette board. Each of these bets pays 2 to 1. However, you will only win 1 unit because you are making a 2 unit bet.

Here’s an example: Let’s say take your $1,000 bankroll and bet $5 on number set 1-12 and number set 13-24. You will win as long as the numbers 1-24 come up. However, if the number 25-36 come up, or the “0” or “00” you will lose. Again your bankroll will blow up if you lose 6 bets in a row. However, your chances of winning are now 64%.

  • Odds of one loss in a row – 36.34%
  • Odds of two losses in a row – 18.17%
  • Odds of three losses in a row – 9.08%
  • Odds of four losses in a row – 4.54%
  • Odds of five losses in a row – 2.27%
  • Odds of six losses in a row – 1.13%

With this strategy, you have an over an almost 99% chance of coming out a winner during a betting series. Of course, if you bet this system long enough and you will lose. However, if you plan on just spending a weekend in Vegas, you have a nice chance of coming out a winner.

Summing it all up

  • No betting strategy can beat the roulette house edge but the Martingale Strategy can greatly increase your chances of being a short-term winner.
  • Use the red/black, even/odd, low number/high number bets to give yourself a high chance of avoiding six losses in a row.
  • You can increase your chances of winning by covering more numbers on the roulette board.