Paroli Strategy

Paroli Roulette Strategy Has Something For Everyone

Roulette enthusiasts are known for their love of betting systems. There’s always been something of a Holy Grail attitude among a certain number of players who hope to find a “perfect” system for winning money at roulette.

Of course, there is no such system, but the many variations on betting at roulette offer players the chance to find a system that works best for their own style of gambling. The paroli betting style has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages, just as most other roulette strategies.

Who, What, Where, When?

The Paroli system for wagering on roulette likely arose at the time the game was invented. It is one of the more popular betting strategies that have no verifiable history.

With probable origins in France in the mid-1600s to early 1700s, it’s generally agreed that French mathematician Blaise Pascal was the creator of a very early,a crude form of the “little wheel” (the English translation of the French word “roulette”) currently in use at major gambling sites worldwide.

The earliest verifiable use of the modern roulette wheel, and rules closely resembling those now in effect, was in Paris in the year 1796.

The paroli betting system consists of placing an initial unit bet, followed by doubled bets with each successive win, until 3 wins have been achieved. At that point, players return to the unit bet and begin the progression again. If a loss occurs at any time, even before 3 wins have been amassed, betting begins again with the unit amount.

To Math or Not to Math?

One of the most often cited advantages of the Paroli betting strategy is its simplicity. There is almost no math involved, nothing to write down or feed into a computer program, and low losses compared with many other roulette betting strategies.

It should be mentioned that some roulette gamers are drawn to math-heavy systems for personal reasons. A few in this category believe that the more complicated a betting system is, the better chance it has of producing long-term wins.

Others are attracted by the number-laden systems because they enjoy crunching numbers and taking lots of notes. For them, betting on roulette is more rewarding when there is some “work” involved, like note-taking and calculating.

Personality types who enjoy complicated betting systems and number-heavy systems, whatever the promises are, will shy away from Paroli and seek other betting strategies.
The attraction or aversion to mathematics plays a significant role in whether a gamer will enjoy the Paroli betting system.

Roulette Players Should Inform Themselves

Gamblers should keep the following points in mind before attempting to use the Paroli system in live betting (i.e., with real money), whether online or in a casino:

Players should a very low initial bet amount during initial attempts to use the system.

It’s helpful to practice with “paper” (fake) money in a controlled “casino night” environment if possible to get a feel for how the betting proceeds.

Sticking to the rules seems to be the hardest part for beginners. After a third win, it takes discipline to return to the original, unit bet amount.

Becoming familiar with other roulette systems will aid in the understanding of Paroli.

That way, players will have a chance to see whether the Paroli progression is to their liking or not. Some betting systems are riskier than Paroli, which might suit the personality of particular betters more closely.

Paroli is not a “magic bullet” betting system, and gamers should fully understand that before using it. It is one of the hundreds of roulette betting strategies, but stands out for its ease of use and suitability for new gamers who want to avoid math-heavy strategies.

Users of paroli should already have a thorough understanding of how roulette is played.

It is advantageous for those new to roulette to visit online tutorial sites where the game can be played with non-money tokens.

Developing an ease and familiarity with roulette will make using paroli (or any system, for that matter) much more of a second-nature skill.

Just the Facts: Paroli Points to Ponder

For roulette fans who want to know the basic factoids about the Paroli system, the following points are worth committing to memory, at least in their conceptual form:

-Paroli might or might not be a betting system that suits your personality and risk profile

-It possibly originated at the time of roulette’s invention, but its true history has been lost in the mists of time

-Core tenets include doubling a fixed, initial bet amount until 3 wins or a loss, but variations are endless

-Probably invented for roulette but has used in various other sports and games

-Paroli has no better statistical chance of winning than most other systems

-Key advantages include simplicity (minimal math, no writing), no large losses, low probability of facing house betting limits.

– The main disadvantage is the inability to sustain long losing streaks and the system’s practical restriction to even-money betting events

Final Thoughts Before the Game Begins…

  • Anyone interested in using the Paroli system for roulette or other games should spend at least an hour becoming familiar with the bet progression before laying any real money on a table.
  • It is common for those new to roulette to use Paroli for a while and then move on to more complicated systems, and finally return to Paroli after they tire of the math-laden betting strategies.
  • There are a certain simplistic beauty and logical uniformity to the Paroli approach that makes it a perennial favourite.