Live Three Card Poker

Welcome to Casinoble’s page on Live Three Card Poker. Here, you will find elaborate information on this game including strategies to help you land huge wins in New Zealand casinos.

What is Live Three Card Poker?

Three-card poker is a game in which players are each dealt three cards, which they use to play against the casino dealer. The ‘live’ aspect is an adaptation of video streaming to help players participating online to follow the action from their devices as though they were in a real casino.  

The real-time streaming is made possible using the player’s internet connection. Signal strength thus largely affects how smooth the streaming is.

Live three card poker game rounds move much faster than ordinary poker, a factor that is key in making the game playable in bitcoin casinos. The rules are also very easy to understand.

Basic Rules of Three Card Poker

At the start of this game, every player positions an ante wager alongside a pair plus wager. They do this with the hopes of having a hand of nothing less than a pair.

This is the point three cards are dealt face down to the dealer and every player of the game. When playing this game, always note that you are playing the dealer. You do not have any business with other players on your table.

The player carefully examines the cards he has at hand and makes up his mind on placing a wager. This is usually the same amount used as the ante wager. He also has to decide on either pitting his hand against the dealer’s hand or otherwise.

The best strategy while playing is to play every hand that is higher than the queen, four, and six. Any hand that is less should be folded.

The deal ends as soon as a player folds. After a fold, the dealer takes over the player’s pair plus wager, and ante wager. After the player chooses a play wager, the cards get turned over. This is to find out who has a better hand. The dealer or the player.

The player will get back the play wager if the dealer is with a hand of jack-high. Furthermore, if with a Queen or something better, the ante wager and the play wager get paid out. This is done at 1 to 1 if the player’s hand is better than the dealer’s

With a superior hand, the dealer takes over the ante and wager and play bets. The pair plus bet is not dependent on what the dealer possesses.

Basic Strategy of Three Card Poker

Three card poker might be a simple casino game. Nonetheless, to get the best out of it, you should have a strategy. While there are various strategies for this game, to get the best results, you will do a lot better when you play all hands that are valued at Q-6-4. Apart from hands with this value, every other thing should be folded.

Placing the first wager on an ante allows players to fold early with an easy win or a small loss if the game does not appear to align in their favor. Adding pair-plus odd increases the winning probability due to a large number of possible outcomes.  

Pair plus odds comprise a likely 22,100 outcomes, such as a straight flush, three of a kind, pairs, and no pairs. Like in baccarat, keeping track of winnings can help players to formulate a strategy. Although it is a game of chance, continuous play and analysis can reveal a trend.

Playing with the right strategy is important as this game gives the house an edge over the player in mobile casinos. Since the house already has an edge, if you do not have the right strategy, you might not have the wins you desire.

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History of Three Card Poker

Poker is the root of all other versions of the game, with the 16th century ‘three card brag’ being the direct relation of the modern casino game.

Casinos were for a long time reluctant to adopt the slow three card game into their offerings, prompting Derek Webb to create a viable option.

Derek created the first casino version in 1994. It revolved around speeding up rounds, offering attractive winnings, and a profitable house edge. He patented the idea in 1997 but still had a hard time convincing US casinos to take it up.

The first commercial version took place in Mississippi in 1998 before spreading like wildfire.

Play Three Card Poker in New Zealand

Live three card poker is quickly gaining traction as a popular casino game in New Zealand. It has been available in land-based casinos for well over a decade now. Most of these outlets are now incorporating it into their live online casino gaming applications.  

Most four and five-star hotels that offer casino entertainment have three card tables on their premises. Online, New Zealanders can enjoy three card poker offered by companies even outside the country.

Leo Vegas, 888 Casino, bet365, and NetBet are awesome platforms where punters can enjoy a live online three card poker experience.