Live Mayfair Blackjack Online

Live Mayfair Blackjack is a variant of the popular Live Blackjack game. The game is optimized for playing on various devices like mobile phones, desktops, and tablets.

The game is an eight-deck variant with a Bet Behind option and two side bets. The Bet Behind feature covers up when there are no seats available because the typical number of seats in the game is 7, but this feature allows many players to play the game without limitation.

Evolution Gaming Blackjack variants are renowned for their authenticity and exceptional quality and Mayfair Blackjack is not left out. The game is inspired by the rich West Ends area in London, popular by the gambling venues, hotels, and exclusive restaurants.

Mayfair Blackjack gives players the taste of elegance and glamour that can only be found in the upper part of European cities.

How to Play Mayfair Blackjack Online

Live Mayfair is a typically structured Blackjack game whereby the primary of players is to beat the hand of the dealer without busting. Players also aim to get a hand that is higher than the total of 21.

The game session is kick-started by the dealers dealing one card face up to themselves and one each to other players, the dealer then adds the second card facing down to the player's hands and another one to himself.

After the cards have been dealt, players can call for a new card to increase their total hand and win the house. Another option available to players is to stand and wait on the dealer till he displays the cards which are facing down.

In Live Mayfair Blackjack Online, the dealer must draw on soft 16 and stand on 17. Also, there is an insurance option available for players who would love to protect themselves against the dealer's Blackjack.

Other Bets

Asides from standard bets, 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side best are also included in Live Mayfair Blackjack. There is also a separate payout table which is applied for the hands that hold a pair (mixed, the same color or suited) or for the permutation of the player's hand and dealer's up card that forms Straight Flush, 3 of a kind, Straight, and Flush.

Why You Should Play

Players who play this Blackjack variant tend to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Advanced settings for betting, video, audio, and game session
  • Account and game history with records of payouts, bets, and dates.
  • Bet Behind Option that gives room for an unlimited number of players.
  • Live chat feature that allows players to communicate with the dealer.
  • There is a make a decision features that enable players to select the next move beforehand.

Wrap Up

As usual, Evolution Gaming has further solidified its position as a top software developer in the industry with the release of this Blackjack variant. The company has also succeeded in maintaining its quality level and delivering an alternative Live Dealer Blackjack for players who love the feel of authentic mortar and brick casinos.

All the game elements from the audio and video quality to the total interface functions are expertly executed. This allows the player to emerge completely in the game.


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