Monopoly Live from Evolution Gaming

The Monopoly game is an old but famous table game. It involves applying strategies in order to gain a monopoly over business concerns like hotels and lead the rest players to bankruptcy. This game now comes in several variants and themes. It has since metamorphosed since it was first introduced in 1935 by Parker Brothers.

Before now, there have been several monopoly themed slots in the world of casino games, but they didn't allow players to apply strategy and win. As you know, slot games are mostly about chance. With the monopoly live game, players can now think about strategy and apply them during gameplay.

Evolution Monopoly Live

Evolution Live Monopoly comes with a license from Hasbro. The only bet you must make is to predict the number of the wheel where it will stop during a spin. The dealer will then rotate the wheel, and if it stops on the number that you had predicted, you have won the game; if it doesn't, you lose.

Where to play Evolution Live Monopoly

Evolution Gaming is a partner to several online Casinos. You can play the Monopoly live on any of their partner casino.

Evolution Monopoly Live: Betting Options

There are several outcomes on which you can place a bet in Monopoly Live, and they include different payouts and chances. If the wheel lands on chance, Mr. Monopoly will deal you a chance card, which may come with a multiplier bonus or other forms of cash prizes.

If the wheel lands on a bonus, the dealer will have to spin the wheel again, and multipliers will be included in the next sequence of wins. In some cases, even multipliers can be multiplied.

The 3D Bonus Game

Evolution Live Monopoly gives players the privilege of betting on bonus games. To qualify, the players are required to bet on either 2rolls or four rolls. When the wheel is rotated, it is expected that it lands on the roll that the player selected.

If it does, the game enters a bonus mode where Mr. Monopoly appears in an augmented reality 3D world where he retrieves multipliers, prizes, etc. on the board.

Comparison of Monopoly Wheel to Roulette, Dream Catcher and Slots

The Evolution live monopoly wheel has an RTP of 96.23%. This makes it more rewarding than slot games.

Although the house edge of monopoly is way higher than Roulette games, the payout potential of monopoly exceeds any classic Roulette game. Also, live monopoly is more fun and engaging.

In comparison with the dream catcher, the payout potential of monopoly is a little bit less. However, with the bonus 2 and 4 roll games in monopoly, it makes it more fun than dream catcher.

Wrap up

Evolution live Monopoly does justice to the pop-culture that Hasbro's monopoly game presents. What's more, it gives players the opportunity to play this fun and exciting game in mobile casinos as they would in a real-world casino, even though they are right in the comfort of their homes.


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