Monopoly: The Newest Game for Live Casino in NZ

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games ever to be introduced, and the brand name is currently owned by Hasbro, a leading American toy manufacturing company. Through the years, Monopoly managed to create several spin-offs of the board game, and people are buying it because of the enjoyment that they feel towards the game. It has simple rules, and it can be played by two to eight people. The goal of the game is simple – own the most number of properties on the board, and make your opponents go bankrupt.


Recently, the beloved board game became available to the online casino patrons. Evolution gaming, through a partnership with Hasbro, introduced Monopoly Live – an online casino game heavily based on the board game. The game is presented as a giant wheel, and players would have to spin the wheel and gain prizes. Those who have played the game stated that they felt a mix of suspense and excitement because there are really good prizes on the wheel. Elements from the board game were also carried through the wheel, and people have given it a positive review. Evolution, the company behind the creation of Monopoly Live, stated that they have combined AR and live action gaming to introduce a whole new way on how people will enjoy playing online casino games. A massive multiplayer win is the main goal of the players who wanted to try this game out.

There is a huge difference in the gameplay between the board game and the online casino game. With Monopoly Live, there is a live game host who will be spinning the giant wheel. The players would have to guess where the wheel will land and places their bets. The familiar character Mr. Monopoly will also be joining the live game host, providing an additional sense of humor and nostalgia for the players. There are multiple options where the wheel could stop, but players have to take not about “CHANCE,” “TWO ROLLS,” and “FOUR ROLLS” as it opens up bonuses and other secrets. Players can also receive a surprising amount of money if they are lucky enough to make the wheel stop at certain options.

Once the betting process has been completed and the wheel stops on the number where bets are placed, the players can receive a multiplier for their money. There are several types of multipliers that are found within the wheel, and there is a chance that everyone will be receiving a multiplier in a single round. People are working together, creating new strategies on how they can beat the game. One of the newest mechanics introduced in Monopoly Live would be the introduction of 3D Bonus Rounds. The 3D Bonus Rounds are a collection of short AR clips that are rendered in 3D, showing Mr. Monopoly’s adventures.

Only those who have landed on “TWO ROLLS” and “FOUR ROLLS” can participate in the 3D Bonus Round, and others who have placed their bets on different options would only have the option to watch as the bonus round unfolds. Within the 3D Bonus Round, familiar elements from the board games are preserved, like the houses, hotels, community chest, chance chest, GO, super tax, and even jail. Since it was released, Monopoly Live attracted a lot of players, with most of them being fans of the original board games. People are enjoying this new casino game, and it is bringing in a huge amount of profit for the company. Those who wanted to play the game can access it through Evolution Gaming, and it is available in multiple languages including English, German, and Italian.

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