New 6+ Poker Game Taking the World By Storm

Are you a live casino gambling lover who is always out looking for the newest and hottest games around, and are willing to step outside of your comfort zone in order to do exactly that? Then you should definitely stop by and check out the new 6+ Poker that was just released by Bet.Games.TV.

This new game takes the standard game of Hold ‘Em Poker that we have all grown to know and love over the years, and puts a huge twist on it, which will definitely impact the way the game is played for years to come. What is that twist you might be asking?

The twist is the fact that the game is played while using a deck of only thirty-six cards, compared to the standard deck of fifty-two cards used in a standard game of Hold ‘Em Poker. Just think of all of the possibilities and ways that this could potentially impact a game of Hold ‘Em Poker. One of the things that you notice right off hand with this game is the fact that you have a higher chance of getting a good, high ranking hand because of the fact that the game is played using cards that are only the number six or higher. Gone are the chances of only getting a pair of deuces, and now you have a much higher probability of getting a hand such as a straight or full house.

Yet another difference that you will notice about 6+ Poker is the fact that the winning combinations have been changed a bit, and quite possibly for the better seeing how the deck has been shrunk to a smaller size deck. For example, no longer does a straight beat a three of a kind, because of the lower possibility of getting said three of a kind. Another key thing that differs from a regular game of Hold ‘Em Poker is the fact that you can now bet on three different hands during the course of a game, instead of only one.

You can bet on your own hand, the dealer's hand, or even the hand of someone else sitting at the table playing with you. Talk about a huge turn of events and a big difference that will add to the level of competition to a game of poker. For a good number of years now, you have probably been starting to grow weary and bored of the same exact feeling of playing a game of poker, and eliminating that stagnant feeling is exactly what the good folks at Bet.Games.TV have tried to do with this new look, and a new take on a game that has been beloved by many for a number of years now.

If you are a poker lover who is looking for a new challenge, with better chances of getting that big winning hand, then you should definitely stop by and check out the new 6+ Poker that has been designed by our friends over at Bet.Games.TV. The similarity to a regular game of Hold ‘Em Poker will draw you in, and the alternative winning combinations and chances of winning bigger will keep you entertained. You will definitely be glad that you stopped by, and will continue stopping by to get your fill of this new and innovative poker game. So stop on by, and go “All In” and try this fun new game.

Lukas Mollberg

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