Online Casinos Accepting Credit Cards

Online Casinos Accepting Credit Cards

accepting credit card

Looking for quick, smooth and secure online casino deposits?

Credit card casinos may be your best option!

Almost all online casinos in New Zealand accept credit or debit card for gambling transactions.

Explore further how casino credit cards work or jump right to the comparison to find the best casinos that accept credit cards.

accepting credit card

Useful tips:

  • Use credit card payments for safe transactions
  • Don't forget to claim a first deposit bonus
  • Make sure the chosen casino allows credit card withdrawals

Pros and Cons

  • Safe and smooth transactions
  • Available at almost every online casino
  • Possible to redeem deposit bonuses
  • Withdrawals may not be available
  • Have to consider bank transaction fees
  • Playing on credit may be risky


Credit and debit cards are widely accepted by online casino sites, and almost every Kiwi player is used to swiping their card when paying online.

You only need to enter your card details, and you can get started with online casino games immediately.

Plus, not many payment methods can offer the same safety as credit cards do.

These are just some of the reasons you may want to grab your debit card or credit card to deposit funds in your casino account.

When making your first credit card deposit, don’t forget to redeem available bonuses, too – you may get anything from free spins to deposit bonuses just for your first deposit.

If you haven’t already chosen a suitable online casino, check out the best credit card casinos from our comparison and enjoy online gambling today.


Yes, online gambling is completely legal in New Zealand and, in fact, quite popular! There are tens of reputable online casinos that cater specifically to New Zealand players and even support NZD as one of the main currencies for online casino deposits.


Yes, credit cards at online casinos are vastly popular – a credit or debit card is an extremely convenient banking method, and almost every top online casino in New Zealand allows card payments.


There are many great gambling sites in New Zealand, each deserving the title of one of the top online casinos. If you’d like to find the top credit card casinos, you just need to check out the comparison we’ve put together – you’ll find a list of recommended credit card casinos in NZ.


Yes, credit card transactions are largely regarded as some of the safest options for online payments. If you choose properly licensed NZ casinos that accept credit cards, you’ll be in good hands – licensed casinos have to follow strict regulations that ensure the safety of your data.


Credit card casino withdrawals may not always be possible. It depends on the card provider and the online casino – some payment processing agents and casinos may not allow withdrawals, so you’ll have to use a bank account or some other alternative payment method to cash out your winnings.


The minimum deposit allowed for credit card deposits depends on the casino – all casino sites apply different deposit limits. Usually, the minimum deposit is around NZD10 to NZD20 but always double-check the payment limit before choosing the casino and payment method.


There may be some fees when making credit card transactions at online casinos. It depends on the specific casino, its payment processor and your credit card issuer – some may ask for a small fee whenever you use your credit card. Also, remember that if you’re playing on credit, you’ll have to cover all the deposited funds later with your regular credit card bill.

Yes, there are absolutely no game limitations for those who deposit cash via credit cards. As long as the casino accepts your card, you can play anything offered by the casino – including slots, roulette, blackjack, poker and even sports betting.


Most NZ online casinos accept all the main credit card companies – Mastercard, Amex, Maestro and Visa credit cards are usually all accepted, as long as cards are accepted. There may be some differences depending on the payment processor, but you shouldn’t have any issues with major credit cards.


How Credit Card Deposits Work

Credit card casino deposits are as easy as you could expect – if you’ve used your card to place any online purchases, for example, you won’t have any issues whatsoever with your gambling deposits.

Here are the main steps to your first successful credit card deposit.

  1. Choose a gambling site. First, pick one of the best credit card casinos from our big comparison. We only feature licensed gambling sites, so we’ve already done the tough job for you.
  2. Open a casino account. After selecting a suitable online gambling site, proceed to opening your account, so you could gamble online. Just fill out a simple registration form, and you’ll be good to go.
  3. Enter your card details. Next, initiate your payment by entering your debit card or credit card information into the payment form, just like with any other online payment.
  4. Confirm the transaction. Lastly, confirm the transaction – this works exactly like with all other credit card payments. After confirming the payment, your cash funds are ready for gambling.

You may also want to note possible credit card deposit fees.

Though most credit card casinos won’t charge any fees, it may not always be the case – some payment processors may have credit card fees.

Also, withdrawals may be a tougher question since the casino may accept credit card payments for deposits, but withdrawals may not be possible (Mastercard is especially known for declining gambling withdrawals).

When choosing a banking method, make sure to check these caveats and only opt for card payments if you’re comfortable with the rules.

How to

How to Pick the Best Online Casinos that Accept Credit Car

How to

Since credit and debit cards are so widely accepted, it may be confusing to actually pick out one online casino for gambling.

You may wonder, what makes an online casino good or fitting for your needs?

All online casinos that accept credit cards embellish themselves with great slogans and perks, but as a new gambler, all of this may leave you feeling fuzzy.

That’s why we lend you our hand – here’s a quick blueprint of the main factors we consider when evaluating online casinos (and this is how you’ll learn to distinguish casinos).

How to Pick the Best Online Casinos that Accept Credit Car


Trusted credit card providers

Whenever you make online payments, first and foremost, you should make sure the card providers are actually legitimate.

If a casino site promotes something like a ‘MoosterCard’ or ‘Vasa’, then obviously, you should run to the opposite direction.

Decent credit card casinos only collaborate with trustworthy card issuers, and use Mastercard, Maestro, Amex or Visa credit cards.


Reasonable payment limits

All credit card casinos have certain minimum and maximum allowed payment limits.

You may use the same credit cards, but two different casinos may have different limits depending on the payment processing partner they’re using.

The minimum allowed credit card deposit tends to stay around NZD20, whereas the maximum allowed deposit may be only up to NZD1000 (but, again, this varies).

Withdrawal limits may bring a tougher situation, though, than credit card deposits.

Credit card withdrawals may be limited to small amounts, perhaps even just up to NZD1000.

And as a general rule, the minimum allowed withdrawal tends to always be larger than minimum credit card deposits.

Credit card casinos may have tremendously different rulings on payment limits, but it’s one of the biggest caveats you should check before deciding on the most appropriate casino.


Fast processing

Now, let’s assume you’ve found an online casino that accepts all the main credit cards and has reasonable payment limits that align with your budget.

The next big step involves the transaction speed.

Deposits via credit cards get added to your account immediately, so that’s not something you need to worry about.

Withdrawals, on the other hand, are much slower and that’s also one of the biggest downsides of using credit cards at casinos.

Withdrawing your winnings on credit cards may take even up to 7 business days, depending on the payment processor and your bank.

The best casinos have quick withdrawal processing times, but regardless, even top-range online casinos may have slow credit card withdrawals since that’s simply the nature of this payment method.


Bonus offers

When you sign up to play real money casino games and use your credit cards for deposits, you’ll also get to redeem some casino bonuses.

Look at these offers like discounts or special sale promotions: casinos tend to their clients by offering some additional bonus funds (to keep you playing more and more).

As a player, this puts you in a great position, since you’ll get hundreds of dollars worth in bonuses, just for signing up and depositing money via credit cards.

One of the hallmarks of great casinos is definitely the availability of bonus promotions.

We recommend choosing the kind of gambling site that organizes promotions and campaigns frequently and doesn’t shy away from offering gamblers some additional free spins and bonus cash.


Bonus wagering requirements

Naturally, casino bonuses don’t come without their downsides, and the main issue of using bonuses revolves around the long list of requirements you need to fulfill, if you want to withdraw any winnings from your gambling account.

When accepting a bonus, you should always read the wagering requirements that highlights how much bonus funds contribute to your balance and how long you have to play before releasing the cash in real funds (until fulfilling the requirement, you’ll have only bonus funds on the balance – this has to be ‘converted’ into real money).

You may also have many other restrictions, including a max bet limit, the max cash winnings limit, time restrictions, game limitations and other rules.

Knowing the wagering rules and other bonus conditions sets you up for success since you’ll understand how to actually cash out any winnings and what steps you need to take to receive your bonus.


Great game selection

Flexible and trustworthy payment systems and awesome bonuses sadly don’t make up the entire gambling experience yet – online casino games do that.

After making credit card deposits, you’ll clearly want to have plenty of gambling options where you can also spend that credit.

NZ online casino platforms focus quite majorly on slot machines and there’s a great chance to find literally thousands of different titles from every casino.

Megaways slots, progressive jackpot slots and Bonus Buy slots get an especially big attention.

On top of slot games, you may also want to ensure the casino provides classic card and table games together with live dealer options.

This means the casino should definitely pack a selection of roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker tables.

A few NZ credit card casinos may also cater to sports fans via sports betting mechanics and live betting.

The question of which casino is the best will largely depend on what you’re seeking for, but know that most casinos offer at least all of the above options.

In addition to the selection itself, the casino should collaborate with well-known software providers that guarantee an excellent experience when enjoying their casino games.

There are hundreds of iGaming software creators, but some of the top names include iSoftBet, Novomatic, Pragmatic Play, Play’n Go, Microgaming and NetEnt.



Mobile casinos are a no-brainer choice for many – who even has the time or availability to play something on a laptop or desktop computer?

The best credit card casinos who accept credit cards should, undoubtedly, come with mobile support.

Most online casino sites have adapted their site for mobile use, so you can access all the games on your mobile browser.

Nevertheless, not all casinos have gone down that route yet, so check the mobile navigation before opening your account.

Credit Card Casino Bonuses


When using credit cards at online casinos, you won’t just get to enjoy the ease or safety of transactions.

Your first deposit may also be rewarded with great bonus perks (and you may enjoy new bonuses over and over again regularly, thanks to campaigns thrown by casinos).

Here are the main casino bonuses you may find when joining online casinos that accept card payments.

Welcome bonus

Your first credit card deposit may be subject to a great welcome bonus.

New casino members may get a welcome bonus on top of their first deposits.

Some online casinos reward a welcome bonus over the course of 1-4 first deposits, and your only task is to make at least the minimum deposit.

Our list of recommended casinos on this page includes great welcome packages you can redeem when getting started at the chosen casino.

Deposit bonus

Whenever you see a casino offering a deposit bonus, know that it’s pretty much the most basic and common type of bonus.

A deposit bonus (or a ‘match bonus’) is a bunch of bonus money that gets added to your account after making a deposit.

Credit cards are also accepted when it comes to releasing deposit bonuses.

You can find great deposit offers available for NZ players by checking out the bonus guides right here on our site.

Free spins

Free spins, a.k.a bonus spins, are special bonuses given just for slot machines.

Since slots are so beloved, top online casino sites may offer hundreds of bonus spins, both on your first deposit and later on.

Bonus spins are great perks for NZ gamblers who want to try some new slots but aren’t too keen on making big deposits with their credit cards.

NZ online casinos grant free spins to many beloved online slots, especially games like Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest and Book of Dead, but you may also get free spins whenever new slots are released.


Cashback is one of the coolest, yet most understated bonuses out there, but if you’re used to credit cards, this is definitely not a new term for you.

A casino cashback is, essentially, a small monetary compensation that you’ll get back after playing and, sadly, losing money.

In other words, if you play at the casino, but your end balance is in a loss, the casino may give you some of those lost funds back.

The most common cashback is around 10%, but may reach up to 20% in some cases (especially as a part of the casino’s loyalty program).

Loyalty bonus

Bonus offers don’t stop with first deposits, of course.

Some of the greatest bonus offers are reserved for those that have become loyal members of gambling sites.

From additional bonus funds and cashback to exclusive tickets or invitations, loyalty programs may be extravagant and come with various perks.

One side note, though: credit cards may not be the best payment methods for VIP players, since loyalty bonuses tend to reach bigger heights and credit cards come with lower payment limits than may be required for loyalty bonuses.


Alternative Payment Methods to Credit Card

You may enjoy using your card, but it’s not nearly the only payment method you could use at the top online casinos.

Instead of using your debit cards or opting for your credit limit, you may try any of the following trusted payment methods on your chosen casino site.

Bank transfer

If we’re talking about having a safe banking method, then the good old bank transfer is as safe as they come.

Almost every casino site out there allows linking your bank account to the casino to make deposits and withdrawals as much as you desire.

Usually, bank transfers also facilitate the biggest payments – credit card payments may be small, but a bank transfer may reach tens of thousands of dollars in one go.

Electronic wallets

We’ve been covering a lot of ground about using your debit cards or banking account on gambling sites, but there’s a chance you may want to keep your casino transactions away from the bank – and that’s completely fine.

If that’s the case with you, you can opt for electronic wallets instead.

Similar to how you’ll find credit cards accepted at most casinos, electronic wallet accounts, such as Skrill or Neteller, are also available at almost all online gambling sites.

Electronic wallets are beloved for their certain anonymity (you’ll have to pass full identity checks, of course) and speed – withdrawals usually get processed almost immediately, whereas card transfers may be slower.


One of the newest payment trends that let you transfer money swiftly to your online casino account is cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, have taken the online gambling industry by storm – more and more online casinos now allow cryptocurrency payments.

Of course, the appeal is undeniable since crypto payments are completely anonymous and extremely fast.

It’s definitely a great banking method for everyone who is seeking the utmost privacy and anonymity when they play casino games.

Prepaid cards

You may have credit cards at online casinos, but those are not the only cards you can use for payments.

Instead of using credit, you may use prepaid debit cards or even prepaid vouchers to transfer your cash funds.

Most online casinos accept common debit cards and prepaid payment options, which work perfectly for those who don’t want to play on credit.

Rules of Casino Gambling Apps

Mobile casino apps are definitely convenient, but that convenience comes with responsibility on your side.

Gambling may become problematic if you don’t control the habit and go overboard.

You may want to enjoy gambling on your Android phone but before doing so, make sure to keep these four gambling rules in mind and never stray from this path.

Don’t bet money you can’t lose

This simple principle is the absolute key to a successful, long-lasting gambling journey.

You should never bet money you can’t afford to lose.

We know how tempting casino games can be, and you most likely believe that one way or the other, you can win your money back and thus, you won’t spend too much.

You may even think you can bet your essential monthly budget since “you’ll definitely win some of it back if you play long enough”.

We can’t highlight enough how dangerous this kind of behaviour is.

Gambling is 100% based on luck, and even if some games may seem to pay out well, there are no guarantees.

Actually, casinos have a built-in house edge in every game, so it’s basically impossible to win money.

Don’t get us wrong – you can still win money for sure, but it all depends on luck.

You may easily lose every single penny, or you may win some – there are no guarantees.

Remember privacy

Unfortunately, casino gamblers are targeted by scammers more often than ever before.

Even worse, scams and malware have become more elaborate than ever, sometimes even getting past virus protection.

When you gamble online, it’s crucial to always play at a licensed mobile gambling site, or you may end up in big trouble.

Make sure your chosen Android casino has a legitimate gambling license and solid privacy rules.

The casino should have proper privacy conditions and protocols that protect your sensitive data.

Also, don’t ever share your casino account’s password with anyone, not even friends.

Use self-limiting options

You may be confident in your abilities, but don’t underestimate the appeal and thrill of gambling.

Every single person may become hooked and develop a gambling disorder.

Therefore, you need to place some safeguards right when you start your journey.

Licensed mobile casinos have various tools for limiting your gambling habits automatically.

For instance, you can place a limit on the time spent on gambling or the amounts you’ve deposited or lost.

Use these limits right from the beginning – these are extremely helpful for keeping your habit under control and reminding you of your limits.

Always play responsibly

Responsible gambling isn’t just some pretty concept made up as a general warning.

Gambling is not for everyone – it’s for smart gamblers who know that they can enjoy games in moderation, and as long as they do so, it can remain a fun hobby.

Gambling may become addictive, so we’d like to invite you to always practice responsible gambling, keep your budget under control and don’t deposit more than you could afford.

If you act this way, you can enjoy a fun time every now and then and play Android games worry-free.


  • Easy access to casino games via Android
  • No need to download any apps
  • Special bonus promotions for Android uses


  • Game selection may be restricted
  • Not the biggest bonus selection
  • Most casinos don’t have Android apps


Android users can easily enjoy playing casino games from their phones, thanks to modern Android casinos that include all the popular casino games.

From an almost endless slot selection to live casino and video poker games – Android casinos pack everything you could ever desire.

Even better, the best NZ online casinos add some fun to your gambling session with added bonuses, free spins, cashback and many other promotions.

If you’re still not sure about trying an Android casino app, you can play slots even completely free by trying out the demo version.

In any case, you can always find the best casino for mobile devices right from our page – compare casinos in one place and get started with your gambling session.


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