Our Best Tips to Play and Win at Online Bingo

Do you know how to play bingo? Find out all the tips to play online bingo games here on Casinoble New Zealand.

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How to Play Online Bingo?

Video bingo machines have become one of the main attractions of online casinos. The possibility of playing bingo from home and, in addition, doing it through slot machines makes many players have fun with these games in their leisure time.

Playing bingo online is very simple: the system usually offers 4 cards consisting of three lines and five columns, just like in physical bingos. However, here there are only 60 balls in play, instead of 90, so it is easier to make a bingo or a line.

Not only that: here you don't play against other players, but if you have a line, there is already a prize. Each card has 15 different prize patterns; that is, fifteen different combinations of having a prize on a card, so the odds of winning are multiplied on each play as there are 4 cards in play.

Each of these prize patterns has a value; the more numbers we cross off our card, the greater the chance of the prize being bigger. And 30 balls are drawn, so it's easy to get some of the prizes in play.

Not only that: in addition to the 30 balls that are drawn on each play, there is the possibility of having extra balls. How many times have we played bingo and come up just one number short of calling a bingo or a line? With video bingo machines we can ask for extra balls, up to a maximum of 15 (although this depends on the game): to discover each of them we have to pay a small fee.

Tips on How to Play Online Bingo

The most important thing when playing video bingo machines is to be clear about your budget. As with all games of chance, there is no strategy to ensure that you will win, so you should only play as much money as you are prepared to lose.

Once we have decided what our budget is, we must choose, similarly to 3 card poker games, how much we will invest in each game. The maximum prize is achieved, logically, by calling bingo when we complete the 15 numbers on our card: this generates a prize that depends on the bet: if we play 8 cents in the game, that is to say, 2 cents per card, we are eligible for a maximum prize of $40: the investment is multiplied by 500.

At the top of the bingo hall, you can see all the chances of winning and the prizes you are eligible for. It is important to check these odds when deciding whether to buy an extra ball or not: if, for example, you are one number away from making a line that will win you 6 cents, it is not worth investing 1 or 2 cents. However, if with that ball we can get a combination of 1 or 2 dollars or even bingo, it will be worth the investment.


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