Perfect Blackjack – A Great choice for Blackjack lovers

Popular game developer NetEnt has made many variations of Blackjack but it has also made one straightforward version as well. Perfect Blackjack is a live dealer table dedicated to the simplicity of Blackjack's traditional form. The game is a live-streamed, seven-seat table managed by professional dealers. Gameplay is fast-paced and accompanied by a variety of options and features. Perfect Blackjack is a great choice for Blackjack lovers and new entries into the game. In honor of Perfect Blackjack, here is a little refresher on the game itself.


Blackjack Gameplay

Blackjack refers to the act of two cards adding up to 21. The ultimate aim of Blackjack is for either the player or the dealer to get 21 or as close to it. The side that gets 21 or a higher value hand wins the match.

Gameplay in Blackjack is simple. The player faces off against the dealer with both sides getting two cards. One card is placed face-up and the other face-down. At the open of the round, the face-down cards are turned over. This is the first chance to score 21. If neither side gets 21 they begin to hunt for it. A player can hit and receive an additional card or stay and keep the value of their hand. If they hit they could very well gain 21 but they could also bust and go over. Busting loses the match instantly.

Players can also choose to Double Down and increase their bet by 100%. They get to one hit to reach 21. Another option is the Split. This is initiated when a player's opening hand has identical cards. The player can divide said hand into two separate hands and play both.


In Blackjack, the bet is wagered before the round is played. There is a minimum amount a player can lay down and a maximum as well as any sum in between. Additional wagers can be made when Doubling Down. Perfect Blackjack also has an extra feature called insurance that allows a side bet to be made. The side bet and Double Down both follow the opening hand and occur before the rest of the round is played. The betting resumes at the onset of the next round.


Insurance is a special side bet players can make in Perfect Blackjack. Like a Split, the feature is unlocked when a specific instance occurs in gameplay. In this case Insurance kicks in when the dealer shows an ace. As this is a good sign of a winning hand the player gains the opportunity to bet on the outcome of the round. They can wager that they will win or the dealer will win. Insurance allows players to recoup from a loss or back up their own win. It is a fun way to add zest to the game and allows players to lower the risk of play.

Tips and Tricks

Blackjack does afford players the use of strategy. Mainly, the goal should be to reduce the house edge as much as possible. This can be done by picking the right tables, avoiding doubling down unless it is a sure thing, taking advantage of splits and insurance, and knowing when to hit and when to stay. The general rule is to stop hitting once you pass 16 as most cards will bust you. Double Down if you are at seventeen or higher as these are tough numbers to beat. Splits give you multiple chances to win, insurance allows you to wager on both outcomes, and low payout tables have reduced odds.

Lukas Mollberg

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