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  The worldwide online casino industry is overwhelming players with excitement, and new live casino games add even more thrills to the sport. Seasoned gamblers and new players are joining the anticipation experienced when new games are expected to be released. Players exert more energy and put more pizzazz into their playing. Some of the world's leading software developers and providers offer new table and slot games. These software creators and platform suppliers know that keeping the games fresh drives most players. Even though there are thousands of games to choose from at any given online casino, players can spot a new game easily and not hesitate to try it.

Play ‘n Go is one of the leading software providers, and they offer the most innovative, detailed, and enjoyable slots and table games in the market. The people at Play ‘n Go are experts at what they do, and their passion for slot games ensures that their slot games fulfill the demands of casino operators and the players. Play ‘n Go was founded as a way to serve better the potential of the portion of the gaming industry that was still untapped. They have grown significantly as global game changers and were the first in mobility. The games that they develop are based on highly unique creativity and inspiration.


About Super Wheel At Play ‘N Go

Play ‘n Go has just released a new table game called Super Wheel. This online casino game allows players to bet on one of seven options. Although it looks like Roulette, Super Wheel is much easier to play. A player gets to pick up available betting options that include the numbers 1,3,5, 11, and 23. It also has a Golden Horsehoe and a Golden Clover. The Super Wheel is a 3D-style design that offers a new perspective to players. The player will sit at the head of the table instead of above, and the wheel spins in front of their eyes. The wheel has 52 sections, with a different value for each section.

When a player places a bet on their chosen symbol or number, the betting options will be on the table right before them. The number or symbol chosen will have its own payout odds. The player can then bet either a 1, 2, 10, 25 or 05 to 100 chip per spin and have the opportunity of winning up to 47:1 on the symbol that pays the highest. Players will get the feel of sitting at a live casino game or a brick-and-mortar casino when playing the Super Wheel game. This game will hold players in utter suspense while spinning, then coming to a screeching halt. Play ‘n Go is just as excited about this new game release as the players and casino operators are. It may be the next game to be honored by the award-winning staff and team at Play ‘n Go.

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