Playtech Triple Release Contains New Variants and a Redesign

Playtech players rejoice! The top-tier software developer has launched three new updates for its live casino fare. The triple launch includes two new variations of roulette, and a compete retool of favorite table game Hi-Lo. The incentive behind the triple release being a demand for immersive gaming from modern players. The release happened on July 15th and the new offerings are already available in Playtech's Grand Royale room. Playtech's head of innovation for their live gaming has already praised the new arrivals as a textbook example of how live gaming triumphs over RNG. Here is a closer look at the three new arrivals.

Playtech - Roulette

Spread-Bet Roulette

Two of Playtech's releases are variations of Roulette. The classic table game is still a player favorite. It is also a core offering from all live casino developers. Players may show up for Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, and Blackjack but they stay for the variations. Spread-Bet Roulette is definately a variation to stick around for.

The game adds interesting twists to Roulette's traditional format. First, it includes a side bet feature like Caribbean Poker. Players can wager an additional sum beside their traditional wager. Essentially, this is the ‘spread' part of the live casino game. Spread-bet has a physical wheel and an RNG ‘Spin a Win’ reel feature. The two wheels create combinations that provide players a total of seven different side bets. The thing to pay attention to is the win potential. Side bets allow up 400x the player's stake. This is a nice payout, but Spread-Bet does not stop there.

Spread-Bet's final feature is the ‘Green Win' rule. This rule allows any spread the potential of doubling its value. Spread-Bet has a high-end studio design and is backed up by Playtech's superior graphics. The gameplay is fast and the experience is the immersive type modern players are looking for.

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American Roulette

American Roulette is the second Roulette variation to be released. It does not have the same payout potential that Spread-Bet posses but it does alright on its own. The twists in American Roulette have increased margins and a double zero wheel. The game allows players better odds than other variations. It also has enhanced UX to boost overall gameplay. As a new high-end variant, American Roulette is a solid entry for Playtech's live catalog. It looks and feels tied to the immersive quality modern players are looking for.

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Hi-Lo Club

Hi-Lo Club is the remixed re-release of player-favorite Hi-Lo. The reboot is an attempt to update the game for a modern audience. It retains the same gameplay Hi-Lo fans love but enhances the design to create a more entertaining experience. Most of the retool are aimed at improved UX. The whole design and gameplay revitalized to generate a better feel.

The main changes have been done to the room itself. The room design follows an ‘80s Miami’ theme. It has neon detailing, a ‘tabletop’ table to play on, a soundtrack integrated with the overall theme, and the dealers even ware matching 80s Miami uniforms. and a new integrated soundtrack, complemented by new themed dealer uniforms.

Gameplay has been enhanced so it has a faster pace. The pace matches modern player preference and the overall look suits modern player aesthetics. The game is the same Hi-Lo players have come to love, however, that is the one aspect that has not changed.

Playtech's updates for the sake of modern players is an ongoing quest by many developers to remain relevant. Playtech like many software designers must keep moving with the changing market. The updates are also a great boost to Playtech's marketing in general and definitely set it ahead of many other live casino developers.

Lukas Mollberg

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