Online Slots

Online slots are perhaps among the most exciting and feature-filled casino games on the current market. Moreover, the field of online slots develops swiftly, making the games even better.

Although they’re rarely any options for players to truly interact in the game, online slots still seem exhilarating.

There’s just something special about hitting the bonus game or a huge jackpot on online slots. The sensation easily compares with the one you get while playing live casino games with significant player interaction.

Therefore, the Casinoble experts prepared a detailed update on online slots in 2021 for NZ players!

About the best slot sites for NZ players

There’re so many interesting sides to the online slots we have on the current market. So, NZ players can benefit from numerous slot aspects and welcome bonus packages on casino sites offering them.

Still, it’s important to describe the overall appeal of these games to players that are new in this field. Therefore, let’s take a look into some of the most exciting slot aspects for NZ players:

  • Pleasing choice of different slots – One of the best things about the current slot choice is the diversity of games offered. Players can browse through thousands of online slots delivered by prominent providers.
  • Exciting bonus rounds and features – Every slot comes with a unique mixture of bonus rounds and in-game features. Players can benefit from these game aspects both because of the additional payout options and the pleasing gameplay.
  • Variety of VIP and loyalty promos – Online slots usually come with interesting VIP promotions for loyal players. Because of this, online slots gain even more on their overall appeal.
  • Wide range of wagering options – There’s an option for everyone to participate in playing online slots. No matter your bankroll range, each player will find an appropriate bet amount per spin.
  • Welcome bonuses – The majority of NZ online casinos offer their players impressive welcome bonus packages. From free spins to deposit bonus matches, options are numerous.

Best NZ Casinos offering online slots in 2021

There are numerous online casino sites in NZ that offer online slots. However, some casinos offer better playing convenience to players depending on the bonuses, game diversity, and loyalty program.

Also, these and many more factors affect the players’ choice of the best online casinos to play slots at in 2021.

Nevertheless, we, the Casinoble team, have provided a superb list of the best online slot sites for NZ players in 2021:

Slot review methods we use in 2021

Having in mind how swiftly the field of online slots develops, there’re numerous methods of slot evaluation. To provide the players with only the best slot games, we make use of distinctive evaluation of the game aspects.

Sometimes, slot games can even be tricky if the game features don’t match with the visual aspects. Therefore, here’re the methods based upon which the Casinoble experts review slots:

  • Slot theme – The theme and background of the slot are factors that shouldn’t be taken lightly. These aspects can reveal a lot about the slot game itself. Namely, some slots even use interactive themes with special features starting right from the theme. In 2021, we often see such slots so the game theme is a significant aspect.
  • Visual aspect – The visuals of the game can tell us more about the slot itself than what meets the eye. If the graphics are outstanding, the game could include some special features. On the other hand, if the grid offers room for more symbols than regular 5×3, players are in for a great slot.
  • Slot bonuses and features – Perhaps the most important aspect of online slots review is regarding the bonuses. Namely, players are always more interested in the games that offer free spins bonus round and occasional in-game features. Without proper in-game bonuses, the slot in 2021 can’t be considered a premium one.
  • Slot development technology – Another crucial aspect of online slots review is the type of technology used in its making. Namely, these days most of the slots are developed using HTML5 technology. By choosing the game developed by providers that use this technology, players can rest assured that the game is outstanding.
  • Stake per spin adjustment – One of the most important factors of slot evaluation is the stake per spin range. If the slot game contains 10 pay lines and the minimum stake per line is NZD1, the total spin stake will be NZD10. However, other games allow for as low as NZD0.1 per line, making the total stake NZD1. It all depends on the player type since some will want to stake low while others enjoy being high-rollers.
  • Platform eligibility – Slot providers these days tend to make their games eligible for all platforms. That being said, it’s the best option to go with the game that’s optimized for mobile devices and tablets. Having in mind that most of the slots nowadays are perfectly compatible with PC devices, players can enjoy a wide range of platforms to play on.
  • Payment methods accepted – Online slots come with one special advantage compared to the regular games from land-based casinos. That advantage lies in payment methods used to remotely access the game for real money. Still, some players prefer using payment systems like Neteller or Skrill. Therefore, it all depends on the player’s preference, while it’s always best to choose the games with a variety of payment options.
  • Turnkey option to contact customer service – Some slot providers include the options to access the customer service in the code of their games. This way, it’s more rewarding for players to select the games that allow customer support. It also depends on the online casino that offers the game. Either way, customer support access is an important aspect of reviewing online slots.
  • Withdraw and deposit conditions – Although some slots come with integrated solutions designed by providers, some slots don’t. It’s crucial to get to know the deposit and withdrawal conditions first before even thinking about placing bets. Players usually enjoy games without withdrawal period restriction.

New NZ Slot Sites

It’s always effective to keep an eye on new slot sites that are developed regularly. Every year, dozens of new slot sites appear to offer the best possible options for loyal players.

However, Casinoble experts help the players make the correct decision in choosing the best slot site. Only the casinos that come with reliable licenses or the New Zealand Gambling Commission license are included. This way, players will get the safest options to wager their money on, as the casinos without proper licensing are unreliable.

Furthermore, players can greatly benefit from these regulated sites because of all the promotions involved. Namely, new slot sites that aim to provide the players with quality options are the ones to stick with. Eventually, the choice also greatly depends on the type of welcome bonus offer.

New slot sites are the best option for NZ players because they always come with exciting bonus offers. Players can claim these bonuses by just registering on the site. By opening an account, players can also participate in loyalty program awards and VIP tournaments.

One of the best potential benefits for NZ players is the chance to participate in promo tournaments of new slot sites. The casinos will try to do their best to attract new players, making them great for beginners in slots.

Browsing through Latest Slot Sites

Although new slot sites guarantee the immersive slot experience, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the best to play at. That’s why the Casinoble experts strive to divide the quality sites from the ones that players should avoid.

NZ players will have no additional worries when it comes to the latest online slot sites listed by Casinoble.

The complete focus is put on delivering the best possible experience for players while protecting their private data and funds. Add to that an additional dose of precaution when reviewing new slot sites and you get a winning formula.

All the latest slot sites listed by Casinoble are 100% safe for real money play and they come with the best promo offers.

NZ Slots to play with Real Money

It’s not a secret that NZ punters enjoy playing online pokies for real money. However, there are a great number of players that enjoy trying the games for demo credits first.

This is also the smartest thing to do when reviewing the slot game. Namely, it’s not guaranteed that using the demo credits will end up in play like real money is used.

Either way, it’s impressive how much you can uncover about the slot itself by giving it a couple of hundreds of spins via demo credits. Players can learn all about the specific game features, bonuses, and general gameplay layout.

Still, playing for real money comes once the game has been thoroughly checked via demo credits. When playing for real money, players should focus on the total wager amount and bet per line.

As it can often prove to be confusing, these two bets don’t represent the same thing. The bet per line is a stake that relates to a single line hit of the pay lines provided. On the other hand, the total bet per spin is the added value of all line bets.

Therefore, players should be careful when adjusting the bet per line indicator. Players can also make use of the bonus offers and promo bonuses offered by the casino.

After adjusting the total stake per spin and using the bonuses, players are ready to play for real money. Among the benefits of this type of online play, players will certainly find the animations designed for big wins.

Moreover, entering a bonus round of the slot for real money widely differs from doing it via demo credits. Although the visual sensation remains the same, the incredible wins that could happen provide an unprecedented experience for players.

Finding Slot Sites with Maximum Payout

Although it may seem like all slot sites payout equally, it’s not necessarily the case. Namely, some slot sites are more worthy of a real money play than the others.

The reason for this is that these sites offer the highest winning potential and highest payout potential. Still, it’s not as tough to find these sites as it would initially seem.

Players can even make use of some specific tips to find the casino that offers the best payout ratios:

  • Compare the specific slot payouts – One of the easiest ways for players to find a difference in payouts of different sites is to compare specific games. Namely, each game should have the payout ratio displayed on the slot site. By using this info and comparing it to the other slot sites offering the same slot, players can pick the best option.
  • Search for specific payout indicators – Sings of certificates like eCOGRA and GLI can greatly add up to the overall gaming sensation. Namely, sites that come with these certificates are sure to comply with the fair gaming conditions. Moreover, the sites with these licenses are known to pay out the best.
  • Search for other indicators like overall RTP – There should be available information regarding the overall RTP of slots on a site. Players can use this information to compare the number to other slot sites and pick the best one available.

About the Slot Bonuses in 2021

We finally come to the most exciting aspect of online slots and that’s the slot bonuses! These offers vary in forms depending on the casino or slot site that offers them.

However, there are some general types of bonuses that NZ players can look forward to in 2021. Without these bonuses, playing online slots in 2021 just wouldn’t be the same.

If you look at it a bit closer, you’ll see that online casino bonuses are usually directed to slots. Of course, there’re also online casino bonuses that can be used on live casino games and table games.

Still, the slot bonuses offer higher winning possibilities because of several reasons. First off, the wagers on live casino and table games are greater than slots.

Furthermore, slots can be played with a great diversity of stakes, so the bonus takes longer to fully use.

Another exciting side to the slot bonuses is that they can come in several variations. Whether it’s a deposit reload deposit match or a free spins bonus, players can use it for the same purpose – to play online slots!

Therefore, the Casinoble experts have accumulated a list of best slot bonuses in 2021 for NZ players!

Free Spins Slot Bonus

Free spins are undeniably the most exciting among the online slot bonus offers. The bonus offer is claimed by players that are registered on slot sites that offer it.

In most cases, the free spins slot bonus is awarded to players as part of the welcome bonus. This way, new slot players can use the bonus to immediately win some free spins on online slots upon registration.

On the other hand, players can also win the free spins bonus as part of the special promo. The promotions and tournaments are usual for slot sites, so loyal players can benefit from claiming free spins this way.

Most importantly, the free spins come for a designated slot and with properties of a bonus game.

Bonus offers without deposit

The no deposit bonus offers are among the best options for NZ players this year. A form of this bonus is also given as free spins that players can claim without even making a deposit.

On most occasions, this is the bonus that’s granted to players as part of the welcome bonus package.

One of the best variants of no deposit bonus offers is the reloading bonus that comes with periodical free spins.

This bonus is quite effective as well as it introduces players to games that they would probably never try otherwise. On the other hand, it gives players the upper hand in starting a gambling session on the slot site.

The Cashback Bonus

The Cashback Bonus is one of the lucrative bonus offers devised by the slot sites. Although this bonus only recently came to offer, NZ players love it for the additional thrill in losing rounds.

Namely, the Cashback Bonus awards players with a percentage of their losses. It mostly goes around the weekly result that players make on slot sites that offer it.

Even if the week resulted in a losing result, players can still make use of this bonus and win up to 20% back.

It’s surely a convenient offer to make use of since high-rollers will love the additional thrill of winning their money back.

Deposit Bonus offers for NZ players

Now we come to the one type of bonus offer that never gets old. The deposit bonus offer includes the deposit match bonus and reloading deposit bonus.

No matter the type, the Deposit Bonus could be the most underestimated type of slot bonus. Namely, players are always on the lookout for exciting bonuses like free spins and cashback bonuses.

Therefore, these days, players pay insufficient attention to the deposit bonus offers. However, the truth is that these bonuses can pay out the most to players as they get to try some exciting slots.

The deposit match bonus awards the players with up to 100% match for the first deposit they make. However, that’s not all since this bonus also acts as a reloading bonus on most occasions.

Players can use this fact to their advantage and claim all the stages of the deposit match bonus. Not only is the first deposit doubled with the 100% match, but up to four initial deposits also come with a deposit match!

However, the deposit match offer for the 3rd and 4th deposits often gets reduced to 50%. Either way, the deposit bonus is a great way of making additional money on slots.

VIP Bonus offers for NZ players

Among the bonus offers available for NZ players in 2021, the VIP bonus is the toughest one to come by. The reason for this is that mostly the High Roller bonus is present as VIP.

What this means is that only the players that are constantly placing high stakes can participate.

On the other hand, by sticking with the same online slot site, players can earn the status of VIP. Loyalty systems these days often reward even low-rolling players, giving them an additional reason to stake.

Still, this type of bonus is reserved for players with a deeper pocket, so low-rollers shouldn’t be after it.

Another aspect of slot bonuses that NZ players should pay attention to is the wagering requirement.

The number designated as the wagering requirement for certain bonus results in the number of spins necessary to claim the wins.

So, if the wagering requirement is x20, players will have to stake that many times to be able to keep their winnings. It’s an important factor for slot bonuses, so players should be cautious when picking their bonus.

Slot Apps in NZ

Slot apps make a great way for online casinos to enable players the chance to wager all the time. Having in mind how many of us use mobile platforms each day, it’s easy to assume the efficiency of this approach.

Nevertheless, players can browse through more and more slot apps in NZ every year. Major casino operators already offer their online slot apps to allow players a better gaming experience.

NZ players will love the slot apps because of the great convenience of playing on mobile or tablets.

The best way to check if the desired casino offers a slot app is to search for it on the casino’s page.

The slot apps enable players with all the options that they would get in a real casino sitting by a real slot. Therefore, players will get to make spins, set auto spins, claim bonuses and use the portrait view.

About the Online Slots

Online slots have been gaining popularity in the past few decades. Moreover, the first online slots were discovered in the early 2000s, making the providers like Microgaming claim the throne.

The new and exciting world of online slots quickly evolved into a completely new market. Different providers are facing each other to claim the title that Microgaming set up back in its early days.

Either way, the market of online slots evolved rapidly, so numerous new providers arrived on the scene. Online slots come with all the pleasing elements of real slots featured in Las Vegas casinos.

Not only do players get to experience the same games that are located in real casinos, but the wagering options are improved as well.

Now, players can choose from a variety of different betting options and variants. Some games even come with the chance to reduce the number of pay lines in the game.

By doing so and at the same time increasing the bet per line option, players can change the game configuration. Payouts are also affected this way, so players even get to affect the games in a sense.

Nevertheless, recent years brought the biggest success of the online slots industry. So, it gets more and more complicated to choose the right game to play.

Main aspects of Online Slots

Before completely getting into the world of online slots, NZ players should get to know the details first. Still, slot games come with various aspects that are crucial to the game.

It gets tough to get familiar with all these aspects at the same time, so players should gradually get into games.

However, a good place to start would be to start understanding the layout of slot games. Namely, each game comes with its reel configuration that features the number of reels and rows.

Usually, the 5×3 reel configuration is standard for online slots that we review. Modern games, however, come with more options in terms of game symbols.

We can now see some slots that come with up to hundreds of thousands of paying ways. Different slot providers also develop game mechanics suitable for online play.

Because of all these features and aspects, players can now enjoy real-life slots via online platforms.

So, to get to the point, here’re the crucial aspects of online slots:

  • Stake per spin – Players need to understand that online slots are all about the total stake. In other words, the stake per spin amount is crucial to making plans and developing bankrolls for online slots. The total bet per spin is based on the number of lines that the game offers multiplied by the stake per line.

It’s always good to stick with the same stake if you are after a long session of play. However, players can also switch from bets in a hope that the wind will strike on the highest bet played!

  • Reel configuration – Another crucial aspect of online slots is the reel configuration. Older slots used to come with a 3×3 slot grid in Vegas. However, modern slots are mostly based on the 5×3 slot grid or an even greater number of symbol spots.

The symbol spots are crucial for the game, as the number of reels and rows will tell you the number of symbol rooms.

Pay lines are also devised based upon the reels of the game, so players should pay additional attention to this aspect.

  • Pay lines – the number of pay lines included in online slots greatly changed over the years. Most of the online slots first came with a 3×3 grid featuring 5 pay lines and a 5×3 grid with 10.

Still, we can witness these days that online slots come with 40 pay lines or even more. Some games that include the Megaways™ mechanics developed by Big Time Gaming come with over 100,000 pay ways. Therefore, players must be familiar with the number of pay lines before playing the game.

Pay lines can also present the game potentially in a sense. In general, the bigger the number of pay lines in the online slot, the better experience it is for players.

  • Game symbols – Game symbols are crucial aspects of every online slot available these days. Inexperienced players will instantly spot that numerous games come with card letter symbols like A, Q, J, K, and 10s. These symbols are usually low-paying in the game. The whole mechanics of online slots are devised upon the game symbols.

Namely, players should land connections of 5 matching symbols on an active pay line to win in slots with 5 reels. The five-of-a-kind win is always worth more than wins containing a lower number of symbols.

Still, players should focus on the premium symbols involved in online slots. These symbols truly pay out great winnings as they’re worth more than low-paying ones.

Besides the low-paying and premium symbols, online slots also come with wilds and scatter that trigger the bonuses.

  • Wild symbols – The wild symbols included in online slots are among the best aspects of the game. These symbols often come with the word wild written all over them. The thing is – these symbols act as a joker to replace any other symbols in the game except the scatters.

Still, in some online slots, even scatters are replaced by the wilds, further increasing their value. Still, on most occasions, players will look to land as many wild symbols as possible. Sometimes the wild symbols in online slots come in stacks.

The more wild symbols players land, the bigger the chance is for hitting higher wins.

  • Bonus symbols and scatters – The scatter symbols included in online slots also usually come with the word scatter written on top. On the other hand, some scatters are just addressed as bonus symbols, making them impact the game in different ways.

Namely, the scatter symbol often symbolizes the one that triggers the free spins bonus. If the slot has a free spins bonus round, players can make it active by landing 3 scatters on a matching spin.

On the other hand, by landing three bonus symbols, players can enter all kinds of exciting slot bonuses. From picking prizes to exhilarating free spins, bonus symbols and scatters are the best symbols of online slots.

  • Slot RTP – The return to player percentage involves a percent of chance that guarantees the stake returned to the player. In other words, if the game RTP is 97%, 97 of the 100 spins made will result in at least returning the stake to the player.

Of course, online slots often come with lower RTP, while the 96% can be considered valuable.

Out of all the casino games, online Blackjack comes with the highest RTP of 99%.

  • Volatility – Online slot volatility is often a part of misconception. Players are usually afraid to even check the game’s volatility. In reality, it only represents the payout value of the game.

It includes the number of empty spins that will take place until a payout is awarded and it affects the payout in value.

Classic Online Slots

When it comes to classic online slots, NZ players can rarely access the classical games in a true sense. Classic slots are mostly the ones that come with standard 3×3 reels like the initial Vegas slots.

However, due to drastic changes in online slots gameplay, we can now rarely see such games. Even the 5×3 slot games that were considered classic among the online slots are steadily staying in the past.

Video Slots

As for Video slots, these games feature 3D graphics and impeccable visual features. Therefore, they are classified in a class of their own, making them the most exciting games to play online.

Video slots consist of numerous interesting aspects like base game features and bonus rounds to spice it all up.

Moreover, most of the video slots that NZ players can access these days are based on themes from famous movies and stories.

Because of this, it gets much easier for players to recognize the games and enjoy them like it’s supposed to.

Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slots are among the most interesting online slots that players can find on NZ online casinos. Not only do they offer a great number of special features in the base game, but they also come with interesting jackpot features.

A perfect example would be the Mega Moolah slot by Microgaming. This game is centered upon a fixed jackpot that players are waiting to hit. Jackpot slots often come with two forms of jackpots – the fixed ones and progressive ones.

Fixed jackpots are determined in value and all it takes for players to win them is to play until the jackpot value is met. On the other hand, games like Divine Fortune by NetEnt make a perfect instance of progressive jackpot slots.

These games come with 3 or more progressive jackpot levels – them usually being mini, minor, major, and mega.

The values differentiate from the lowest level to the highest, while players have to fill out the game condition to claim them.

The mentioned Divine Fortune slot includes a specific way of collecting special coins in a row to hit the prize.

Each row of coins is designated by a jackpot value, so players should only play until the term is met!

Jackpot slots arrived into online casinos just after they did in real ones. So, there’s another advantage of playing the online slots.

Best Online Slots Providers in NZ

There are numerous online slot providers that NZ players can access, but players should stick with the ones with great tradition:

  • Microgaming – Microgaming stands as a synonym of successful online slot providers for years now. The company provided the market with some of the earliest online slot discoveries. Games like Thunderstruck II, Immortal Romance, Mega Moolah, and Game of Thrones are just some games worth mentioning.

It’s safe to say that Microgaming set up the standards for the online slots market with its impressive releases.

  • Novomatic – Novomatic is one of the best online slots providers that supported the field with titles like Lucky Ladies Charm, Book of Ra, and Sizzling hot.

The provider prides on exciting games that offer a simple approach to the complicated world of online slots.

Some of the titles produced by the company in its early stages are still widely played today, as confirmation of the company’s great work.

  • Evolution Gaming – Evolution leads the way when it comes to online casino games and it mostly supplies the market with live casino titles. However, some of them wisely developed titles include the aspects of online slots such as bonus rounds of Monopoly Live and other titles.
  • NetEnt – NetEnt provided the market with impressive slot releases such as Jack and the Beanstalk and Gonzo’s Quest. The games are often based on 3D technology and present a marvelous visual sensation playing.
  • Push Gaming – Push Gaming secured its way into the history of online slots with impressive releases like the Razor Shark slot. The game offers incredible winning potential also represented through other Push Gaming slots to make them irresistible to players.
Which methods do Casinoble experts use when evaluating best NZ casinos?

The Casinoble experts always make use of the safest methods for evaluating the quality of online slots. Therefore, players can rest assured that we’ve already checked the licensing and permits necessary to present a successful quality slot for the NZ market.

How to choose the best online slots?

The best way to choose a quality solution for online slots is to overview its key factors. The number of pay lines provided, reel configuration, bonus offers, and special features all add up to the overall playing sensation. Moreover, slots that are developed by renowned providers and have high RTP are safe for online play on NZ sites.

How to make sure to choose the games from renowned providers?

It’s easy to choose quality games by going with providers that are in the field for years now. In 2021, we have numerous such providers including Microgaming, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil, and Novomatic. Also, players can risk with some new providers, but it’s always smart to put trust in tradition.

How to know if the slot is safe for online play?

The best way to make sure that the online slot is safe for play in NZ is to check if the slot site offering it comes with an NZ Gambling Commission license. Besides that, check if the slot is produced by one of the renowned slot providers for maximum security in play.