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Sic Bo is a game from ancient China. It's played with three dice that you roll. The point of the live casino game is to attempt to guess ahead of time what numbers will come up from the three dice that you roll. For those who are more familiar with games like poker, there are some similarities there since there are lots of matching number combinations that are similar to hand types, like two of a kind or three of a kind.

The difference is that you get for something specific. For example, you can bet on certain numbers coming up, such as any of the numbers between 1 and 6. You can also bet on the dice total being either high or low. If you bet “high” then the number total is between 11 and 18. If you bet “low” then the total you're betting on is between 4 and 10. This is a one to one bet, meaning you only win whatever you bet.


You can bet on odd or even, meaning the total amount of the dice is either an odd or an even score. Again, this is a one to one bet. If you bet on a single number like a 6, for example, then you'll get one to one payout if you see the number once, two to one if the number comes up twice, and three to one if it shows three times. Other bet possibilities include betting on two different numbers appearing, betting that a double of two dice will appear in any combination, betting on three appearings, betting on what the total will be, and so on.

Here's some info on tips for beginners.

Bet High Low as a Beginner

This is one of the best bets you can make in Sic Bo since the house edge on this kind of bet is only a little under 3%. As a result, you have a much higher likelihood of winning the bet by simply choosing whether the total will be a low or high amount. It's also going to be one of the easiest to understand for new players. It pays out one to one, which isn't a lot, but you do have a good chance of actually winning.

Stay Away from Triples

They may be tempting to go with this kind of bet due to the huge payout, as its 180 to 1, which means you get $180 after betting 1. However, the chances for it are extremely slim. People who play Sic Bo seriously rarely bet on the tiples, and generally only add them in as extra bets or don't ever even make any triple bets.

Combine Bets Together

Some versions of Sic Bo make it so that you can bet on two exact numbers of even combine bets together. These sorts of bets will give a low advantage for the house, and you end up with a bet that wins ever 7 times or so, which is quite a lot better than many other options.

Try to Avoid Betting Systems

Many people will claim there's some surefire way to win games like Sic Bo with some system they've developed. These are likely all nonsense. The entire point of the game is that it's fairly random. Nobody would run such a game if players could just win all the time. Instead, just go with your gut and have fun with it. This is going to be the best kind of system you could possibly use.

Lukas Mollberg

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