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Betting Sites for NZ players

Sports betting gains in popularity in NZ as 2021 will introduce new betting sites in the selection. The Casinoble experts have therefore accumulated all the relevant and significant information for NZ players.

Players that stay tuned can learn all about sports betting on NZ sites for 2021, the best events to bet on, and the best bets to place. Our experts thoroughly evaluate the sports betting sites based on numerous crucial aspects.

So, playing experience on the NZ online betting sites can be boosted with the advice and reviews that we’ve covered for you.

Some of our main points of focus are the odds, events for sports betting, betting bonuses, live betting, and the best sites to stake on. Players interested in all these aspects should keep scrolling to ensure maximum efficiency while betting on NZ sports betting sites.

Best NZ Betting Sites in 2021

Without further delay, here’s a list of the best NZ sports betting sites in 2021 recommended by Casinoble experts:

Betting Sites Review Aspects

To achieve the best results in betting sites’ recommendations, our experts evaluate the crucial aspects of the sites. Depending on the betting bonuses, customer service, free bets, betting options, and others, our team can make a verdict.

So, to completely understand our ways of betting sites evaluation, here are the main aspects we put special focus on:

  • Betting site theme: In 2021, a sports betting site needs to represent itself in a modern fashion. The complete visual appeal of the site and animations should be in touch with the latest trends. Of course, the theme of the site isn’t crucial for a good betting experience, but it can boost the sensation a lot. So, for a site to reach the Casinoble list of best NZ sports betting sites, the theme and graphics should be accordant for 2021.
  • Betting bonuses: One of the most exciting ways to make players visit online betting sites is to offer premium bonuses. Among the bonuses available on NZ betting sites in 2021, players can find deposit matches and no deposit betting bonuses. Still, some sites go one step further than the others in the bonus offer. Additional opportunities like free bets and bonuses with low wagering requirements are obligatory for a site to reach our selection.
  • Free bet bonuses: Free bets are possibly the most interesting bonus offers that players will find on NZ betting sites in 2021. One thing that players should put extra focus on is the free bet diversity among sites. Not all betting sites offer matching free bet bonuses, so finding the one with the most convenient free bets improves the betting experience.
  • Live betting: A special treat for many online bettors in NZ is the live betting offer. Sites without an option for live betting in 2021 rarely meet our criteria in the evaluation of the best betting sites. The online betting scene is evolving and live betting is one of the greatest advantages of this type of betting. So, players should rest assured that our team had this in mind while ranking the sites.
  • Diversity of betting options: Another very important evaluation aspect is the betting choice available on the site. NZ betting sites usually come with a broad choice of games to bet on. Still, players of different preferences also have differences in favorite sports to bet on. So, for a site to remain on our list, it should offer a variety of distinctive events to bet on.
  • Betting technology: One of the most important factors of NZ betting sites’ evaluation for 2021 is the betting technology used. Online players rightfully have great demands when it comes to gaming technology used in 2021. For a site to make it on our list, it also needs to have eligibility for mobile platforms.
  • Entertainment in play: For a premium sports betting site, it’s not enough to just offer sufficient betting choices to players. NZ players are especially interested in sites that provide immersive and fun gaming experiences. If the players leave the site without feeling entertained, chances are low that they’ll re-visit the site. In that light, we only consider highly entertaining sites when ranking the best NZ sports betting sites.
  • Betting odds: Another great difference among online betting sites lies in the odds that they offer to players. Although the difference may not necessarily be great, chances are that players will always go with the highest odds. It’s only natural since this way the profits can go up to, so Casinoble experts have done all the work for you in finding the sites with the best odds.
  • Information: The online betting site just can’t make the top selection for NZ players without proper customer support. The FAQ sections, detailed explanations of account managing, and bonuses are crucial for a player to feel welcome. Our experts put sufficient effort into helping you get the most informative sports betting sites list.
  • Deposit and withdrawal terms: It’s important to know the exact terms and conditions of making deposits and withdrawals on online betting sites. The Casinoble experts are sure to bring you the list of sites with the lowest withdrawal waiting time possible. On the other hand, it’s also crucial that players are provided with as many payment methods available. All this information needs to be checked before a player decides to bet, to avoid any misconceptions.
  • Customer support: Support service is one of the key aspects of our evaluation of the best NZ betting sites in 2021. Reliable customer service means instant answers whenever a player needs assistance. So, a modern betting site should include customer service chat rooms, a call center, and all the relevant information available.

New NZ Betting Sites in 2021

When it comes to completely new betting sites, indeed, sometimes players can’t be certain of their trustworthiness. For what it’s worth, there’s no benefit in betting and even winning money if the withdrawal procedure becomes problematic.

To ensure that our players get the best out of sports betting in 2021, Casinoble experts only evaluate licensed sites. Of course, not even any license suits the needs of NZ players.

For maximum certainty in the betting site’s reliability, we check whether it’s regulated by the NZ Gambling Commission. Since the Commission is a regulatory body for new betting sites in NZ, players have no use for the sites that lack domestic gambling licenses.

Although it’s rare in practice, there have been occurrences of players being unable to withdraw the money they rightfully won. Still, that’s the exact reason why players shouldn’t bet on sites with questionable licensing. Other things that may interest players when it comes to new betting sites are the layout and technology used, as well as the odds included.

Betting for Real Money

Once the NZ players are equipped with all the information we’ve provided this far, they are almost ready for real money bets. We say almost because just knowing your game isn’t enough to win in real money bets.

Unfortunately, it’s much more difficult to make a winning streak or maintain one when betting online. Especially if you keep all your funds available for betting at all times.

Resisting the temptation is difficult for all players, and the most important things to have in mind are tactics and patience. Well, there’re no actual tactics to sports betting as you always have an equal chance to score a win. But, players can stick with their routine and tactics in terms of tips played and odds used in making a winning combination.

One of the things that could greatly affect the results of betting for real money is the usage of bonuses. All the betting sites in 2021 strive to provide the best playing conditions for NZ bettors. Therefore, by using the occasional promotions and bonuses, players can boost their real money bets. Finally, the best advice on how to bet for real money is to gain betting knowledge.

Mainly, this relates to knowing the sport that you’re betting on and recognizing the current situation at the moment of bet placement.

NZ Betting Sites Bonuses

As we already mentioned, making use of the betting bonuses can drastically enhance the chances of winning for NZ bettors. More and more online betting sites come up with their set of betting bonuses, so the bonus offers are specific for different sites.

Each site comes with its own set of bonuses and it’s tough to find the two sites with exact bonus offer and terms. Before even claiming the bonus, players should inquire first if there’s any wagering condition.

If not, players are free to use the bonus as they please and withdraw the potential winning funds. Even so, players must know their way through the bonuses to avoid any unwanted difficulties. Luckily, the Casinoble experts have done the homework for you in presenting the best NZ betting sites bonuses:

Deposit Match bonus

Throughout the years of online betting evolution, deposit bonuses were always there to provide support to players. Experienced players already know that such a bonus waits once you register on the online betting site.

If a player is registering for the first time, possibly the highest deposit bonus offer is set. In other words, players can win the impressive 100% deposit match bonus for the initial deposit. However, this is the point where most online betting sites in NZ differ.

It’s tough to find the two sites that offer the same deposit bonus offer. Some betting sites came up with the reloading type of deposit bonus. In this scenario, players get the 100% deposit match bonus on the amount of the first deposit. The bonus offer usually ends with that, but some reloading bonuses also award players on other deposits.

It can easily go on until players reach their 4th deposit, with the deposit match values from 20% to 50%. The highest, 100% deposit match is often awarded for the initial and sometimes, for the final deposit.

No deposit bonus offers

The bonuses without deposits are perhaps the most exciting for online bettors in NZ. A variety of such bonuses is available throughout the NZ betting sites. Unfortunately, players often rush into using these bonuses without questioning the conditions first.

It’s a common mistake so Casinoble experts will help you understand the usage of no deposit bonus offers. The first thing all players should instantly note is the wagering requirement set on the bonus amount.

NZ betting sites in 2021 are filled with no deposit bonuses, but the operators have their benefits as well. They tend to keep the players on the site with these bonuses as you can rarely instantly withdraw.

The more realistic scenario is that a wagering requirement up to x40 is set on the bonus amount. In other words, players might need to stake the won amount up to 40 times before withdrawing. It’s a rare find, but some betting sites even offer no deposit bonuses without wagering requirements.

This kind of bonus is surely the one that most players will be drawn to as you can easily withdraw the funds.

Free Bets on 2021 NZ Betting Sites

Free Bets have revolutionized the bonus offers on Betting Sites in a previous couple of years. Players love getting the chance to win big without even staking their funds. Finally, there’s a way to accomplish such a scenario with the best Free bet bonuses on NZ betting sites.

A Free bet bonus is the type of bonus that players will have to stake. There’s no way you can turn it into profit right away, but that’s what makes it even more interesting. Players are free to choose if they’ll bet on high odds or low odds with this bonus amount.

Either way, if the bet proceeds and proves as successful, players will get the profit from the bet added to their bankroll. In case a player loses the bet, no change will occur on the bankroll, thus it’s called the free bet.

It also adds a dose of intense experience to the whole game as players are always in a dilemma whether to place the bet on high or low odds.

Understanding the Odds

There’s so much we could discuss when it comes to odds in sports betting. The odds represent the value of a bet depending on the tip played and the probability.

When it comes to NZ Betting sites, players can encounter a variety of different odds. There are the perfect odds for every player, but only if the player knows how to use them and sets a goal.

The goal represents the overall winning amount that the player would be happy to hit. Next, it’s all up to the stake. If the player plans on winning big with the lowest possible stake, high odds are required.

On the other hand, if a player aims to hit big wins with greater odds, even a lower stake would be enough. However, the odds are determined by bookmakers based on the probability of the event.

If the offered tip is more likely to truly happen, the odds will be low, since there’s a fair chance of hitting it. If there’s a lower probability that the event will go as the tip predicts, the odds would be higher.

In essence, from the soccer point of view, betting on a favorite to win a match can range in odds from 1.05 to 1.9. If, on the other hand, a player wishes to bet on the team that’s less likely to win, the odds could go drastically up.

Online Sports Betting in NZ

Online sports betting in NZ grows bigger for new sites by the day. It’s not only because of the local players, it’s the global trend that recently started to kick in strong.

The betting options are impressive and the offering improves with the addition of new sports and tips to bet on. Still, for a player to truly get the most out of online sports betting, several aspects require attention.

From basic bets such as betting on the winner of the event outcome, we now have more sophisticated bets. Options are almost limitless because of the enormous offering available.

Players should get to know the aspects of online sports betting to get the most out of the experience. There’s something for each player when it comes to playing convenience, live betting, and more. So, here’s a list of the focus points to get you started in the world of online sports betting!

Sports to Bet on Online in NZ

We finally arrive at the point where we can elaborate on why online betting involves more strategy than gambling. The variety of different sports that players can bet on makes a milestone for the online gaming industry.

Players that are already familiar with the sports they plan to bet on can achieve greater results than those that randomly guess.

Luckily, there’re more than enough sports to bet on to suit every player’s taste, including some of the less-popular sports like skiing or water polo.

Either way, we’ll go over some of the most popular sports to bet on online in NZ. Hopefully, it’ll provide all players with insight on what they need to know to place quality bets for each sport.

  • Soccer/Football: For years, NZ football enthusiasts have been arguing whether the sport should be referred to as football or soccer. It doesn’t even make any difference for sports bettors in NZ as football is one of the best sports to bet on. The variety of tips and odds that can be placed on a football event is unprecedented in the world of online sports betting. There can easily be hundreds of football tips to bet on, as some of them are more lucrative than the others. Seemingly plain bets on the winner of the match or the number of goals scored remain at the top. Most players stick with these kinds of bets as they come with reliable odds and a decent hitting chance. However, NZ sports bettors can benefit from the other bets involved such as both teams to score, the winner of one halftime, and others.
  • Basketball: One of the most popular sports in the world is certainly basketball as players all around the world bet on it. NZ players are also familiar with basketball betting and tips. The sport has been considered as one of the most popular for local players. Furthermore, a variety of betting options makes it possible to cover a wide range of available odds. NZ bettors can enjoy numerous benefits of betting on basketball such as betting on several points scored by a single player. The limit is set by the betting sites and players can choose to play under or above the designated limit. Another convenient type of basketball bet is a handicap bet on a team to win.
  • Rugby: Rugby betting is a special treat for all NZ bettors as the sport is still the number one choice for NZ players. It’s easy to assume the reasons behind this as Rugby is inarguably the most popular sport in NZ. In that light, players should browse and discover all the additional tips regarding the sport besides the basic bets on match winners. Rugby betting provides players with many more options, such as handicap betting, threshold points betting, and more. Likewise betting on the basketball players, bettors can also get the point limit for the Rugby game. From this point on, players can bet on the under or above options for the accordant limit. Finally, Rugby betting also provides players with a chance to try outright betting options and individual players betting.
  • Turf: Horse racing makes its presence known throughout the history of organized betting. It’s always stood right next to the most popular team sports when it comes to betting and the same goes for online betting. Players can choose from numerous options these days as the market has significantly evolved. From betting on the horse to win the race to betting on final places where chosen horses finish the race, options are endless.
  • Tennis: Betting on tennis has evolved in the previous decade as now online betting sites offer a variety of tips to bet on. Not only can players place their bets on the match-winner, but they could also try the diverse betting options. Among such options, players can bet on the game or a set winner, number of points in a game, or handicap bets. The diversity of tennis competitions to bet on as well as the variety of matches played monthly guarantees betting excitement.
  • Boxing: Betting on fighting sports has always been popular, especially on boxing. Other sports like MMA also come with a vast number of fans, but boxing betting is a tradition. Over the years, bettors have gained the chance to bet on the outcome of specific rounds. Asian handicap-based options are present as well, making boxing betting a fun experience.
  • Golf: Golf betting also lives up to constant changes as new players in NZ have access to a wide number of Golf tournaments. With a diverse betting choice, Golf became one of the popular sports to bet on. US Open and other Major tournaments are just some instances of available Golf tournaments to bet on. The Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup also add up to the general betting convenience of Golf.

Choosing the Best Sport to bet on in NZ

Before getting into a betting extravaganza, NZ players need some final advice on choosing the best sport to bet on.  The choice of sports available for online betting has greatly improved in the last few years.

Nevertheless, the methods of selection remain the same because of the previously stated reason – sports betting requires strategy. Although it mostly depends on pure luck, players can take additional steps to make the choice easier.

It takes knowledge and expert skills to become an impeccable online sports bettor. You also have to be following the sport you are mainly betting on with as many details as possible.

Every little piece of information about the event reduces the part of the bet that relies on pure luck. It also raises your chance to, as a player, place a quality bet with reliable information.

Here are some of the main methods of choosing the sport to bet on:

Split the bets into more single bets

Experienced bettors will know that single bets are perhaps the most efficient ones to make in online betting. So, players should look for a sport that ensures a variety of quality tips that can be used as single bets.

While doing this, it’s crucial that the odds are accordant and that players can win considerable profit from one bet. There’s just no point in investing NZD 100 on low odds like 1,05 because the profit will only be NZD 5.

Having in mind how low that is, it’s not worth the risk for such meaningless profit. Players should choose a sport that they already know a lot about and, preferably, that they follow.

Knowing the situation around an event is also crucial in making winning bets. So, pick your betting sport wisely and make sure to play a tip you’re certain of as a single bet.

Follow the situation of each event

By following the situation around each event in the chosen sport, players can greatly improve their betting results. Especially when it comes to team sports like football, rugby, or basketball, the informative side guarantees results.

For instance, a crucial player of one team could be left out of the play or injured for the game. Players can make use of the official information before the match starts to form the best betting options. Other situations that players should note besides injuries are the leaderboard positions, home and away stadiums, and even fans.

If a team has strong support at the home venue, it’s even likely that they’ll surprise a favorite team in a game. So, knowing your pre-match information can be worth gold in a true sense.

Collect the necessary data

Besides collecting information about the game on a match day, bettors in NZ can do themselves a favor by collecting team-related data. When it comes to individual sports, it’s also smart to follow the form and matches of players that you wish to bet on.

However, if you decide to bet on a team sport, the best options to go with are to follow specific leagues and teams. With all the information about the lineups and most efficient players in a team, you can form a personal opinion based on facts.

It’s more reliable than just having a hunch, so data truly is the key when it comes to sports betting.

Sports betting options

NZ bettors should always know the types of bets that can be placed on online betting sites in NZ. Depending on the type of bet, players can plan their stake value and the overall type of it.

It also depends on the odds, but some bets should be played with high odds and low stakes, while the opposite also serves as a great solution. Here are some of the main bet types for NZ betting sites in 2021:

  • Single bets: As we’ve previously discussed, single bets are somewhat of the safest option for NZ bettors. Not that there is a safe option while betting, but betting on a single event is much safer than betting on multiple events. While playing single bets, players should realize that they should go with moderate stakes. Betting on a seemingly safer and lower odd with an enormous stake can do the job, but you always risk while betting. On the other hand, there’s no point in trying to get rich by staking a lot on unreliable high stakes. So, moderate stakes work just fine and the odds shouldn’t be too low either as you at least want to double the money.
  • Multiple bets: Betting on single bets may be safer, but multiple bets can result in accumulated and higher odd. Still, the risk goes bigger for at least a double whenever you add at least one additional event. So, it’s perhaps smarter to divide the multiple bet into more single bets, but that has its disadvantages as well. Namely, if you win a multiple bet, the higher payout is ensured. If you divide the bet into single bets and one of them fails, you still win money. This is the advantage of single bets as multiple bets require all of the bets that it’s consisted to be winning ones. Still, the greater payout is guaranteed if you win a multiple bet, but the risk is high so it all depends on players.
  • Live bets: Live betting is a modern way to bet on the events that are ongoing at the moment. It’s smart because you can wait to see how the initial minutes of the game will go and then you can make a betting decision. Still, it requires extra caution because the odds could change at any point.
  • Future bets: Players can also bet on the outcome of a future event like the winner of the Champions League or the NBA. The odds greatly differ from betting site to betting site with this type of bet. However, it can pay off in the long run if you are certain that the bet will be winning.
  • System bets: This kind of bet relates to a betting system consisted of multiple bets. Still, it differs from multiple bets as you can miss one of the bets from the system. Of course, this lowers the value of the payout and even if you hit all the bets, the odds will be lower than what it would be on a regular multiple bet. This kind of bet relates to a betting system consisted of multiple bets. Still, it differs from multiple bets as you can miss one of the bets from the system. Of course, this lowers the value of the payout and even if you hit all the bets, the odds will be lower than what it would be on a regular multiple bet.

How to become a Betting Expert?

It takes both time and skill to learn your way through the lobby of a betting site in 2021. With a variety of tips and odds in play, bettors should be extra careful when betting.

When it comes to becoming an expert, some focus points can get you going on that path. But, every player should be aware that no one lives from just being a betting expert. Betting is a way of having fun and it should remain that way. Still, nothing stops you from making use of the following advice to boost your betting success:

Apply discipline: By firmly holding onto the sport that you are an expert in following, you can score higher results while betting. Discipline is important in many areas and so it is in online sports betting. NZ players should remain focused on their goal and strategy as we mentioned before. The type of bets and the target betting league should remain unchanged in the long run. Also, keeping the stakes moderate will help you keep track of your results and you won’t go over the limit.

Keep learning about the betting sport: It’s crucial to remain informed in the world of online betting. So, players should stay informed and learn as much as possible about their favorite betting sports and events. Following the statistics and average contribution of each player per game can also be well worth it.

Timing is crucial: It’s no secret that timing is crucial when betting on sports online. The reason for this is that odds are usually out well before the game and you should instantly bet. If not, the odds may go lower over time if more and more people start betting on the desired tip.

Bet live and follow the situation: Another valuable piece of advice would be to bet live as most betting sites in NZ allow that option. Not only can you take your time to observe the game and place the accordant bet, but you can also wait until the odds go high and then hit it.

Always bet responsibly

It’s always smart to bet responsibly to preserve your mental health and avoid huge money losses. It’s never convenient to lose money that you can’t afford to lose.

Unfortunately, over the years, we’ve seen a fair share of problem gamblers, so Casinoble experts strive to provide players with all the relevant information for responsible gaming.

It does not just only know the limit of your stakes either. You can easily fall into a trap and select a betting site that’s out of the NZ Gambling Commission’s jurisdiction.

The best thing to do is to stick with the choice recommended by Casinoble experts as that’s the safest option. Our best advice is to choose one of the recommended betting sites and bet with style and logic.

How do Casinoble experts review sports betting sites in NZ?

Our experts make use of the crucial online betting aspects while evaluating the betting sites, such as bonuses, licensing, odds, and betting choices.

What types of bonuses are best for online betting sites?

Among the best online sports betting bonuses, we advise our players to claim deposit, no deposit, and free bet bonus offers.

How to place a reliable sports bet?

To make sure that you have placed the best possible sports bet, make use of data, observance, and the latest updates of the game on match day.

What sites are the best for online sports betting in NZ?

Our experts have provided NZ players with a full list of the best online betting sites, so check it out!

What are the most popular sports to bet on in NZ?

The best sports for NZ players to bet on in 2021 are certainly rugby, football, basketball, cricket, and horse racing.

Should you rely on sports betting as a profession?

Responsible betting is the most important aspect of online sports betting. So, there is a low chance that any player will ever be able to make a living solely of sports bets.