Suprising Top 3: Biggest Prizes Awarded in Casinos

In addition to being exciting and a lot of fun, casino games and online casinos offer the possibility of winning cash prizes that, on rare occasions, can even completely change the life of the person who wins them. What would you do if you won millions of dollars playing roulettepokerblackjack, or slots? Surely the answer to this question has been planned in your head many, many times throughout your life. However when the time came, how would you react? 

The protagonists of the article did it in different ways when they saw that, overnight, their bank accounts received millionaire incomes. And they became news due to a great stroke of luck.

MGM Grand, Las Vegas | ($40,000,000)

Australian Kerry Packer, the owner of several media outlets and the country's largest fortune at the time of his death in 2005 with $6.5 billion. Inherited his family's passion for gambling.

His grandfather, who lived in his native Tasmania as a young man with many aspirations, found a 10-shilling bill and bet it on a horse race. The money won on that bet was invested in a boat ticket to Sydney. Where he worked as a journalist and where he gradually built an empire consisting of television stations and several national newspapers.

Packer, who in 1974 inherited all the companies and became an influential tycoon, was already a well-known face in the country's casinos at that time. And his rule that he would not sit at gambling tables that did not exceed $800,000 in bets earned him fame in the casinos of the rest of the world.

Business trips took him to travel around much of the planet and visit new gambling halls. Mainly in the United Kingdom and Las Vegas. And it was in the entertainment capital, at the MGM Grand, where he won the biggest casino prize in history. Winning no less than 40 million dollars with one of his baccarat games. The businessman, in a display of generosity, rewarded the service provided to the waiter and waitress who served him that night with 1 million dollars each.  However, all that glitters is not gold. As it is estimated that in just a 10-month period, he left a whopping $28 million in gambling-related losses.

Excalibur Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas | $39,000,000

It was March 2003 when an American computer engineer, traveled to the famous city in the state of Nevada to enjoy a day of his favorite sport, basketball. The 25-year-old man saw how a $100 investment in this popular casino game completely changed his life. When he received a prize of $39 million.

We do not know if the young man celebrated his great luck by attending the game or with the excessive joy generated by such a win he made a change of plans. However, what we do know is that aware of the 180° turn his existence would undergo. He asked to split the prize to receive 1.5 million a year instead of a single payment of the total. As the saying goes, a wise man is worth two.

Palace Station Hotel – Casino, Las Vegas | $27,000,000

How much money do you need to have a golden retirement full of peace and comfort? The recipient of the largest prize ever awarded at the Palace Station was planning her well-deserved retirement when. Playing a Megabuck slot at the Palace Station, luck surprised her and allowed her to accelerate her plans.

It happened in November 1998, on the 15th to be more precise. That day the woman, who preferred to keep her name anonymous, set a budget limit to spend in the casino. And when she was about to exhaust it, the slot lit up announcing that something very big was happening. Twenty-seven million dollars was responsible for the lady's dream retirement.


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