The Answer To The Question Of Why Are Casino Card Tables Green

Many people are not aware of the fact that colors affect the way we feel. Some colors may promote relaxation while others are known to invoke rage. Luckily the casinos have opted to choose a color that is known to make you feel calm and relaxed. Had the tables been red you would certainly see a lot more fighting on the casino floor. However, when it comes to casino tables being green, there are more factors that play into the color choice than just your mood.


If you can recall the last time you visited a casino, then you will probably remember just how calm you felt. This feeling of being calm actually contradicted how you truly felt once the color of green had dissipated from your sight. After all, you were placing bets and surrounded by complete strangers, therefore being calm seems very far from how you would truly feel. Nonetheless, it is obvious that casinos made the perfect color choice in reference to their card tables to ensure you would feel secure enough to sit around and bet the night away.

We are all familiar with the concept that a green traffic light tells us to continue driving, and this concept is no different for play at a casino. Not only do the tables tell you to relax, have a great time, and bet as much as you please; but they also present a subtle feeling of envy to ensure you will just keep betting. This is where the concept of competition arises. There is always someone winning on the casino floor, and if you can recall the expression “green with envy,” then you may understand why you are more prone to placing bets in hopes of being the one that is envied.

There are many cultures who view the color green as a sign of prosperity and being well off. This information allows you to understand why you often feel like a high roller even if you are only betting small amounts of money, which too is green. It is this very comfort that promotes the sense that you are there to win and you just need to play a little longer. However, once the green tables are gone as well as your money the feeling of security, wealth, and they want to go on completely dissolves.

Up to this point we have looked at psychological factors that play into the color green, but now let us shift our focus to reasoning. The fabric that is used to cover the casino card tables is helpful in creating friction; this means the dealer will not slide you a card that goes flying off the table or stops short of your reach. However, the green dye is still the color of choice for casinos, therefore, it is hard to believe they chose the fabric based solely on the concept of how it would affect the cards and dice at the casino.

Anytime you venture out to play a game of chance it is important to remember how the color green can make you feel. If you mentally prepare yourself, then maybe you will have a better chance of walking away a winner and truly enjoying your night out on the town. After all, there is nothing worse than going to the casino, betting everything you have, and then seeing every color but green once the party is over.

Lukas Mollberg

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