The Best Way to Dress for the Casino

If you are a regular at the casino roulette wheel, you are most certainly familiar with the casino fashion.

Anyhow, this topic might seem a bit frightening for first-timers or foreigners.

A lot of people consider the casino as a night out, as an opportunity to dress up and live out a VIP-styled evening.

And it's like this for a reason.

The casinos offer free drinks, flashy bars, hot tubs, and high-class accommodations.

So, high rollers perceive it as an expensive, superior service.

If you look good in the casino, you will feel like you are part of the luxurious club.

Following, you can find a guide and tips on how to dress for a night spent at the casino.

Step 1 – Check the Casino’s Dress Code

The first thing you should do before you visit a particular venue is to check their dress code.

Not all casinos have such requirements.

However, there are resorts with extremely strict rules that don’t make any exceptions.

The dress code is usually stated on the casino’s website.

If you are going to a high-rated hotel and cannot find such information online, you can either call or email.

Reading the dress code will guarantee your pass at the door.

Besides, it will help you develop an understanding of the casino’s clientele.

Step 2 – Do your Research

Apart from the dress code, you can look for photos of previous parties, the casino’s staff, and the overall atmosphere.

Overdressing can be as embarrassing as not fulfilling the dress code.

So, try to develop an understanding of the casino on social media or review sites.

Then, dress accordingly.

Another thing you can do is to ask your friends or acquaintances for help.

If you are going together, you can agree upon a certain style or effort level.

a couple standing next to each other in a casino room

Step 3 – Choose an Outfit

Once you reviewed all the requirements and developed an understanding of the casino’s genre, you are ready to style.

But, don’t expect to find everything in your closet.

If you are not a regular player, you may not possess everything you need to complete your appearance.

If that’s the case, make sure to set your budget in advance.

When you determine how much you are going to spend, you can ask for a shopping assistant or even a personal shopper.

It all depends on much you are ready to finance.

Another possibility is to rent an outfit or borrow something from your family or friends.

Step 4 – Accessorize

Simply choosing your tux or dress doesn’t mean that you are ready for the casino.

You must not forget the shoes and accessories.

Make sure to always match the color and style of your outfit and shoes.

But also, remember that you will be wearing that combination all night, so you should feel comfortable in it.

Another important issue is the accessories.

Once again, you should match your appearance with the overall casino style.

If it is a black-tie event or a traditional casino, you should keep things classy.

But, if you have chosen a more advanced place, with flashy bars and loud music, you may as well take the accessorizing to the next level.

Step 5 – Ready, Set, Go

Finally, you should prep your outfit by ironing or steaming. Also, make sure to shoeshine or polish your shoes.

a man and woman smiling in a casino room

Treating yourself as a red-carpet star will give you the confidence to act as one.

If you have rented your outfit, make sure to avoid the rookie mistakes.

Check the labels and make sure to hide the tags.

Do not leave anything for the last moment, especially if you are going to the casino for the first time in your life.

Last but not least, make sure to add the final touches and have a great night out.


Ben Williams

Content Writer

Ben grew up in a small beach town on the Coromandel Peninsula. He spent most of his childhood surfing and playing rugby. After graduating from university in Auckland, he moved to Australia to work for a startup. He returned to New Zealand a few years later and started working in the iGaming industry.

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