The Best Winning Strategy for Ezugi Jackpot Roulette

There are two choices available in Jackpot Roulette, it is either you play for the jackpot or play the conventional way with even money bets. Your choice of plays depends on your strategy and your objective.

The similarity between both methods is that they fit perfectly with that of the European roulette wheel. Ezugi had considered this fact during the design of its Jackpot Roulette. The games’ RTP is also expected to be the same as the industry standard, which is pegged at 97.30%, and that rating is said to be player-friendly.

Sustainable Wins

There are two options available on every progressive jackpot casino game. You may choose to place an even-money bet if you are a low risk-taker. The reason is that such bets allow you to have sustainable wins, although they may be small.

The following are types of bets that may guarantee you a sustainable win when playing a progressive game:

  • Even Odd
  • Read Odd
  • Passé (19-36) / Manqué (1-11)

The winning odds are around 50:59, and you may rely on these types of bets. However, you may choose to combine the best with any of the following strategies to sustain your winnings.

  • Martingale
  • Paroli  (same as the opposite of Martingale
  • Martingale

Listed above are the secret ingredients that offer low risk-takers a sustainable win.

Shooting for the Stars

if you are a high-risk taker and like to aim for the jackpot, these tips may help most progressive games.

Handle the jackpot game the same way you would handle a progressive slot

The Ezugi live casino game is a roulette variant, and as such it requires luck. Since it depends on chance, there is a high possibility of the odds turning against you. You can prevent this by betting wisely and bear in mind that the casino has the upper hand. If you are used to playing progressive jackpot games, you know that they are challenging to predict. If you play with the thought of being at an advantage, you may miss the goal. It is advisable to be always calm and play the game like a professional.

Wait for the highest value

Try to identify the present jackpot amount located on the top left side of the screen. The jackpot amount increases simultaneously with the value shown in the orange bar on top of the dealer. You can place your bet when it gets close to the desired amount. To hit the highest jackpot, your stakes will be very high, and your balance also needs to be increased.

Ensure that you watch your bankroll. Do not attempt to get ahead of yourself. You should maintain calmness and composure when you are playing this game. If you are inexperienced or a beginner, then the jackpot roulette may not be suitable for you.

Select smaller odds whenever you have doubts

If you find yourself feeling skeptical about choosing an odd or not choosing, it is advisable not to select that odd. Don't force yourself to play when you have doubts. Go with your guts and take it that your jackpot time is yet to come. Luck plays a significant role in a jackpot game.


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