The Evolution of Online Casinos Worldwide

It may be hard to remember life without online casinos, but veteran players will remember when the Internet didn't even exist, let alone casinos where you could play online! Let's look at how online casinos were invented and how they have evolved over the years to meet the needs of a growing community.

The Arrival of the Casino at Home

While the development of the technologies that would later become the Internet began in the 1960s, it was nothing like the Internet we use today. In fact, it wasn't until the technologies that make up the World Wide Web came together in the late 1980s, and the decision to make this computer network accessible to the public in 1993, that we began to see the foundation of what would become today's global webspace. With the Internet up and running, an unprecedented number of opportunities awaited us. Thus, the possibility of developing the world's first online casino.

The First Online Casino

Microgaming saw the potential in the Internet and went on to develop the world's first online gambling software. But before this software could be used securely, these virtual casinos needed a way to protect financial transactions for their customers. Fortunately, a company called CryptoLogic had been working on a solution that encrypted online transfers. Which was finally released in 1995. This software prevented cybercriminals from accessing or intercepting players' financial data. With these two technologies in place, it was the perfect time to securely launch an online casino.

Many sources agree that the first company to take advantage of these developments and launch an online casino was indeed CryptoLogic. The same company that developed data encryption software to protect online financial information. This same company had also been developing an online casino platform. Which was finally launched in 1996 under the name InterCasino.

During this time, like many other websites, InterCasino was a dinosaur compared to the platforms that people play on today. But despite its simple offering and archaic appearance, it was the first site where people could deposit money and play online casino games.

Of course, InterCasino was just the pioneer of a booming industry. By 1998, there were more than 700 online casinos where people could play casino games such as blackjackroulette, or slots for real money.

Evolution of the Online Casino

As the technology evolved over time, online casinos began to offer more visually exciting experiences and more interesting games. Thanks to a technology called Flash, many of these (relatively) new platforms achieved these more creative and engaging results.  This popular digital tool allowed developers to do a wide variety of things. Including creating animations and videos, new games, and websites. Flash was considered the standard tool for visual web content, and some online casinos based all their platforms on it.

However, despite the many benefits Flash offered, it also had some drawbacks such as some security issues and very high resource consumption. While security was a general problem that affected all devices, resource consumption was a specific problem for mobile devices. As they had limited battery life and were quickly drained using Flash technology. 

Where Are Online Casinos Headed?

There is no doubt that online casinos will never stop evolving and adapting to the needs of casino lovers around the world. However, in which direction will the industry go? Live dealer-style games are gaining popularity, but will they define the future of online casino gaming? Or will we see virtual reality technology become even more accessible and take the lead? Who knows, maybe both technologies will come together to bring you the best online casino experience.

Whatever happens, there is a very exciting world around online casinos, both today and in the future! Where do you think online gaming will go in the future and what will you like the most? Who knows! For now, you can enjoy everything that’s available and worth it in New Zealand thanks to Casinoble!

Lukas Mollberg

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