The History of Russian Roulette

There is no way that you haven’t heard about this game.

The famous Russian roulette has been popular ever since Tsarist Russia.

And believe me, people really haven’t stopped talking about it.

But, why is it called a roulette?

What does it have to do with the classic casino roulette game?

The answer is no, it doesn’t.

Even though the concept is somewhat similar to the roulette casino game that we can play anytime we want in a casino room.

But, the Russian roulette is much more dangerous and adrenaline-rushing.

And of course, we definitely dont recommend you trying it at any time; especially not the original game.

With a revolver and real bullets!

But, let’s take a look back in the past.

When did the Russians invent this game?

And why is it still very popular, besides the warnings and the cautions taken into account?

History of Roulette: How and When?

Let’s start from the beginning.

The original day and month of Russian roulette’s origins aren’t exactly clear, but after all, it doesn’t matter.

At least not in the long run. But, the general period that this game started to get popular is around the 1850s, in Russia.

But the tsarist one, not the one as we all know today.

And of closure, many people believe that it grew even more popular above the borders of Russia as well.

In a very short period of time.


Because the number of revolver guns has increased since then.

And it hasn’t slowed down until the 1920s.

And the actual appearance of the game in literature also got its own kick as well.

Georges Surdez, a swiss author mentioned it in his short story.

The story was published in 1937, just before the second world war.

And of course, the game got really popular again, after only a short pause.

The soldiers started playing it, even though they knew how dangerous it really is.

And since then, this game has been romanticized and practiced all around the world for fun.

But, what they dont know is that the fun can easily spiral down into a downhill.

A Conclusion of Why Russian Roulette Should Stay a Fiction

Even though today, this game has been modified and modernized, it still is a taboo topic.


Because, in reality, its a dangerous thing that can easily slip up and become a death toll.

And no one wants that, right?

The actual theme of the game is one single bullet put into the revolver.

And so, the revolver is spun and then you get to shoot your shot.

And the bullet can go straight to your brain, immediately killing you.

It's a gamble, yes, but an unusual one.

You dont gamble with money; you gamble with your own life!

Lukas Mollberg

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