Vivo Gaming Live Caribbean Stud Online

Vivo Gaming Live casino gives you the best live casino experience outside a casino as no other platform does. So if you are worried that you cannot be in a real casino, for now, you can play it on the live dealer’s table online. Their platform was designed by an engineer who knows how the modern and updated gambling world works.

Vivo promises to give any player the best online casino adventure ever. On their advanced platform, you can play the Caribbean Stud version, where you can chat live with your dealer.

How to Play Vivo Gaming Live Caribbean Stud

On Vivo Live, you can play the Caribbean Stud game version by betting against the house only. You can choose your chips and move them to the marked area before you place any bets. We call this “Ante-bet”; the dealer starts dealing the moment you place a bet.

On the left side of the screen, you would see the dealer's and player’s cards. Five cards are dealt to both the house and the player. The player then decides if the game can then fold, or he might wish to follow up with a bet. 

All this depends on how the cards are dealt. Ordinarily, one of the cards of the dealers is face-up, and the remaining four are face-down.

Vivo Gaming Live Caribbean Stud Special Properties

The Caribbean poker on Vivo Gaming can be very rewarding with all its options, one of which is the user interface that increases the fun while playing poker on it. There is a live chat option for you and the dealer too. Also, you have access to your past games, your winnings, and bets to let you know how you are doing in the casino game.

One other perk of this game is the side bets. Alongside the winnings you can get from the actual game, you can also have gradual wins from the side bets. 

Advantages to Players

  • Past games can be accessed to let you know how you are faring.
  • Communication with the dealer can make you feel like you are in an actual casino.
  • You stand a chance of winning a jackpot in the side bets, and your gradual winnings are on display all the time.
  • Your live bets, winnings, and balance are shown with details.
  • There is an option to redo your past bet so you can improve your subsequent games. 

Wrap up

Instead of playing poker, you can choose to play the online Caribbean Stud version on Vivo. It is just as good when you plan and play according to your well-laid plan. You will be having a lively screen but not too populated with different icons. The online dealers are professionals, and that would make your whole online gaming experience great like never before.


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