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Online casinos have become one of the largest industries in the world. They are entertaining gamblers and novice players on a continuum 24 hour 7 days per week basis. Online casinos and their software platform providers are bringing new games to the forefront regularly every year, so boredom is not an issue. Each player has their own favorite live casino games whether it be slots games or table games, the variety is endless with more than a thousand to choose from. One such daring game is the Live Dragon Tiger. This game has been described as being similar to Casino Wars, and the Baccarat betting system.

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Dragon Tiger was developed in Cambodia and is now very popular in Asian countries as well as other countries in the world. It is played with two cards having the Tiger and the Dragon spot. It is a very easy game for players including seasoned gamblers as well as beginners. A few simple tips will make it simple and easy for anyone to learn to play the game.

  • First, place a bet on either the Tiger or the Dragon. This will form the better betting option as well as the basics of the game. Players can play without counting cards, and can maintain their bets on the Tiger or Dragon.
  • In Live Dragon Tiger, players count the cards to be a better match. They will know the number of cards that the dealer has dealt, and they can keep their eyes on the sevens that are dealt. The sevens indicate a loss.
  • Incorporate a tactic that is suit based. This game can be won by using statistic points of view. Knowing the suit of cards that have been dealt most often, and the number of suits remaining to be dealt can be the key to a big win.
  • Avoid engaging in tie bets. although this is designed to make a player big bucks, it also comes with a large house edge of 32.77% in a bet. Tie bets are difficult to win. There are an enormous number of combinations with only a small number of ties which make winning very rare.
  • Using betting systems in Live Dragon Tiger have never made any player a big winner. So, disengaging in this format is more beneficial for players. No player has taken home the big scoop from this type of betting format.
Dragon Tiger

The Dragon Tiger game has decks that range from six to eight, and one card either the Dragon or the Tiger. Players do not play against the dealer. Instead, they choose one of the hands to bet on. The player bets on either the Tiger or the Dragon. The dealer then reveals the two cards that have been dealt, and the highest card wins. One basic rule of this game is that all Aces are deemed as low cards. If both of the dealt hands have the same value, the game is a tie, and the house wins a big share, or half, or the amount of the bets. The general rules for playing casino games do not apply to Live Dragon Tiger, and this makes it an exceptionally easy game for all players. It is a great game to go to when the stress of other games warrant a break.

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