Amazing Features of Ezugi OTT Roulette

The live OTT roulette is a land-based casino table powered by Ezugi, and it offers you a unique experience in gambling. You get to enjoy real-time streaming of roulette tables from Portomaso, Royal, and Oracle brick and mortar casinos. It does not give you the illusion that the dealer focuses only on you, unlike tables inside a studio. You get the feeling of a dynamic and raw atmosphere of a real casino. The functionality and responsiveness of the platform are the same as other studio-based roulette tables.

How to Play Ezugi OTT Roulette

After launching the live OTT table game, you will find out that the game is a zero variant, meaning that the standard payout rates and a player return percentage of 97.3 also applies. Do not let your remote real casino play confuse you. You can also utilize the advanced settings and live chat options.

Along with the physical table, you can also play on the virtual table, which offers faster bet placing and game commands. Betting statistics is displayed on the let while available time is displayed at the top of the player's chip. You can remove your bets if you wish until you see the “no more bet” display.

Features of OTT Roulette

You can stream OTT roulette from several casino locations around the world, which adds to the uniqueness of the game. The quality of the game will remain top-notch even if this is all Ezugi offers. Ezugi, however, included other features to make the game better.

One exciting feature is the ability for you to place all types of both outside and inside bets. You can bet on the exact number, Red/Black, Even/Odd. You can as well decide to select first, second, or third- 12. As a roulette enthusiast, you can choose to back other French Roulette bets like Orphelins, Voisins du Zero, or Tiers.

The game offers considerable betting limits, which vary between casinos. These limits are also inclusive to every roulette player, which makes it suitable for high stake players.

Camera Coverage

Streaming of OTT roulette is directed by professionals who can conveniently compete for the best directors.  A wide-angle shot of the casino table starts each round. You can witness the way casino players place their bets in real life. The camera focuses on the wheel as soon as it opens. You can also view a close-up shot of the ball as it lands on the winning pocket.

The OTT roulette is designed with beautiful art graphics that complement the game. These art graphics enables players to see the location they are placing their wagers. Furthermore, the graphic also displays the available time a player has to place bets. You are notified immediately there is a winning number. You also get notified of your winnings.


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