Free Bets Online

Free Bets are a unique treat in the world of online betting. In 2021, the NZ bettors can make use of a variety of free bet options.

Then free bets greatly help once the bettors register on the site for the first time. Not only do they help in the making of an initial bankroll, but they also allow betting without real money.

So, the Casinoble experts have prepared a guide for all NZ bettors that wish to know more about free bets. We’ll go over some of the most attractive free bet offers on the market. Furthermore, we’ll deal with the difference between free bets and regular betting bonuses.

Ultimately, we’ll cover the importance of free bets for online betting in 2021 as well as the types of free bets. So, join us on the road to uncover all the free bet details for NZ punters in 2021!

Best NZ Free Bet Offers 2021

Free bets were once quite a rare sight for online bettors. However, as the entire field evolved, the number of free bet offers started rising.

These days, the NZ bettors can access diverse types of free bets available on the market. So, the Casinoble experts are here for you to further explain the significance of free bets.

More importantly, we’ve made a list of the best free bet offers for NZ punters in 2021, so check it out!

Difference between Free Bets and Betting Bonus

The free bets are sometimes mistaking for a type of betting bonus, or even free spins for that matter. In 2021, the Casinoble experts are there to express the differences and explain them to players.

The NZ punters will be able to make a better choice on free bets after going through this guide. So, to start, we’ll first go over the differences between free bets and betting bonuses.

Deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and free bets widely differ, so it’s only natural to point out the differences.

What Makes a Deposit Bonus?

The deposit bonus is one of the most relevant terms for both online betting and gambling. Various forms of this bonus have appeared over the years and 2021 is no different.

These days, NZ punters have the chance to claim new casino deposit bonuses. It’s a type of award that the casino or betting site gives to newly registered players.

The award is useable for a certain number of times, making it even more valuable. All the deposit bonus offers come with terms and conditions that have to be met.

The players can find all the deposit bonus details on the site that offers it. In most cases, it’s giving as a welcome prize and it relates to the 100% deposit match. In other words, if you deposit NZD100, you’ll get an additional NZD100 for play!

Deposit bonuses are also welcome as promos in terms of reload bonuses. In case of the bonus repeats, the match value is often lower than 100%.

What about the Free Bets?

Free bets, on the other hand, are a bit different than deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses. They represent a cash value awarded to the players by the casino or a betting site.

The main difference is that deposit bonuses require some initial funds as a deposit. The free bets, however, don’t as they are awarded directly by the casino site.

In 2021, NZ bettors can find suitable free bet offers on various domestic betting and gambling sites. Moreover, the free bets also relate to eSports besides regular sports like football, rugby, or basketball.

Free bets allow the bettors to make an initial edge by placing a profitable bet without even using real money. It’s a must-do for every bettor that just registered on the betting site.

Still, the various types of free bet offers may appear somewhat confusing to some bettors. To avoid any misconceptions, our team will help you gain a better understanding of the free bets!

Different Types of Free Bets 2021

To truly understand the significance of free bets in 2021, the NZ bettors need a proper introduction to free bet types. Since there’re diverse types of these offers, bettors need to know for what exactly they can be used.

This way, every bettor can make a quality decision on the type of free bet to claim. Since some free bets are not useable for specific purposes, the bettors need accurate information.

That being said, it’s of the highest relevance to truly get to know the free bet types available in 2021. So, let’s head right into the description of different kinds of free bet offers!

Sign-up Free Bet Offer

The welcome bonus package at betting sites in NZ consists of several elements. Besides the usual deposit match bonus, a certain amount will also go to bettors in form of free bets.

This way, the NZ punters can initially combine the welcome offers to suit their needs. Risky bets are placing via free bets, and other bonuses can be used for more reliable bets. Either way, the initial free bets by the casino site are useable to place bets by the will.

Whether it’s a football, rugby or eSports bet, the choice is up to NZ players. Welcome free bet offers should use to learn the betting options on new events. In that case, using the free bets to experiment can be much more convenient than losing real money.

Free Bets with No Deposit Requirement

In some older and happier times, the no deposit bonus offer emerged as a breakthrough in the online casino world. Likewise, now we have no deposit-free bets!

These offers are getting more and more common for most of the major NZ betting operators. Their advantage lies in the fact that they require no deposit from bettors.

Without having to use real money, the NZ bettors will be able to place bets for free and have no worries. The no deposit free bets differentiate from no deposit bonuses in the terms of usage.

Luckily for NZ bettors, more and more no deposit free bets come without any wagering requirements. That means that if you can hit a win via no deposit free bet, you’re free to keep in instantly!

Free Bets Resembling Deposit Match

In 2021, the free bets have another form that’s convenient for the NZ bettors. Namely, the matching free bets are getting quite usual for NZ betting sites.

So, the domestic bettors can make a deposit and the betting site will award it with a match. It works quite similarly to the deposit match betting bonus.

However, the free bet can only be used to place an accordant sport or eSports wager. So, the additional thrill is in making a winning choice with a matching free bet! The match-free bets can also make room for more bets to come if the bettors win initially.

Free Bets for Risky wagers

The last type of free bets that we’ll be focusing on is free bets for risky wagers. Namely, they don’t start as a free bet, but rather as a guarantee by the betting site.

If the player places an accordant wager in terms of odds value, it’s risky bet. Later on, if the bet fails, the betting site will return the betting amount to a player’s account.

It’s a unique type of free bet and it allows the bettors to explore risky betting options. Eventually, all of the free bet types listed have their specific purpose in online betting. Without them, the world of online betting wouldn’t be nearly as exciting as it is today,

Loyalty-based Free Bets 2021

Among the free bet options, not all of the versions are available for new players. Although the welcome package of free bets is impressive, loyal players may also experience some types.

Different online betting sites have a different approach to free bets, leaving it up to a casino. Still, by listening to the advice of Casinoble experts, free bets should place as loyalty awards.

Even so, certain conditions are in need to meett for the players to use such a promotion. So, let’s check out the loyalty-based free bet types to bring them closer to NZ punters!

  • VIP Free Bets: You don’t have to be famous to get into the VIP section or a loyalty program of a casino. Moreover, all it takes is to choose a single site and keep placing bets on it without changing it. After some time, the betting site might award you with the loyalty program that comes with many privileges. One of such privileges is also the free bet offer that shows up in terms of a prize for the player’s loyalty.
  • Tournament Prize Free Bets: Free bets are awardable as prizes for specific tournaments organized for the players. The successful bettors that can claim their part of the reward may also get some free bets. This way, the bettors will easily be able to claim free bets by ranking high on the mentioned tournaments. What better reward there is than a chance to place additional bets without real money?
  • Free Bets as Wagering rewards: Sometimes, by staying loyal to the site and keeping placing bets, bettors may experience certain rewards. Not all sites utilize such policy, but NZ bettors in 2021 can have high hopes for this. So, if the wagering goal is here, bettors gain additional free bets as a reward.
  • Specific Free bets: Other types of free bets involve specific scenarios that usually end with free bets as prizes. One of such scenarios includes specific betting promotions that betting sites organize for bettors. By taking part in these promos, NZ bettors can achieve great prizes, often in form of free bets. Another quality instance of free bet awards is the power odds. Such odds are special by the house to motivate players to bet on them. Not only do such odds improve the accumulative odds value, but they also usually award free bets to bettors, if successful.

T&Cs of Using Free Bets for NZ Bettors

As in every other sphere, knowing the rules is of great importance for bettors that wish to make use of free bets. Not only do specific rules apply to free bet offers, but they also relate to their usefulness.

So, by going through the rules, all the NZ bettors can be certain that selected free bets can be used. Even so, additional terms like the wagering requirements have to be met in some cases.

Although it makes free bets seem less attractive, obeying the rules only affects the possibility of using free bets. The terms and conditions don’t affect the effectiveness of the free bets offered.

So, all the NZ punters should get to know the free bet rules before making an ultimate decision on claiming free bets:

  • Conditions to earn free bets: It’s of utmost importance to know the requirements for winning free bets in return. Especially when it comes to deposit free bets, bettors need to know the limit required to reach to earn free bets. Sometimes a 100% match is available for free bets, meaning that a deposit of NZD50 ensures another NZD50 in free bets. However, that’s not always the case, so bettors should read the rules on the site.
  • Free bet Destination: Another crucial aspect of free bets is the destination of their use. Namely, some specific free bets can only be placed on rugby. On the other hand, some free bets are specific for eSports, while others are relevant for other sports. So, the bettors should have previous knowledge of the sport they wish to free bet on. Of course, some free bets come without the destination requirement, making them eligible for most bets.
  • Odds Requirement: Sometimes meeting the odds requirement is crucial for using the free bets. Namely, the free bets are usually set for a specific odds limit. The odds limitation is set to ensure a house edge on some free bet types. Knowing the limits can greatly affect the free bets used by domestic bettors. So, for instance, perhaps the NZ bettors won’t be able to bet via free bets on odds lower than 3.00. This makes it more difficult for low-risk takers, while the high-rollers probably won’t mind it.
  • Tournament awards: Sometimes, claiming the free bets requires qualifying for the tournament. Specific tournaments also include awards in form of free bets that NZ bettors can win. Even so, the free bets are still a great thing to pursue as they allow high wins for players. The best combination would be if the bettors combine the free bet awards with tournaments they’re interested in.
  • Winning limitations: Besides the limits set for the minimum odds for free bets, there’re also the winning limits. That means that a betting site also ensures to prevent overwhelming winning amounts. That also seems quite fair as the betting site allows you to place quality bets. Free bet limitations are also included to ensure that players are using them for fun and not for pursuing overly large profits.
  • Time restrictions: One thing that requires special attention when it comes to free bets is the time limit. Namely, the bettors are required to use their free bets in the accordant timeline. So, if the due for using free bets expire in one week, any bets placed after the deadline won’t count. That being said, the NZ bettors should place special attention on the free bet time limits.
  • Know the wagering limit: Wagering requirement is often set to limit the bonus in terms of winnings. The NZ bettors should always be familiar with the wagering limit to make a better decision on free bets. Sometimes the wagering limit can be as low as 20%, while other instances include a 50% wagering limit. In other words, bettors may need to stake their winnings once more before being able to withdraw.
  • Timing for the credit to reach accounts: Even after scoring the winnings, sometimes it takes days for them to reach accounts. The bettors may need to wait for the designated time limit to be able to withdraw the winnings. This is the only downside to the free bets besides the wagering requirements. However, the bettors can at least remain informed of the details. This way, there won’t come any sudden surprises that limit the chance of requesting a withdrawal.


Are there free bet offers for NZ bettors in 2021?

There are a variety of free bet types available for NZ players in 2021. Still, it takes both skill and knowledge to decide on the best offer to claim. That’s why the Casinoble experts are there to provide quality advice on the best free bet offers!

What kinds of free bets are available to NZ punters?

Among the various types of free bets available in NZ, local punters can go for risk-free bets, deposit free bets, no deposit free bets, and welcome free bets.

Do free bets come with an expiration date?

In most cases, free bets do come with expiration dates. Still, all the relevant information about the dates can be found on the betting sites. Once the bettors get to know the details, it’s easy to place the accordant bets.

When’s the best time to use free bets?

The best time to use free bet offers is right at the start of the betting session upon registration. That’s when the offers truly count in boosting the players’ results.

Why do online betting sites give away free bets?

NZ betting sites offer free bets to ensure the loyalty of new members. They also motivate bettors to learn more about betting on the site.

Which sites offer the best free bet offers in NZ?

There’s a variety of free bet offers available on NZ betting sites in 2021. To get to know the best free bet offers in NZ, local bettors are advised to check out the Casinoble list.

Are free bets different from free spins?

Free spins and free bets widely differ in essence. Free spins are given on slot games, while free bets can be used for sports betting or eSports betting.

Can you earn great profits from using free bets?

Using the free bets can benefit the profitability of the betting session but they can’t guarantee serious profits constantly.