Live Dragon Tiger

What is Live Dragon Tiger?

This game is popular mainly in Asia and is one of the simplest and most involving games available in online casinos. Often also known as a two-card version of baccarat, it stands out for the speed of the games, the bright, immersive gaming environment and also for its rich prizes.

Dragon Tiger attracts not only beginners but also the most attentive gamblers who can show off their skills and experience. It is available in a live version with seductive dealers who deal the cards in live streaming from casinos around the world to make your experience exciting through live interaction.

Basic Rules of Dragon Tiger?

Usually, the player places a bet on one of the two cards the dealer places face-down on the table, known as the dragon and the tiger. The player selects which one will be the highest or if it will be a tie. The ace is the lowest and the K the highest.

The payback is 1:1 for the main bet and 11:1 for the tie bet. Other betting options include predicting if a card will be big (above 7) or small (under 7), or trying to guess the suit of one of the two cards (it pays 3:1) or that a suited tie will happen – this bet pays 50:1.

Basic Strategy of Dragon Tiger

There are few strategies available. One is to count cards and keep in mind how many high and low cards are out. This helps you to understand what the odds are in the upcoming rounds. The same applies to the suit, so a sharp memory does help.

For players who do not use card counting, the best strategy is to stick to the Dragon and Tiger bet as it is the option that has the lowest house edge (about 3.73%). In both cases, you can always enjoy this fast-paced game that gives you room to use your intuition.

Live Casino Dragon Tiger NZ

History of Dragon Tiger

The origins of this game are lost in time and space. Tradition has it that it was invented in Cambodia more than a thousand years ago and then brought to the maritime colony of Macau from where it spread throughout all of Asia. It does not discriminate against the player’s social class.

It’s said that it was also used for educational purposes. In fact, in addition to stimulating the use of memory to count the output cards, it helps to master the skills of calculation, used to know the probability of exit of specific combinations. Only players with the most trained brains can really excel in this ancient game.

Play Dragon Tiger in New Zealand

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The best casinos available in New Zealand are also registered in the UK game commission or the Malta game authority, both guarantee reliability. You just have to choose which one offers the best bonus or offers your favorite game. Always remember that the best casinos are also judged by the quality of their customer service.