Gambling and Betting in New Zealand

The year 2021 brings us the much-needed changes in the online gambling and betting field. Some differences are specific for certain countries, so domestic players are looking for the best advice on gambling and betting in 2021.

Luckily, Casinoble experts are here to bring you the list of the most anticipated online casinos for NZ players. To make the best guide on online betting and gambling for NZ players in 2021, let’s start from scratch.

We’ll elaborate on all the benefits that NZ players can gain from online casinos and betting sites. NZ players will want to know all about the bonuses, promotions, and betting tactics.

The online betting choice in 2021 is rather immersive, including eSports, sports betting, slots, live dealing games, and much more. Each NZ player will have to learn about all these separate sections available in 2021 to accomplish the best betting experience.

Best Gambling sites in NZ 2021

There’s much more than a gambling site in 2021 should have besides betting options diversity and choice of games. It also takes for a site to be fully licensed, reliable, and safe to play to qualify for the best NZ sites.

In that light, our experts have accumulated a list of the best online betting and gambling options for NZ players in 2021:

Evaluating the best NZ sites

Every year, the choice of online betting and gambling sites worldwide grows bigger as proof of the market’s enlargement. The same goes for NZ sites where domestic players can play for real money.

Since the choice of the best site for gambling and betting can be vast, our experts make use of the following evaluation factors:

  • Site appearance: There’s so much a player can tell about the online casino by the first visual impression. We live in a modern time and a decent gambling and betting site in 2021 should have an accordant graphical appeal.
    The visual aspects are also important in the games as nobody wishes to try to play outdated games in 2021. Still, graphical aspects of the site can be seen through the lobby, betting choice, player registration pages, and so on.
  • Casino software: It’s rather easy to spot an online gambling site that excels in technology features. You don’t have to be an expert in recognizing sites that use modern and premium casino software. Such sites are always recommended by the Casinoble experts since they often include more features than others.
  • Gaming choice: Perhaps the most important aspect of any gambling and betting site is the gaming choice offered. A quality betting site will include a variety of betting options such as sports betting, eSports betting, and virtual sports. When it comes to gambling sites, online casino is great for NZ players if it offers slots, live casino games, and Bingo.
  • Having fun in-play: NZ players will most likely enjoy the gambling sites with entertaining elements the most. So, for betting and gambling site to be competitive in 2021, it has to offer a fun gaming experience. Knowing NZ players and their preferences, we select only the sites with the best games and best bonus options.
  • Gambling bonuses: In 2021, it gets difficult to spot a site without bonuses and promos. Even so, it takes a trained eye to spot the best online casino bonus offers. From deposit bonuses to no deposit bonuses and free money, the choices are broad. NZ players usually prefer the free spins as casino bonuses, so Casinoble experts are on the lookout for sites that offer these bonuses.
  • Betting bonuses: Most players are familiar with online casino bonuses, but betting sites are different. For a betting site to enter our selection, it has to come with free bets. This kind of betting bonus can greatly impact players as it allows them to place bets without losing their money.
  • Means of depositing: One of the crucial advantages of online casinos and betting sites lies in depositing convenience. If players aren’t able to make deposits from home comfort, they would choose land-based casinos. So, Casinoble experts strive to provide the NZ players with only the sites that feature multiple means of depositing. Methods such as e-wallets and bank transfers are the most convenient ones.
  • Swift Withdrawals: Just imagine winning big and having to wait for weeks to get your payment. It’s a disgraceful scenario for all pokie and betting lovers in NZ. To avoid this issue, our experts make use of evaluation methods to bring you the sites with swift withdrawal processing.
  • The support team of the site: NZ players could face numerous difficulties on online casinos and betting sites. Although it’s somewhat expected, many sites available to NZ players come without proper customer support. That being said, we bring you the ultimate list of sites with superb customer service, chat rooms, and other tools for getting help fast.

Live Casino Games

Live casino sites are growing in numbers almost as fast as slot sites and betting sites. The choice of live casino games is now greater than ever, so NZ players need some help adjusting.

The support of Casinoble experts may benefit the players in getting to know the live dealing games. Among the games available to NZ players, there’re live roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, and other variants.

Even some Asian-themed games like Andar Bahar, Dragon Tiger, and Sic Bo are included in the selection. So, we bring you the sites with the best choice of live casino games to suit everyone’s taste!

Sports Betting Sites

Sports Betting sites are indispensable for online gambling and betting in 2021. There are so many options for NZ players this year with the number of betting sites still growing.

Some of the aspects that we particularly examine when choosing the best betting sites are bonuses, free bets, and sports selections. Players are surely more than happy to claim different betting bonuses, while free bets can help in the initial bankroll setup.

Most importantly, the choice of sports that players can bet on raises the chances of scoring wins. NZ players can benefit the most from betting on rugby, football, basketball, and other popular sports in 2021.

Betting on eSports in 2021

Betting on eSports is a relatively new trend in iGaming as the past years served as a gateway on the market. Now, NZ players can take their chances betting on some of the best eSports teams in the world.

The wide selection of eSports and teams to bet on in 2021 greatly raises the chances of winning as well. Some of the prominent eSports that NZ players can bet on in 2021 are Call of Duty, FIFA, League of Legends, Starcraft II, and CS: GO.

Betting on eSports can be a bit confusing at the start, but after some time of playing it can pay off. That’s why we went a bit further this time to deliver you the best eSports betting sites in NZ for 2021.

Slot sites in NZ 2021

Slot sites are unique in their special way as they attract all sorts of players. In 2021, the choice of online slot sites in NZ has never been greater.

Operators tend to offer the best games available for NZ players, so all it takes is to make a smart decision. The Casinoble experts are here for you to help with this choice as well as a recommended list of best slot sites.

Players shouldn’t satisfy with anything less than a slot site filled with the best titles of famous providers. Luckily, many of the premium NZ operators offer slots designed by NetEnt, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Thunderkick, and others.

On top of that, there’s also something in the slot bonus offerings of distinctive slot sites. NZ players can benefit from finding the sites with the best bonus offers and premium slot games included.

Real Money Bets for NZ players

Playing for real money is probably the target of all NZ players that set out to find the best gambling and betting sites. However, players should be cautious when placing bets for real money.

For instance, players that bet on slots for the first time should be aware of the bets per line, the number of paying lines, and total bet aspects. Without proper knowledge of the games, players could easily be staking more than they plan on.

The same goes for live casino games and even sports betting as players need some pre-knowledge before playing for real money.

Another reason why players should be careful with such bets is the bankroll. It’s tough to plan your bankroll if you don’t have sufficient information on the game you play.

To avoid any of the mentioned difficulties, we recommend our players to play for demo credits first.

Knowing your Game Type

Sometimes it can be tough to decide which type of online gambling and betting suits you the most. To help you with the dilemma, our experts invested great efforts to make the choice easier for you.

NZ players have access to diverse online games in 2021, so it takes some knowledge to make the best decision. It’s all up to personal player preferences of course, but some details can help.

That being said, let’s go over some main tactics of choosing the best-suited game for NZ players:

Game Characteristics

To make the best decision on the type of games to bet on, NZ players should have the characteristics and goals in focus. Different games come with different characteristics including the payout rate and maximum win limitation.

Every player wishes to make a swift and steady profit but it doesn’t work that way. Instead, players should satisfy with games that can payout lower but more often a way of ensuring some profit.

Players should watch out for the stake limitations as well as not all games have the same payout rate.

Games including Skill

NZ players should realize that in 2021, we have a great choice of games based on skill and luck. Some games like slots purely rely on luck and the random number generator. On the other hand, some games like Poker and Blackjack also require a skill.

Even sports betting can somewhat be considered a game on skill as it requires information about the event. Players surely have bigger chances of winning games that rely on both luck and skill.

On the other hand, games like slots and roulette rely mostly on luck, and all a player can do is sit back and observe the outcome.

Information means half a win

Sometimes staying informed of the event you are placing a bet on already means a lot in the quest for big wins. Especially when it comes to sports betting, players can make decisions based on the information on the event.

So, staying informed about the possible injuries, team stamina, conditions of the game on matchday can greatly help.

It’s not even strictly related to sports betting as all bets require at least some knowledge of the game itself.

Games on Luck

When it comes to games on luck, it’s usually related to slots and roulette. These games require small to none tactics and strategy and more depend on luck instead.

Although players can affect the winning amount with their decisions, the games still greatly rely on luck. For instance, players can adjust the stakes and bets per line on slots depending on the payout needed.

Also, those betting on roulette can decide to go for low double chances or single number bets. Still, it’s mostly up to the RNG as the sort of luck generator for the game. This aspect affects the outcome of playing games on luck.

Gaming Pace

A great part of the outcome also depends on the gaming pace when betting or gambling online. NZ players should set their own preferable pace in play to avoid any problems.

The gaming time is a more valuable aspect than most players consider it to be. If you manage to find the best game that suits your desired pace, it’s a winning combination.

Winning Chances

A lot of it comes down to winning chances in online gambling and betting. No matter if it’s slots, live dealing games, or sports betting, it all depends on the payout ratio.

Players that wish to achieve higher winning results should either bet on high odds or bet on low odds with high stakes. Still, no player should lose more than what’s affordable, so the most important thing is to stay moderate.

Casino and Betting Bonuses

Finding the most convenient online casino bonuses is crucial to avoid losing money at the beginning. The bonuses can also help players to discover new games and test them.

Luckily, nowadays we can witness a variety of online gambling bonuses and promotions. NZ players can make use of the offers like Free Spins bonus, deposit bonus, and no deposit bonuses.

The casinos also offer welcome bonus packages to get you started in the best way possible. These offers include both deposit match bonuses and free spins given to players upon registration.

Also, there’re bonuses specific for online betting sites like the Free Bet bonuses. Players that enjoy betting on sports in NZ will certainly make use of such. Not only do bonuses help you browse through new games, but they also help establish a bankroll.

Probability of Winning

Ultimately, it all depends on the winning chances of the games available to NZ players in 2021. Different players may come with different preferences regarding winning expectations and payouts.

So, our team of Casinoble experts made sure to provide NZ players with the necessary information about the winning chances.

House Edge

One of the most important factors of online gambling and betting is the house edge of casinos and betting sites. Online casinos ensure their house edge through the RTP percentage on slots and live casino games.

The usual amount of RTP for slots is in the range of 94% to 97% while some live games like Blackjack have higher RTP.

Betting sites make use of the odds that are always turned to the operators and players should have this in mind at all times.

Still, it’s possible to partially overcome this edge by logical betting and moderate stakes.


The random number generator serves as insurance for online casinos that they’re always in a steady profit. The general RTP of 96% on standard slots means that players get 96 out of 100 spins returned in value.

Players should have in mind that this value isn’t guaranteed for every 100 spins. Especially during the bonuses, players can win up to x5000 of the stake and more on some games. However, if players keep playing after each big win, eventually the casino would profit from RNG.

So, knowing your limit can greatly impact the outcome of games on luck.

Slot RTP

The return to player value on slot games and some casino games present several returned stakes on 100 spins. Some Blackjack casino games come with an RTP of 99% as they include some strategic aspects.

Slots, on the other hand, are mostly fixed through the RTP that is usually set for around 96%. This means that players rely solely on luck and the particular time of playing.

Every slot can payout at some point and every one of them can return the winnings to the casino if players fail to set a limit.

Betting Sites and Odds

As we come to the betting sites, NZ players will notice that what stands for RTP in slots is somewhat matching to odds in betting.

The house advantage is ensured via odds that are set by bookmakers to an eventual profit of the betting site. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s impossible to win on sports betting, especially if some strategy and knowledge are involved.

Even so, NZ bettors should bet responsibly and never stake more than what’s affordable.

Place Safe Bets with Real Money

Of course, gambling and betting on online casinos and betting sites can be quite exciting in 2021. NZ players have all the necessary betting options and a wide choice of casino games.

Even so, it’s hard to even for the most cautious players not to go over the wagering limit. Sometimes things can go south while online gambling and betting but it doesn’t mean you should endlessly keep staking.

The best advice of Casinoble experts for NZ players is to set a wagering limit and a bankroll before playing. Online betting and gambling is a great and exciting hobby, but rarely can one profit forever on these games.

So, limiting your betting potential and sticking to a plan can result in much less troublesome gambling. Safe bets are the best ones to place and they include wagering the amount that you’re comfortable losing.

Playing for Free at Online Casinos in 2021

Playing for free can pay off in multiple ways as most online casinos and betting sites allow it. Before entering a game, the operators often display two options to players.

It’s possible to either play for real money, or for demo credits that don’t affect the bankroll. Playing for demo credits can be fun as players can experience games they didn’t have the chance to try.

This way, players can gain initial knowledge on the games and prepare. The dynamics of the game, layout, and the rules can all be learned through this process.

Players can also learn about the game features and bonuses when it comes to slots and RNG games.

It’s always smart to give a test run to the game to check its potential.

Betting Strategy for Beginners

NZ Players that are new to betting and gambling can gain valuable advice from Casinoble experts to boost their start. Getting to know the game you wish to play can be crucial on most occasions.

So, online casinos and betting enthusiasts in NZ can get started by registering on one of our recommended casinos. It’s all about the overall appeal of the site and the bonuses included to get you started.

A variety of bonuses is available to online NZ players in terms of free spins, deposit bonuses, and welcome bonuses. Another exciting type is the no deposit bonus that comes in form of free spins and playing credits.

By using these bonus offers, players can get started and experience the games without losing their money. The bankroll won’t be affected if the bonus sum is lost, making it perfect for a test run.

Those that are more comfortable with sports betting can also make use of free bet bonuses for a better start.

Playing for demo credits can also be a smart idea to get familiar with the games. Next, it’s also important to watch out for playing time and bankroll. It’s always a poor move to stake all your money at once.

Instead, players could have more benefit from separating the bankroll into lower bets. Finally, sports betting requires more knowledge than playing slots, so players should focus on the sport they follow.

Starting Betting Tips

  • Register at the best online casino: Finding the casino with a reputation is important for several factors. Players can know for sure if the casino is reliable and if it offers the best playing conditions. Our experts have gone one step further to bring you the best online casinos for NZ players in 2021.
  • Find a reliable casino: The most important thing is if you can trust the casino and its trustworthiness. You don’t want to make a mistake by choosing a casino that will cause problems with payouts. Other difficulties are also possible, so make sure that a casino is licensed by NZ authority and it’s reliable.
  • Claim bonuses and learn: Luckily, online casinos offer to gamble and betting bonuses to get you started. Still, players should be careful with the first few bets and develop a strategy. It’s best if you know about the game itself and the features included.

How to find a Reliable Casino in NZ?

It can be tough to find a reliable online casino in NZ on your own. Even experienced players often overlook the importance of casino licenses and permits.

NZ players should stick with the sites that are regulated by the domestic regulatory body. It’s most likely that unreliable casinos will allow you to bet and gamble, but when it comes to withdrawing the winnings, it gets messy.

Some players have never been able to truly withdraw their winnings from unreliable sites and this scenario should be prevented. To cope with this problem, our experts are at your disposal in enlisting the most reliable casinos in NZ for the year 2021.

Licensed NZ Casinos

The safest choice for NZ bettors and gamblers in 2021 is to with the fully-licensed casinos and betting sites. It’s not that easy to find the accordant casinos for this section, but Casinoble experts have done the work for you.

Among the licensed casinos for NZ players, it’s best to go with sites that have NZ Gambling Commission licenses.

There are, of course, some other respected licenses like the MGA or Curacao license, but the site must be approved by the domestic Gambling Commission.

Find the Certified Casinos

Besides having a full casino license, it takes much more for an online gambling and betting site in 2021 to be completely legit. One of the things that help players gain insight into the casino’s business is certification.

There’re numerous online casino certificates issued by regulatory bodies that inspect the online sites. NZ players can rely on the sites that have eCOGRA, VeriSign, TST, and Gaming Associates certificates.

Stick with Renowned Casinos

Like every other industry, the online casino field also has some renowned companies that are present for decades. NZ players are best suited to play on gambling and betting sites with a great reputation.

One of the aspects that speak for itself in the online casino business is the provision of the game. If the providers of the casino games for a specific site are also renowned and the casino has a reputation of its own, it’s a safe place for NZ players.

Some of the most prominent casino software providers in the past few decades are Microgaming, Yggdrasil, NetEnt, Evolution, and Ezugi.

Online Gambling in NZ

Online gambling and betting in NZ is regulated via a domestic regulatory body and represented by NZ Gambling Commission. It’s completely safe for players to place bets on regulated sites recommended by Casinoble experts.

It’s important to stick with the sites that are already proven as trustworthy and respected in the industry. Although it’s possible to come to difficulties in online gambling, NZ players that stick to licensed sites are safe to go.

Gamble Responsibly on NZ Casinos

Precaution is a crucial measure to make use of while enjoying a session on gambling and betting sites in NZ. Domestic players are known as pokie lovers, so each player should access the casino responsibly.

Players should plan throughout their gambling session when it comes to bankroll and game choice. All players should remember that gambling is a fun activity but it can turn into a disaster if players lose more than they can afford to.