Live Roulette

What is Live Roulette Online?

Few casino games are more visually appealing than roulette, so what does live roulette online have to offer? The answer is: quite a lot. For a start, you’ll still be playing at a real casino table. Secondly, there’ll be a professional table croupier present. Live chat is often enabled too.

To ensure an authentic casino experience, live online roulette uses clever camera work and software. The roulette wheel has sensors fitted so that results appear immediately onscreen. There’s a seamless connection between the UI of the casino platform and the action on the table. You’ll see and hear the spin of the wheel.

The Roulette Wheel

Roulette is a fun casino game that relies heavily on luck. A wheel is spun with a ball in it, which eventually settles into one of 37 or 38 numbered pockets. Half of these pockets are red in color and the other half are black. Players can place various bets on the outcome.  

The possible bets a roulette player can place include the following:

  • Single number
  • Red or black
  • Odd or even
  • High or low (i.e. above or below 18)
  • Columns
  • Corner bets (a bet on four numbers at once)
  • Dozens
  • Split (betting on two numbers at once)
  • Street bet (any number in a row of three)
Roulette Wheel NZ

How to Win at Live Roulette

About American Roulette

American and European roulette differ in two key ways. The American roulette wheel has two zero pockets (0 and 00) and its numbers are ordered differently. The extra 00 pocket increases the house’s edge from 2.7% to 5.26%, since the chance of the ball landing on red or black is reduced.

American roulette is widely condemned among the gambling community because of its extra house bias. However, there are advantages. It’s widely accessible and often available with smaller minimum bets. Some players are familiar with the numbers and don’t like change. There are also less bonus restrictions on American roulette at some online casinos.

About European Roulette

With its single 0 pocket, European roulette has a smaller house edge than the American version. In other words, the odds of winning are marginally greater at 1 in 37 instead of 1 in 38. As well, some European roulette rules give gamblers half their wagers back if the ball lands on the zero.

The actual payout for a single number win is the same on a European roulette wheel as it is on an American one. It’s 35 to 1. You don’t win more on a European wheel in any one visit, but you’ll win slightly more often. That’s why, all else being equal, you should go European.

Play Roulette in New Zealand

If you want to visit a brick-and-mortar casino in New Zealand for a roulette game, there are six to pick from. Two are in Queenstown and the others are in Hamilton, Auckland, Dunedin and Christchurch. The Auckland casino is the largest, and only the latter two are not run by Skycity Entertainment.

Online gambling in New Zealand is permitted provided the website is based in another country. Luckily, it’s easy to find a game of roulette on one of the many international casino websites, many of which welcome New Zealanders and accept the New Zealand Dollar as payment. This is handy, as it avoids conversion charges.

FAQ Online Roulette

What are advantages to playing roulette online?

Players never have to travel, and the players can play anytime they want. The players can make smaller bets to save money, and they can go to any other casino they want. They get privacy, and they can stop whenever they want while still being in the house.

How do the zeroes change the house advantage?

People who bet on a wheel that has just one zero are getting better odds because only one zero is in the way of a 50/50 bet on black and red. The players who have to work around two zeroes have worse odds because the zeroes are not red or black.

Why can’t people play roulette with a deposit bonus?

The casinos have too small of an edge on these games to afford to be able to allow players to use their free bonuses on them. This is something that people often forget, and there are other games excluded from bonuses for the same reason.

Can the player own a roulette wheel?

Most states do not stop people from owning a roulette wheel, but the wheel has to be vintage so that it really cannot be used for gambling. That is why people are not always allowed to buy new casino equipment because a permit is needed to use it.

Can people play online for free?

Players can play online for free, but they need to find the free mode in the casino so that they can play the game to learn how it works. The players who are done with the free mode can change to paid mode at any time.

What are the best bets in roulette?

Players should be on red or black, or they could bet on odd or even. They could also bet on half the numbers or the second half of the numbers. These bets spread out the risk for the player, and that makes it easier for them to win because it is as close to a 50/50 bet as the player can get. Someone who wants to stick to these bets can do fairly well.

What are the worst bets for roulette?

Any single number is going to be a terrible bet, and people who are betting on just a couple numbers are not doing much better. It would be better for people to use a wider bet that will give them more chances to win money on each spin because the game moves so fast.

What is a good place to play roulette online?

This is different for everyone, but there are a lot of reviews online that people can check to see if they can find the right kind of game for them. There are some people who never read reviews because they think all roulette tables are the same. This is not always the case.

Can people make a living playing roulette?

No. There is no way to beat this game, and that will cause problems for people because they will have a hard time winning money every time they go to the table. Someone who is trying to beat the game every day would have a hard time doing this so consistently that they would have a reliable income. That is why no one should try to beat this game or play it as a career.

How does live dealer roulette work?

Live dealer roulette has someone standing at the wheel and spinning after each bet. They run the game online just like they would in a casino, and they make sure that all bets are paid correctly when the spin is over. They can move on when the bets are paid and everyone has placed a new bet.

What is the etiquette for roulette?

Never get too drunk or smoke too much. Follow all the instructions from the dealer, and be sure that the lingo used at the table makes sense. Most people have problems with this because they want to have a good time and party. Roulette is not really a party game.

How old should someone be to play?

The player has to be 18 in most countries, and they need to be 18-21 in the US depending on the rules for the casino and the state where the person lives.

What are all the different roulette styles?

American roulette has 0 and 00. The French roulette style only has one 0. European roulette is just like French roulette, but French roulette will pay half of someone’s bet back when the ball lands on the zero and they did not bet on it.

What is Russian Roulette? Can people play it online?

No. This is a game that is meant to be played with a gun with only one bullet loaded and firing to see if the bullet discharges. This is not safe, and it is not a good form of gambling.

Are betting systems illegal?

Betting systems are not generally illegal, but casinos might frown on these systems if the player is caught using them.

I want to host casino night. Will I make money as the dealer?

More than likely the dealer will make money. This means that a lot of people can make money off their casino night, but they have to hope that they are not paying out too much on that one night. Casinos bank on making money every day and not just one night.

Are online roulette wheels fair?

Yes. All online roulette wheels in licensed casinos are managed by an RNG that will make the game as random as possible. There are many people who will check the license before playing, and this assures them that they will be safe.

What are some betting systems for roulette?

People can try any betting system they want, but there is no guarantee it will work. They might go for:

– Column king
– Cuban
– Fibonacci
– Getting
– Green black attack
– Law of the third
– Martingale
– Oscar’s Grind
– Pivot
– Or Six Pence

There are other systems to use, but this is a good starting point for people who want to learn.

How much money can people make betting black or red?

They cannot make consistent money because they are not breaking even on every bet. The wheel is not half red and half black. It has the green zeroes, and that means that someone who is betting is not breaking even. This means they are losing money, and they need to diversify their bets as much as they can.

What are the odds of a one number bet in roulette working?

The one number bet has either a 1/37 shot or a 1/38 shot of being successful depending on the style of the game and the wheel.

Does a roulette betting system work?

No. These systems do not work just because there is no way for players to account for the way that the balls will bounce across the wheel. This is a completely random game, and it has some of the worst odds in a live casino.