Free Spins

In 2021, one of the greatest opportunities for NZ slot enthusiasts is the variety of free spins offers. These days, most online casinos available to NZ players offer this kind of promotion.

It’s one of the most convenient promos in the world of online betting and gambling. In that light, all the NZ players should get familiar with the main free spins details.

To help the domestic players gain the most out of these offers, the Casinoble experts have made a complete guide. So, we’ll go over the most convenient free spins offers for NZ players, how to use them to withdraw real money, and much more.

We’ll also be focusing on the different free spins types and rules that come with it, making the choice for NZ players much easier.

Best NZ Free Spins Casinos 2021

Regardless of the rules and types of free spins, these offers also greatly depend on the casinos that offer them. Still, finding the best free spins casinos in 2021 can be tough because of the great number of sites.

The NZ bettors and gamblers are facing a true delight in 2021 as the number of convenient casinos keeps growing. However, that also means that it will take more skill in a choice to find the best free spins offer.

Having this in mind, the Casinoble experts have decided to make things easier for NZ players. So, here’s a list of best free spins casinos in 2021 recommended by our team:

Free Spins Bonuses No Deposit NZ

One of the perfect examples of what free spins represent in 2021 is the free spins no deposit bonus. This type of free spins bonus is especially interesting to all slot lovers in 2021.

The deal with this bonus is that it doesn’t require any deposits from players. Moreover, the available free spins are useable on some of the most exciting slots in 2021.

The majority of popular online casino operators in NZ offer no deposit free spins in 2021. This only makes the thrill even greater since bettors can choose the sites by preference. Nevertheless, the no deposit free spins sometimes come with additional terms attached.

Players will have to read the terms and conditions before they claim the bonuses for maximum reliability. Otherwise, the wagering requirement or other terms attached could drastically affect the bonus usage.

The players must be familiar with every detail of no deposit free spins just to be sure.

New Free Spins Bonuses in 2021

The new free spins offers available in 2021 come in various forms depending on the site that offers them. This year, we also have the chance to see some new instances of free spins bonuses.

The NZ operators often include exciting types of free spins like the reloading free spins bonuses. Reloading free spins tend to repeat after some periods to award the loyal players. On the other hand, free spins offer also take the form of tournament prizes on different casino sites.

Also, some exciting promotions involve cashback options that award the players with free spins as a consolation prize after a loss. Still, there’re plenty of other options that involve players winning free spins in 2021. To get to know all of them, stay tuned to the Casinoble guides!

Choosing the best Free Spins Bonuses in 2021

Knowing all the free spins types available in 2021 is one thing, but choosing the best offer can be rather difficult. So, to truly understand how to claim the best free spins, the NZ players will have to apply certain methods.

It would be a shame if the players would satisfy with the free spins offer that is surpassed by better offers. Still, it all depends on the wagering requirements, conditions, and the number of spins attached.

So, to help the NZ players gain the most out of the free spins bonuses in 2021, the Casinoble experts recommend the following methods:

  • Weigh up the offers: First off, it’s crucial to weigh the free spins by taking a look into multiple offers. Then, the NZ players can make a better decision by comparing the offers. Some crucial aspects of comparison would be the number of spins available and the rules attached. However, even the game limitations can play a significant role. Namely, if the free spins available are in term with specific games, offers without such a limit are better.
  • Consider the offers enabling withdrawals: In the world of free spins bonuses, the most important thing is that the casino enables you to make a withdrawal. Most of the options that are available in 2021 include some terms and conditions. However, the terms like wagering requirements could drastically affect the bonuses. So, it would be best for players if they choose the offers that come without withdrawal limitations.
  • Understand the wagering requirements: Knowing the meaning of the wagering requirements is crucial for free spins offers in 2021. Not only do wagering requirements limit the free spins, but they also require additional playing time. That means that if a wagering requirement is set for x35, players are in for hours of play. The x35 wagering includes staking the won amount until it reaches its x35 value in spins made. So, it could take some time to complete such a task.
  • Free spins winning limits: The free spins bonuses often come with winning limits set to protect the operators. Depending on the number of the spins given and the slot potential, the limits can widely differ. So, it’s always best if players select the offers without winning limits for maximum thrill.

How to Claim a quality Free Spins offer?

Although it’s sometimes easy to find and compare the free spins offers, it’s much more difficult to claim them with ease. We’ve already mentioned all the free spins offers and their conditions, so claiming the quality free spins includes much inquiry.

The NZ punters should take a close look into the terms and conditions first before claiming any offers. In that light, it’s clear that claiming quality free spins isn’t an easy task.

Luckily, the Casinoble experts are there to help all NZ punters manage claiming of free spins bonuses in 2021:

  • Careful selection of free spins: Once carefully selected, the free spins can turn out to be a massive hit for domestic bettors and gamblers. It doesn’t take that much attention to discover the premium free spins. All it takes is to compare a few bonuses and choose one with the best conditions. In other words, it’s all up to players to choose the unlimited free spins for carefree use.
  • Follow the bonus codes: By following the bonus codes, the NZ players could end up finding even more useful free spins! So, to always remain updated on the best free spins offers in 2021, make sure to follow the bonus codes issued by casino sites. Even some bonus code free spins include wagering requirements, so always carefully.
  • Watch out for welcome bonuses: Free spins bonuses are often awarded to newly registered players on NZ casino sites. New players always gain the most out of the free spins bonuses as these offers feature the best prizes. So, keep an eye on the welcoming bonuses of various NZ online casinos. You never know when the best free spins offer will strike!
  • Withdrawal of the free spins bonus: It could all go in vain regarding the best free spins offers in 2021 if the players are unable to make withdrawals. The wagering requirements and other limitations could drastically affect these offers. Being unable to withdraw the winnings creates the worst possible sensation for online players. Players should always check the free spins requirements and terms before claiming the bonus.

Tackling the Wagering Requirements 2021

A free spins bonus having wagering requirements is one thing, but trying to figure out these requirements is a whole other sphere. In 2021, the amount of online gambling offers steadily grows.

This means that free spins bonuses with wagering limits are often available to make an edge for the house. Even so, the NZ players could still tackle this issue with knowledge.

It takes some information to manage the lowest wagering requirements on the internet, yet it’s still possible. The NZ punters just need to know exactly what they’re looking for in the wagering limits.

To help the domestic players combat this issue, the Casinoble experts will instruct you to make the best choice regardless of the wagering limits:

  • Know the T&Cs: By knowing all the terms and conditions of the bonus, NZ players can find out all about the wagering as well. Once all the sufficient information is set, players can make the best possible decision. Free spins sometimes also come with additional terms, so it requires a thorough look being made by the players.
  • Wagering Requirement limit: Once you get to know the wagering requirement in its essence, it gets easier to calculate the winnings. So, if the bonus comes with an x25 requirement, it could be much easier to withdraw than the one with x50 or higher.
  • Winning limitations: Sometimes, even the winning limitations could affect the wagering requirement. This comes to expression mostly when the winning limits prevent the complete usage of the wagering requirement. For instance, sometimes the wagering could be too high and it could mean going above the winning limit. Once again, knowing all the details is the only certainty.
  • Calculate the winnings: Knowing the exact wagering requirement also helps in making withdrawals. By calculating the exact number, the NZ players have much more to gain. This way, if the wagering requirement is set for x50, the players can know how much it takes to reach the withdrawal limit. The winning amount needs to be wagered in the designated value to reach the withdrawal limit.

What does it take to turn the bonus into real money?

Finally, we come to the most important aspect of free spins bonuses – knowing what it takes to make a withdrawal. In other words, details of turning the bonus into real money are crucial.

Some players might be unfamiliar with these details and it takes some time to become a true expert. However, the advice given by the Casinoble experts can greatly help.

Our team is happy to share the following methods with NZ players to help to make the most out of free spins in 2021:

  • Know the limit: The wagering limit is often underrated by the players since it can help you in this mission. Of course, the higher the limit, the more difficult it can be to turn the bonus into real money. Nonetheless, it can also be beneficial if the players manage to calculate the necessary limit. This way, you can know how much you need to reach before being able to withdraw.
  • Learn about the slot: If the free spins given are awarded for a single slot only, the players can benefit from learning about it. On the other hand, some free spins apply for all slots and the players should always go for these offers.
  • RTP can make a difference: When talking about free spins on specific slots, the RTP can greatly affect the outcome. Namely, the RTP can be much different on some slots compared to the highly volatile games. So, knowing the RTP can truly make a difference in free spins usage.
  • Choose the slots with high return: In case you can choose the slot for the free spins bonus, always go for the slots with a higher return. Moreover, playing the games with several bonuses and in-game features can also make a difference.
  • Be realistic: The free spins bonuses just sound too good to be true and sometimes – they are! So, the most important thing to do when using them is to realize that it all depends on luck. This way, you can never get disappointed if things go south with the free spins bonus!

Free Spins Bonus Types in NZ

Now that we’ve covered all the essential details, the NZ players will wish to know the exact bonus types. In 2021, the different kinds of free spins bonuses are available to players, depending on the operator.

The Casinoble experts always recommend knowing all the bonus types to be able to choose the best one. So, our team made a complete guide of all free spins types to help all NZ players in their quest!

Deposit free spins

The deposit free spins are given as a promotion for players that make their first deposit on the site. Afterward, along with the deposit match bonus, the new players get free spins as part of the bonus package. The deposit free spins are often given without any further conditions, making them convenient for the players.

Free Spins without Deposit

Besides the deposit free spins, NZ punters in 2021 can also get no deposit free spins. Although the no deposit spins are often given as part of specific promotions, they’re also the most convenient ones. Namely, the players aren’t required to make any deposits to claim these offers and that’s what makes them special!

Welcome Free Spins

The welcome free spins are among the best free spins offers as they award the newly-registered players. So, the novice players on the site can get a quality boost on their initial gambling quests. Still, the welcome free spins sometimes come with additional requirements, so be sure to check the rules first.

Wagering Free Spins

The free spins offer that include wagering requirements are perhaps the worst in the opinion of NZ players. Still, these offers include the largest number of free spins, while the additional requirements make the players keep wagering. With these bonuses, it’s crucial to know the rules before claiming the free spins.

Free Spins without Limits

On the other hand, the free spins that come without wagering requirements are most beloved by NZ players. These bonuses include no additional terms and players are free to manage withdrawals as they please.

Mobile Casino Free Spins

Sometimes the NZ operators award the players that only use mobile platforms to place the bets. In this case, the players can hope for a treat in form of the no-limit free spins that come as a unique reward by the operators.

Live Casino Free Spins

Live Casino free spins don’t offer the spins for slot games, but live dealing games. So, the lovers of Bingo and other Live games that include bonuses, this kind of free spins is the best.

VIP Award Free Spins

The VIP or loyalty free spins are the ones that loyal players can look forward to. These offers are often given on regular basis in terms of the award period. Still, even such spins could include additional requirements so players should check them on time.

Free Spins in 2021 – Extra Referrals

On some occasions, the free spins bonuses aren’t designated as free spins on online gambling sites. So, the NZ players should know all the other synonyms used to describe the free spins bonuses.

Among such names, there’s a variety of other options that NZ players should be familiar with when claiming the bonuses:

  • Real Money Spins
  • Extra Slot Spins
  • Power Slot Spins
  • Free Rounds
  • Free Games
  • Bonus Slot Spins

Use the Free Spins Responsibly

Although some free spins come without any additional requirements, the NZ bettors should, either way, use it responsibly. Responsible gaming is the whole goal of online play.

So, the Casinoble experts always recommend using the bonuses responsibly and not going over the limit. Free Spins could motivate the players to play more and responsible players always set the limit.

Still, the free spins are exciting to use and all the NZ bettors should use them, with a little dose of precaution.


How to find the best free spins offers in NZ?

Finding the best free spins bonuses in NZ isn’t as easy as it sounds. Still, Casinoble experts could use the full potential of the bonus offers. That being said, going through the list of the best free spins bonuses recommended by our team is a must-do!

What types of free spins are there in 2021?

In 2021, NZ players are in for a delight regarding the free spins types. Among the offers available, the no deposit free spins and free spins without limits stand out the best.

When can you claim the free spins offers?

NZ players can claim free spins offers while registering, as a welcome prize, or as a loyalty prize depending on the casino.

What are the best NZ free Spins casinos in 2021?

The best free spins casinos in 2021 are numerous for NZ bettors. Depending on the type of casino wanted, the list of Casinoble free spins casinos could help.

Are free spins and free bets the same?

The free bets are only used for online betting, while the free spins can be used strictly on slots and live dealing games.

How to claim free spins offers?

The first step towards claiming the free spins offers is to register on an online casino site that offers the bonus. Next, it takes going through the rules and visiting the bonuses and promotions sector of the site. Ultimately, the free spins should be easy for claiming with these few steps.

Are there no deposit free spins?

Of course, in 2021, the NZ players can claim the free spins offers that don’t require any deposit being made by players.

What does the free spin wagering represent?

The wagering requirement includes calculating the required wagering of the bonus before the amount is eligible for withdrawal. So, to be sure that a bonus comes with a fair conditions, be sure to check the wagering requirement.