Best Casinos for Online Scratchcards

Best Casinos for Online Scratchcards

Best Casinos for Online Scratchcards

Online scratchcards bring together the best of gambling: instant wins, quick fun and endless opportunities.

Though online slots may dominate most online casinos, many of the best online casino sites offer a range of scratchcard games that all Kiwis can safely enjoy.

If you’re looking to play scratch cards online and want to find the best online casinos, use the comparison on this page or read more to learn which scratch cards are the best.

Best Casinos for Online Scratchcards

Useful tips:

  • Sign up at licensed casinos to enjoy gambling safely
  • Don't forget about first deposit bonuses
  • Choose the highest RTP scratch cards for better winnings


Playing scratch cards online is a great alternative to buying physical tickets – you can easily enjoy quick lottery rounds with instant win scratchcards without leaving your home.

Though scratch cards may not be the predominant game in most casinos, there’s still a place for them in many NZ online casinos.

If you’re the kind of gambler who enjoys quick-paced games, doesn’t want to read long rules and game information and is just looking for some fun pastime games, scratchcards may fit the bill.

Find the best casinos for instant win scratchcards from our comparison to start playing today.


Pros Cons

  • Online scratchcard games are fast-paced
  • Possible to participate in jackpot games
  • Very low minimum bets
  • RTP may not be the highest
  • Scratchcards may not be available everywhere
  • May become tedious after a few rounds

Yes, you can play online scratch cards at many reputable online casinos. Many game developers have created special virtual scratchcards that resemble the physical lottery version, but the whole action takes place online, similar to video games. You can play these scratch cards for real money and win actual cash, too.

The best scratchcard is usually the one that provides the biggest excitement via higher RTP or better prizes, such as bonus rounds, multipliers, jackpots and other features. You can find some recommendations for the best scratchcards from our informative guide.

Yes, online scratch cards can be considered instant win games, since the outcome is revealed immediately and if you had a winning ticket, the sum will be credited to your balance right away. If your account doesn’t have any withdrawal restrictions (such as bonus playthrough requirements), you can cash out the balance right away.

No, online scratch cards are issued and organized by well-respected software providers that follow a strict rulebook (and carry an official license). You don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of the games, if you play on a website that has been licensed.

One of the best alternative gambling options for quick gameplay and overall simplicity would be online slot machines. Slots don’t require any previous knowledge, are quick-paced, versatile and bets are very low, suitable for gamblers with smaller budgets.

Top 5 Casinos with Scratch Cards

Navigating in the colourful world of New Zealand online casinos can be a tough cookie – if you’re not aware of the gambling industry, you won’t know if you ended up playing on a legitimate casino site.

Scratch cards may especially draw some unwanted attention due to their quick pace and simplicity, which is why it’s crucial for Kiwis to do a little bit of research before jumping to their gambling session.

The good news is that we at Casinoble have made this process easier by selecting the top casinos that currently offer various online scratch cards.

By using our comparison list, you won’t have to jump to Google or figure out the intricate details on your own.

Just use the comparison list on our site to find the best licensed online casinos for your scratch card adventures.

How We Review Casinos

How We Review Casinos

How We Review Casinos

Before you may feel comfortable opting for a casino seen in our comparison, you may want to learn how we even select these top casinos or how can we so adamantly claim these to be the top picks.

Sure, there are tens of casinos out there and many of them deserve applause, but in any case, our team goes through each casino site with a fine-toothed comb, looking through certain aspects that make up a good gambling experience.

Below, we’re highlighting some of the things we always consider before we even feel comfortable sharing a casino with you.

  • License and legitimacy

    We all know how widespread scams can be and even more so if talking about gambling which seems to draw the attention of scammers more than any other industry.To combat with these, every gambler should only sign up on licensed casino sites and not get lured into unlicensed gambling hubs that offer extravagant bonuses or make other unsubstantiated claims.There are many trustworthy gambling authorities available for this purpose: Curacao eGaming, UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority are some of the most common iGaming authorities.We highly encourage Kiwi players to sign up on casino sites that have received a license from any of these authorities.

  • Game developers

    Trust and safety go beyond the license - the game developers present on the site should also be notable, licensed and proven to be safe and legitimate.There are hundreds of awesome software developers, but some of the best names in the industry include, for example, Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, NetEnt, Blueprint Gaming, Play'n Go, Playtech, iSoftBet, Novomatic, etc.As long as the casino collaborates with any of these well-respected developers, you'll know you've opted for a good casino platform.And, of course, the more developers present on the site, the richer your experience may be.

  • Bonus options

    No matter if you're looking to play scratch cards, slots or something else, almost every NZ casino offers deposit bonuses, free spins, free bets, welcome offers, loyalty perks, and tournaments - the list of bonuses goes on and on.We always like to say that one of the signs of a high-quality casino platform is the availability and versatility of bonus offerings.You may not sign up just for the bonus offer, but it's definitely a massive added perk.We value highly platforms that offer regular bonuses, organize competitions or engaging tournaments and have fair bonus conditions that make the offerings worthwhile to use.

  • Terms and conditions

    As we mentioned bonus conditions, the general fairness of the casino's terms and conditions is perhaps the most notable factor to consider.When talking about terms and conditions, the ones concerning deposits, withdrawals and bonuses may matter the most.For example, every casino has different rules on withdrawal processing speed, allowed payment limits, wagering requirements, playthrough speed, bonus unlocking conditions and so on.Make sure to read terms before signing up - these will make all the difference and may become crucial especially when making real-money bets and cashing out winnings (or using bonuses).

Top 5 Scratch Cards with the Highest RTP

Scratch card games have notoriously low odds and high house edge compared to other games (even online slots tend to have higher odds).

However, this is not a complete rule since many game providers have come up with fabulous online scratch cards with far better RTP rates.

Here are the best online scratch cards currently available for those who’d like to play higher RTP games for possibly bigger wins.

Lucky Numbers

It’s no surprise that one of the best online scratch cards has an Asian-focused theme: we all know how beloved Chinese numerology is and how many casino games take inspiration from Asian culture.

This Microgaming scratch card features an RTP of 96.57% and is packed with multipliers ranging up to x5 for additional wins.

Whack a Jackpot

Another fan-favourite from Microgaming, Whack a Jackpot is inspired by the popular Whack a Mole game and comes with an RTP of 96.30%, giving some competition even to top slot machines.

It’s a rather unique online scratchcard since you’ll have to hit rats that appear on the playing field.

This is not your regular instant win scratch card, that’s for sure!

Wish Upon a Jackpot

Great graphics increase the play fun immensely and this is especially seen in the Wish Upon a Jackpot online scratchcard.

The game features an RTP of 96.06%, but that’s not even the entire appeal of the game: the scratch card has a beautiful fairytale-themed look with fun characters and graphics.

If you prefer games with a better visual appeal, then this is the online scratchcard for you.

The Pig Wizard

We are quite sure you didn’t expect to play an online scratch card that involves around a pig, or even more – a wizard who also happens to be a pig.

This innovative scratch card will bring you good luck if you happen to reveal three pig symbols.

Beyond the RTP of 95.82%, the fun scratch card has a lucrative progressive Vegas jackpot that may open up great winnings.

Merlin’s Millions

One of the most well-known online scratchcards Merlin’s Millions brings immense fun to NZ gamblers with its 95.17% RTP and a huge jackpot reaching over 250 000 dollars.

The scratch card game comes with a nice medieval theme and includes beloved characters like the Wizard Merlin and King Arthur.

Your only goal in the game: reveal at least three similar symbols to receive a nice reward.

About Scratch Cards

About Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards are some of the easiest and quickest casino games.

There are literally no specific rules to learn – you only have to ‘scratch’ the ticket to reveal the symbols underneath.

It’s all based on the luck of the draw: you’ll either receive an instant win or nothing at all.

This simplicity and quick pace has obviously enticed New Zealand gamblers, but these days, scratch card games are available for playing even via mobile phones – no need to buy physical tickets anymore.

Due to their simple nature, scratchcards tend to have lower odds compared to other games (especially traditional casino games).

However, depending on the game, there may be special bonus prizes or even jackpots for big wins.

In most cases, however, scratchcards are more of a matter of having fun with a simple, quick game, that doesn’t involve learning any rules.

About Scratch Cards

History of Scratch Cards

Scratch cards don’t exactly have the longest history – their main popularity got started in the 70s, together with many other trends.

However, as years went past, these fast-paced instant win scratch cards became massively popular, almost catching up with sports betting or all the games usually available in casinos.

Scratch cards took off especially well in the UK and the United States, but Kiwis have always been fascinated by the opportunity to win instantly, too, like everyone worldwide.

The technological advancements that have brought us online casinos have also changed the world of scratch card games forever, and now, people don’t need to buy physical tickets anymore.

Instead, everyone can play scratchcards online and enjoy the same perks, or even more: online scratch game options come with great graphics, themes, bonuses and jackpots.


Predictions about Scratch Cards

New technologies and the increasing predominance of online gambling lead many to ponder the future of scratch cards, especially since scratchcard tickets have been popular for tens of years in their physical form.

The iGaming world grows by the minute, with more and more people playing online or via their mobile devices.

This exciting trend may carry over to scratchcard games too, but that’s not guaranteed, seeing how the winning odds may not match up to slots or more strategic card games.

Scratchcards have their place for many people, and lotto NZ is not going anywhere, but at this point, it’s hard to say if online lottery like scratchcards have any place for NZ gamblers in the future.



RTP – Return to player percentage. A theoretical percentage showcasing the possible win ratio obtainable in the game.

Instant win game – A quick online gambling game that may result in a quick win that’s withdrawable immediately. Slots and scratchcards fall under this category since winnings are withdrawable immediately (unless bonuses with playthrough requirements are used).

Wager – A.k.a a bet, a monetary amount placed in the game to make a game round or buy a lottery ticket.

Deposit – A monetary contribution made by the player to fund the account (for example, via a bank account or a debit card) and place a real-money bet.

Jackpot – The top prize of the scratchcard, usually obtained from special bonus rounds or when matching special symbols. Scratchcard jackpots may reach hundreds of thousands.

Bonus – An additional cash prize, either available inside the game or as an extra perk granted by the online casino.


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