Best Evolution Gaming Online Casinos in New Zealand

Best Casinos with Evolution in New Zealand


Evolution Gaming is without a doubt the leading live casino software provider in the world. Within a little more than 10 years, this company has taken the iGaming world by storm and now, all of the best online casinos in the world provide Evolution’s live dealer games. If you’re looking to enjoy some live casino games, Evolution Gaming is a clear choice. You can find the best Evolution casinos in New Zealand by checking out our comparison list right here on our page – we’ve reviewed Evolution Gaming casinos and listed the top ones all in one place.


Useful tips

  • Don’t forget to try Evolution’s gameshows
  • You can claim welcome bonuses after first-time deposit
  • Make sure to only gamble at licensed casino sites


When you think about casinos, you’ll most likely think about roulette, blackjack or other classic table games.

It’s no secret that all of this can be enjoyed via online casinos these days, without ever having to leave your home. 

However, the reason why you can easily enjoy hundreds of live dealer games from the comfort of your home, lies in software providers such as Evolution Gaming that develop state-of-the-art live dealer games.

Evolution Gaming is the world’s leading company when it comes to live dealer games and thus, if you’re looking for the best possible live gambling experience, there’s no one better than Evolution.

You can enjoy Evolution’s games at all of the best New Zealand online casinos, such as the ones we’ve ranked right here at Casinoble.

Take your pick from any of the listed online casinos to enjoy Evolution’s top games today.


Pros Cons

  • Evolution’s gameshows are top-of-the-line
  • Huge live dealer game range
  • Found at almost all NZ online casinos
  • Bet sizes may not work for everyone
  • Progressive jackpots aren’t available
  • In-game betting options may not suit everyone’s taste

Yes, Evolution Gaming’s live casino games are all available in New Zealand. You can find tens of online casino sites offering Evolution’s games, plus there are many offshore live casino sites broadcasting Evolution’s live dealer tables, too.

You can find the best online casinos with Evolution’s portfolio by checking out the comparison list here at Casinoble. We’ve listed all of the best New Zealand casinos that currently carry Evolution Gaming games, too.

The exact return to player and payout percentages vary depending on the game and its rules. Some live casino games (like blackjack) may have better odds, but these may also depend on strategy and skills. Evolution’s gameshows tend to have lower RTPs, but there are bonus rounds with huge payouts, which may make up for it.

No, Evolution Gaming live dealer tables require placing real money bets. You can only observe the game, if you’d like, but you can’t actually participate in the game for free, as you would with slot games or computer-based games.

Most New Zealand online casinos with Evolution games offer some deposit bonuses, welcome offers or other promotions. Keep your eye on the comparison list we’ve published on our page, since we also showcase some of the best casino bonuses that are currently available for Kiwi players.

Top 5 Casinos with Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming has become such a big power in the live casino industry that it’s almost impossible to find New Zealand casinos without Evolution’s tables.

This means that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding great online casinos with Evolution’s tables.

However, this sheer volume brings up a small, yet pleasant issue: choosing the top Evolution casino may be tough, since the selection is so vast.

It’s like picking out bread in the supermarket: you have so many options you may not even know where to go from there.

That’s exactly why Casinoble has highlighted the best Evolution casinos right on this page, so you don’t have to spend your precious hours comparing online casinos.

We’ve reviewed and rated casinos based on an array of factors, and based on that, we feel confident in bringing some of the industry’s finest casino sites to you – all of which contain Evolution’s live dealer tables.

How We Review Online Casinos

How We Review Casinos

How We Review Online Casinos

As we mentioned previously, we’ve highlighted the best Evolution casinos according to certain factors that make up a great online casino.

Of course, before you jump into any decisions, you should know how these online casinos are reviewed and evaluated, which is why we’re now detailing more thoroughly some of the main factors we always consider when reviewing New Zealand casinos:

  • Safety and security

    Live casino gamblers should always be cautious before signing up. Casinos must be properly licensed and carry a valid certification from any well-known organizations (such as the MGA or UKGC).

  • Game variety

    Evolution Gaming casinos are largely known for great live table selection, but beyond that, the best online casinos also feature thousands of online slots, or even an elaborate sports betting feature.

  • Bonus offers

    Once you start betting in Evolution casinos, you’ll get to enjoy various deposit bonuses, promotions, and tournaments. The more offers available in the casino on a regular basis, the more reasons for you to enjoy some live dealer fun! We always evaluate the worth of bonus offers (and analyze bonus terms, too).

  • Payment methods

    The best Evolution casinos should offer various local payment methods (especially card payments and some more common electronic wallets). Additionally, payment limits and withdrawal speed matter a lot, too, so these should be considered when deciding on the perfect online casino.

  • User-friendliness

    Last but not least, top online casinos deliver a glitch-free smooth gambling experience and all of that on your phone. Best New Zealand Evolution casinos should definitely be available for both iOS and Android.

History of Evolution Gaming

History of Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming seems like a quite fresh company, but it was actually founded in 2006 by three Swedish businessmen.

From the start, the company’s focus was solely on live casino games and that’s what they set out to do: provide amazing live dealer tables.

The company grew slowly but surely, and by 2016, they had opened several huge live studios across Europe.

In fact, Evolution has one of the world’s most revolutionary live studios in Riga, Latvia.

2017 was a stepping stone for Evolution as the company got listed on the local stock market, where it remains today with its strong presence.

Throughout the years, Evolution has consistently released new live casino games, but more importantly, acquired several other software providers to expand its steadily growing empire.

Two especially noteworthy acquisitions are Ezugi and NetEnt, both of which dealt with live dealer games.

Now, Evolution Group contains several companies that produce some of the most beloved slot machines, so the company’s growth has been nothing short of spectacular.

History of Evolution Gaming

Live Casino Games

Evolution is most well known for its traditional live dealer games, a.k.a online versions of beloved physical gambling games.

The entire live casino portfolio they harbor grows practically every year, but these three table games may especially be worth your time.

Live Roulette

Evolution couldn’t be the king of the live dealer niche without spectacular live roulette tables.

If you enjoy good old roulette, Evolution’s live roulette is a real treat for you.

The entire Evolution’s roulette lineup includes several game versions, each with its own bonus features or other fun mechanics.

No matter the roulette table, there’s always an amazing HD-quality video stream waiting for you, together with a professional live dealer, statistics tab, and all the beloved roulette bets.

Live Craps

Craps is almost notorious for its gameplay: we’ve probably all seen craps from TV shows or movies, where enthusiastic gamblers roll a dice.

Before Evolution came along, no other software provider had dared to bring this adrenaline to live casinos.

Evolution changed the live casino industry for good with its Live Craps which does an excellent job with delivering the same casino thrill to online casino users.

In Live Craps, you’ll even find an actual tutorial, in case this game is new to you (plus, you can enjoy plenty of other tools, such as a dynamic statistics board).

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is definitely a popular live casino game, but Evolution has increased its fame even further with its excellent live baccarat tables.

Similar to other game niches, Evolution has produced several table varieties for you to choose from, including the mesmerizing Lightning Baccarat or fun No Commission Baccarat.

Evolution Gaming’s baccarat comes packed with several side bets and as always, you can see some important information snippets from the in-game statistics tab.

Live Game Shows

Game shows and Evolution Gaming have almost become synonyms for one another.

It wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say that game shows are largely the creation of Evolution.

This extraordinary live game niche resembles studio games you may remember from TV.

Thanks to Evolution, you now have the chance to try these games from the comfort of your home, without having to score a chance to get to the TV audience.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is exactly as crazy as the name suggests: this money-wheel-based studio game may bring winnings that go up to 25 000x!

According to Evolution’s nature, Crazy Time boasts an incredible studio design that is an experience in itself. 

But of course, the huge winnings and fun bonus rounds are the main reasons to try this game, especially if you’re bored or tired – this game should definitely perk you right up.

Monopoly Live

When Evolution Gaming first came out with Monopoly Live, it felt almost too good to be true.

As the name suggests, this is the actual live casino version of the beloved board game we all played when we were kids.

The game includes a big money wheel where you can place your bets, but if you’re lucky enough to end up in the 3D bonus round, you can enjoy Mr. Monopoly himself via a stunning augmented reality studio.

From out-of-this-world graphics to nostalgia and fun bonuses, this game is the epitome of live dealer games.

Deal or No Deal

There’s a good chance you know this game from TV – it’s the good old “briefcase” TV game, where players get to choose a briefcase and hope to win some cash.

Evolution’s live version is largely the same: you can also win certain cash prizes, depending on which briefcase you land on.

Thanks to an actual game show host, this live game resembles the TV version almost to the T, but also features some extra features for even greater excitement.

First Person Games

If you thought game shows are revolutionary, then we have another surprise for you: First Person games.

Evolution invented a completely new game niche that combines the RNG system with live dealer games, letting you switch between the two features whenever you’d like.

You can play roulette alone or switch to the live dealer version, according to your mood and preference.

First Person Roulette

In a nutshell, Evolution’s First Person Roulette is no different from the regular game, and similar to the regular roulette version, this one comes also packed with different table versions.

Of course, you can enjoy the standard single zero roulette in the First Person version and you have all the common betting options available.

The main perk of this feature is the possibility to always switch to the live dealer roulette if you should feel like it.

First Person Baccarat

Some would say that baccarat is a social game, but sometimes, you just want to play alone – or after a while, switch to the live dealer.

That’s exactly why First Person Baccarat comes in so handy. 

Evolution has adapted 12 different baccarat versions for the First Person feature, so you have plenty of options, even the No Commission Baccarat version.

First Person Baccarat is definitely something to experience, especially since you have various mechanics at your disposal (like shuffling the shoe).

First Person Blackjack

Of course, Evolution Gaming hasn’t left blackjack out of the mix.

First Person Blackjack combines the best of the two worlds and brings you an exciting opportunity to place blackjack bets alone, if you’d like, or spice things up with the live dealer version.

If you’d like to play blackjack without other players being present or just want to practice, this version is the ideal option.

Plus, it’s based on the regular blackjack version, so you can refine your skills.


Predictions About Evolution Gaming

There’s probably not a single person out there who would currently doubt in Evolution’s capabilities.

It’s not just one small software provider: it’s an entire corporation that harbors other game providers and continues acquiring new assets to expand its portfolio.

Evolution Gaming is especially well established in Europe, but recently, the company has spread its reach to North America, too, to provide Mega Ball to the American market.

The company’s expansion to North America definitely paves the way for Evolution to grow even bigger year after year.

What’s more, we can definitely expect many new games released by Evolution, as the company has promised to issue at least a hundred different fresh games soon.

You can definitely expect to hear from this software provider a lot in the coming years.



  • RNGRandom Number Generator, a complex system that issues a random result on every turn, resulting in randomized results in casino games.
  • Live studio – The physical casino studio where the live came is being filmed at. Usually, it’s a specially built studio building where dealers are being filmed in real-time.
  • First person game – Special casino game niche that combines a slot-like RNG table with an option to switch to a live dealer table at any time.
  • Bet – The amount placed on one game round. Depending on the game, minimum bets may range around a few NZD.
  • Bonus – The amount offered by the casino as a part of a promotional offer, in turn for your deposit or bets.
  • Deposit – The amount added by you to the casino account, so real money bets could be placed.


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