Casino Scams To Avoid

Scam is widely spreading throughout Las Vegas, and most people don't suspect. After all, a scammer wouldn't tell you he wants to scam you. Instead, you will only be conscious after you have already lost your money.

Scams are everywhere including offline and online casinos. The worse part is that many people don't even know when they are about to be victims of a scam. But what we care about is how you can stop being a victim.

We want to discuss the various antics scammers always use to get at unsuspecting victims on the streets of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Scam: Blinding the Slots

Indeed, there may have been advancement in technology, but that hasn't made the slot a perfect one. There are still some loopholes that scammers exploit. This vulnerability was discovered by a clever man named Tommy Glenn Carmichael.

This man hailed from Oklahoma and is a genius when it comes to technology. Carmichael didn't tamper with the slot machine directly.

He built a device that would tamper with the sensor in the chute (the dispensing channel). So, this sensor will malfunction and continue dispensing more coins than usual whenever he wins. The machine will continue to payout coins until Carmichael is satisfied, smart move, right?

That antic was so tactful, and no one would suspect. Watching him play the game generally, you would think he is one of the few players that win big in the casino. But deep down, he was eating up the casino funds.

He continued on and on in this illegal act, but he was eventually caught. He was then sentenced to prison for a year and a trial period of three years. He also received an eternal ban from stepping into any casino in Las Vegas.

Frankly, the precise amount of money that he has swindled couldn't be accounted for. But estimates made say that he would have collected about a million from the casino. This scam is special, unique, and enjoyable.

Las Vegas Scam: Right at the Casino

Some downright crazy rules back up some cheats. This type of scam is worse because it is legal. This even makes it easier for anyone to fall for the scam.

Of recent, casinos in Las Vegas had some games modified in their favor. Generally, Double Zero is known to be the standard for casinos in northern America, while the triple zero roulette is known to be the worst offenders. However, this is considered very bad because the triple-zero roulette is on another level.

Unsuspecting or inexperienced players can easily fall for this scam, but the experienced ones try as much as possible to avoid them. The trick behind it is that the third zero was added, so it can always favor the house, and the players keep losing. It was added to give the house an edge of 7.69%.

Another legal scam that players experience is the case of dealers sharing wrong cards to players, the blackjack, and many more.


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