Ezugi No Commission Baccarat: All You Need to Know

The Ezugi, no commission Baccarat, is among the oldest casino games among gamers in Asia, whether first-timers or professionals. It is a live Baccarat variant that does not require paying the usual 5% Banker wins commission. Apart from the 0.5:1, the game's payout is 1:1 for a Banker' Bet winning a 6. A super six side bet that plays 15:1 is available on this game.

Other available side bets include Banker/Player Bonus, Banker/Player Pair, Perfect Pair. Although the game may look quite sophisticated, you can easily understand how the game is played. You can play the game via your tablets, mobile apps, or on your desktop. The gaming experience in real-time is exciting, and an unlimited number of players can play the game.

Rules of Playing Ezugi No Commission Baccarat

The dealer announces the start of the game after which you can place your bets. You and all other players must bet against the house. Betting ends as soon as the dealer announces that it is over. You can stake a single or multiple wagers. You can choose to bet on a tie or select Banker/player without the need to bet on Player or Banker.

How it Begins

At first, the dealer deals with four cards from the shoe with the third and first card being the player. The dealer deals the fourth and second card for the Banker. The Player or Banker Pair is determined by the cards. The third card rules influence the next card that must be drawn, which depends on the Baccarat table. The Banker remains at six and draws closer on zero through five.

The dealer deals the card from an eight-deck shoe. The shoe's objective is to determine each round's winner whether it's the Player or Banker. The dealer is in control of the hands. There is no issue with betting any of the hands. You may also decide to bet on a tie hand.

Aces have one as their value while a pip is the value of numbered cards. The value of tens and faces, on the other hand, is zero. The total value of all the cards is the same as the score of all the hands.

If a nine-point hand value is dealt with a player, there will be no more bets except both parties prefer to stand. You can place bets if the player selects another hand less than a five points value. A stand refers to six points or more.

Strategy to win the Ezugi No Commission Baccarat

You only need to understand the right strategy to help you win this game. A traditional Baccarat has a banker bet edge of 1.06 and a player bet of 1.24. However, the no-commission Baccarat has a similar player and Banker bets. It also has identical edges for both Player and Ties bets.

The payouts for the Banker is different from an edge that could change to 4.07%. Bet on the best move and ignore the displayed results. Other players may monitor the outcomes although each handstand on its own.


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