Ezugi Teen Patti In-depth Review

You don't usually get to encounter Teen Patti at a land-based casino in Europe. Since the game has an Indian origin, most European gamblers may have little or no idea about the game—most Teen Patti players South East Asia residents. But the 3 Card Brag is different because it is pretty popular in the UK and Europe at large. It may be interesting to know that Teen Patti is very similar to the 3 Card Brag. The game's title also translates to Three Cards although some people refer to it as Flash, Flush, or 3 Card Poker.

From Ezugi's Romanian flagship studio, Teen Patti is broadcasted live. If you have difficulties finding the game in the lobby, the poker section may be a good place to locate it. You get to play 24/7, and you also have access to side bets apart from the main betting in the game. A range between 3 to 6 players are eligible to play the game, but the offline version can accommodate unlimited players at a time.

Playing Online Ezugi Live Teen Patti

The live Teen Patti involves card comparison. You get to compare the value of cards in the dealer's hand to yours. The individual that has the better hand is the winner.

You can only use a single deck of cards without using any jokers. The dealer shuffles the cards after each round has ended. You are required to stake an Ante bet. The dealer deals three cards facing up to you and three cards facing down to himself.

You are required to hold your hand or place a separate bet with a similar value as that of the ante bet. The dealer reveals his hand and compares it with yours. The hand that has the best three cards is the winner.

Payment of even odds is a standard bet option in Teen Patti. However, bets with payment of 1000:1 are available for you. You can get a 30:1 payout for placing your bet on three of a kind. A straight flush offers a 40:1 payout while a Mini Royal offers 100:1. You can get a bigger payout by using the 3+3 Bonus which offers you about 1000 multiply by the bet.

Why You Should Play This Game

  • You can find it in both Hindi and English, and you can freely communicate with the dealer.
  • The classic Romanian studio streams live games 24/7.
  • The Pair or Better and the 3+3 Bonus are the two available side bets.
  • The HTML5 is better displayed on mobile due to desktop flash.
  • The game has an excellent interface with a very high streaming quality.

Wrap Up

It may seem strange when you first encounter Teen Patti, especially within a live casino environment. The gain is highly suitable for online players kudos to Ezugi's masterclass. Payments of winnings are transparent, and you can enhance your gameplay by utilizing the two side bets options available to you. You can easily master the game rules if you consider it as a regular poker game.


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