Five Popular Poker Tournaments in the world

Players compete against each other by playing poker in a poker tournament. The tournament may start with two persons playing on a single table or up to many people playing on thousands of tables. The winner of the poker game gets to attain all poker chips and the others are awarded according to their elimination time.


World Series of Poker

In the world series of poker tournament, a series of the tournament takes place. The tournaments are held in Las Vegas. It started in 2004 but a man named Benny Binion, in 1970 first held the tournament between 7 players. As mentioned before Benny Binion started the tournament, but the funny and shocking thing to know is that the world champion was chosen democratically through voting and not through cards. At present, the tournament is held between June to July but once in 2008, the main table event was delayed till November.

World Poker Tour Championships

The world poker tour is an internationally televised gaming and entertainment brand. Since 2002 the world poker trade has focused a bye in the trade of $3500 to $25000. The winner of the tournament is provided with a membership to the world trade tour. Globally the tournament broadcasts in 150 countries around the world. Once a humorous incident took place when Christian Pham, a 40-year-old Vietnamese won the tournament by mistake. Actually, he got registered by mistake and even did not know the rules of the game. When on the first day he sat on the seat he thought it would be a usual game he played, but to his surprise, the fashion of the cards was totally changed.

PokerStars Caribbean Adventures

PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is an annual televised tournament. It first started in 2004 and is being held from today. The latest 2019 winner is David Rheem from Los Angeles, California. He won the total prize pool of $390,500. The name of the tournament was PokerStars Championship and had various names when in 2018 it was changed to PokerStars Caribbean Adventures and the bye it was restored to $10,000. Since 2005 the tournament is being held at Atlantis Casinos and sometimes in a resort on Atlantis Paradise.


World Championship of Online Poker

The world championship of online poker is the largest site on the internet. It is held in September and is sponsored by PokerStars. 15 tournaments generated a total of $12,783,900 money. Every year, many people love to take part in it. People take part online in the tournament. In 2003, 11 events took place in total. The total pool prize awarded was $2.7 million.

European Poker Tour

European poker tour is very similar to the World Poker Tour. It was created by John Duthie and it too started in 2004. During the first three seasons, the most important difference was about bye in. European Poker Tour featuring bye it was about half of that of the world poker tour, but the difference was changed in the fourth season of European poker tour and was increased to euro 8.00. Duthie along with Collin Mulay commentated the show.

Moreover, on 6 March 2010, a robbery took place. Four men wearing masks with knives and a handgun robbed the European poker tour in Berlin. The robbers robbed about €242,000. Except for a guard, no one was seriously injured in the hustle. The guard was also injured in trying to catch the robber. However, a panic was created and everyone was scared. Moreover, the robbers were also caught after some weeks.

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