FSB Chooses Bob Akeret as Their Vice President of Operations, North America

On November 25th, FSB, one of the top-notch iGaming mobile casino technology and sports betting operators, told the members of the public that they’d be choosing Bob Akeret to be their new Vice President of Operations for their North American Branch. This decision to make him the leader of the region came just before the launching of FSB in the North American market.

FSB: Job Expectations

Bob Akeret will henceforth be staying in New Jersey, and he’ll be accountable to the Chief Operating Officer in Glenn Elliot, at FSB. His duties will comprise refining the progressive and innovative services and products of the operator, particularly for the North American market.

Akeret will be aiding and supporting the staff of the business development department at FSB in the process of adapting their online and retail sportsbook offerings to match the demands of their customer base in the North American market.

Being the newly elected Vice President of Operations in the North American branch, Bob is expected to forge powerful relationships with their associates, such as payment processor outlets in addition to data providers, so that FSB can become successful in the American market. Akeret is also expected to identify ground-breaking business prospects for FSB in the North American market.

 The Industry Experience of Vice President Bob Akeret 

Akeret was formerly Resorts Digital Gaming’s Director of Operations and Customer Experience. He was famous in the industry for introducing the first online and retail sportsbook of the gaming provider in New Jersey.

Also, his knowledge is wide-cutting in different areas such as managing products, launching products, retaining and acquiring marketing resources, managing risks, customer journeys, customer experience, taking care of different aspects of regulatory compliance, and building teams.

FSB: Media Statements

Dave McDowell,the Chief Executive Officer of the company, stated that “Bob Akeret remains one of the most knowledgeable online and retail betting executives in the North America gambling industry, and I am very pleased to receive him to our team.Having Bob Akeret come into our team is akin to plotting a real coup for the company as we get ready to go into the North American market with our high-end technology.

 “We see great prospect for our services and products as the North American market keeps rolling out and because we now have Bob Akeret on board, we’ll be able to ensure that our high-end tech is competent enough to meet the precise requests of players and operators across the North American market.”

 Bob Akeret, the recently chosen Vice President of Operations, North America, at FSB, stated that “I am very glad by chance to work at FSB and display my betting skill in the North American market which is the home for many business opportunities.

“FSB has witnessed an unbelievable expansion in the last few years and I believe the dedication from Clairvest consolidates this. As we tweak our offerings for the North American market and keep building our American team, I honestly believe that we are on the right path to success.”


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